Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Verbal Mosh 2011 Book of the Year

There's been a lot of arguing back and forth between myself and Tash about which book deserves the title of "Book of the Year".

Of which I think is great. It's wonderful there's been so many great books throughout the year, that not only provide wonderful stories, but fantastic storytelling that is consecutively good and on time.

Before I get to our top pick, I want to mention a couple of deserving titles that almost made the cut. First, Daredevil. It's been wonderful to see the character develop. It's more fun than serious which is a nice nod back to old school comics where everyone doesn't have some sort of addiction, depression, or insert traumatic problem here.

Next, I want to mention Captain America and Bucky. Sometimes the side characters steal the show. The book was all about Bucky, which is not a bad thing. Here's another book that showcased the good guys beating the bad guys up. Straightforward. Getting the job the done. Bucky has got a lot of spunk and I like that.

Okay. I don't want to get too carried away with this. I'll lastly mention American Vampire. I love how the creative teams have taken the character of the vampire and put a new spin on it. These aren't your glittering pretty boys. They're monsters. They're vicious. There's a bit of romance, action, fantasy, western happening that makes this book so compelling to read because I'm never sure what's going to happen next.

And so...

The Verbal Mosh's pick of 2011 Book of the Year is....


TINY TITANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The same creative team has been working on this book from day one: Art Baltazar and Franco. These days, that's very rare to see that happen. The work is consistent and funny. It pokes fun at the changes that go on in the DC universe. Who doesn't love the "Just Us League Cows"? That's just gold. The stories are simple to appeal to young readers but because they comment on events and the like going on in other DC books, that makes them a pleasure to read for adults, too.

Tash and I both love the way Robin talks like he's constantly yelling. At New York Comic Con this year, I made sure to grab a Tiny Titans Robin temporary tattoo from the DC booth.

It's really nice to have a laugh with the cast of characters. It's fun, it's easy and relaxing. Tiny Titans is the first book I always read when our books come in for the show. I'm going to be really sad to see the book end with issue 50, but I'm sure it'll go out with a bang.

Aw Yeah, Tiny Titans!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday: Detective Comics #664

Knightfall Part 12
Who Rules The Night?

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Prenciller: Graham Nolan
Inker: Scott Hanna

In part twelve of Knightfall Batman has had his back broken by Bane. Bane takes Batman to one of the highest buildings in Gotham. Banes tells the people of Gotham that the Dark Knight is no more and that he is a broken man. Batman is then tossed from the building landing on the sidewalk. People gather to see the fallen hero.

Soon the Gotham City Police Department show up and keeps the crowd back. An EMT shows up and takes Batman away. Detective Montoya is a little weary of all this but she is given the word of the EMT that the Batman will be well taken care of. Commissioner Gordon becomes upset when he finds out that Batman never made it to any of Gotham's hospitals.

Joker and Scarecrow are upset with the fact that Batman ruined their plans with the mayor. Scarecrow gets so upset that he uses his fear gas on The Joker. The gas has no effect on The Joker due to the fact that he is insane. In a blind rage Joker beats Scarecrow in a bloody pulp. Much like he did to the second Robin, Jason Todd.

The EMT workers who have taken Batman away turns out to be on other than Robin and Alfred. They rush Batman back to the batcave and hook him up to emergency life support. The do an x-ray that reveals that Batman has a broken back. Which makes matters worst his spine is swelling to a point where if they can't stop it he may never walk again. Alfred and Robin put in a call to Gordon at GCPD.

Detective Bullock and Officer Montoya get the drug needed for Batman and take it to a dead end. Azrael and Robin show up and take the drug back to the cave. Alfred gives it to Batman and the trio stands around and prays for a miracle.

Next Showcase '93#7

-Tash Moore

Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes: A Review

Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes!
Writer: Grant Morrison
Artists: Chris Burnham and Cameron Stewart

Finally! Finally! I get some closure... sort of...


Not knowing what in the world was Leviathan leading up to/all about was the biggest casualty of the New 52 re-boot by DC, in my opinion. A lot of the others DC books we were reading had smaller plots that weren't as interesting or had wrapped up any arcs they were working on. But with Leviathan, I was so upset I wasn't going to know what would have happened.

Now here we are.

Leviathan Strikes is a one shot story that takes place before Flashpoint and the New 52. It's actually two issues in one, which is why there are two artists. Cameron Stewart illustrates the first issue, beautifully, I might add. Stephanie Brown a.k.a. Batgirl has infiltrated St. Hadrian's Finishing School for Girls under the directions of Batman because they know Leviathan has something to do with it. The people there are actually training the girls to become ninja-like assassins. It's kind of funny to see them shoot at the posters of the various super-heroes because they take aim directly at their crotches. The whole place is very much like a cult. They feed the girls mind-controlling wafers. Professor Pyg is there, ready to torture Stephanie and her "friend" because they know one of them is a mole. Stephanie looks like she's in a real tight pickle but then luckily Batman is there, all along, ready to help her out.

While this was a fun read, we still don't know who or what Leviathan is. I enjoyed it immensely but I think it would have been better to have an issue that sets up what's going to happen in the next chapter, drawn by Chris Burnham. At times, the artwork is very reminiscent of Frank Quietly. This chapter was SO trippy though. Somehow, someway we don't know (which is what we should've seen in Chapter one) Bruce-Batman, Dick-Batman, Red Robin and Damien get trapped in an endless circle of doors and events representing Dedalus' labryinth and Oroboro, the snake eating its own tail, things that have been hinted at previously.  Bruce-Batman is inhaling some gas that causes the same effects as Alzeihmer's so he's constantly forgetting and constantly chasing after the villain in charge, Otto Netz, trying to find out if Jezebel Jett is Leviathan and trying to stop Otto from bombing the world. What's worse for the Bat-team is that Otto has captured the Batmen of the world and turned them into his own fighting zombies. Every five minutes another batman gets killed. El Guacho is an awesome double agent. Who really saves the day though is Damien. He sees his dad in trouble so he sends a dagger flying through both of Otto's eyes. It's pretty cool considering all the eye symbols Otto had around the place.

In the end, Bruce finds out Jezebel truly is dead and Leviathan is none other than Talia. And the thing I hate most is that the story doesn't end. It's to be continued in 2012. Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I just wanna know how this ends! We still have yet to see the real significance for the Bat-Bots. I wish the two chapters would have connected some more. The writing has always been all over the place, though. It's a puzzle itself and forces the reader to connect the dots and think a little unlike the majority of stories that explain everything in crystal clear detail. It's good and it's bad because you can go over board with that kind of writing and really lose the reader, which at times has happened with this storyline but I think it holds itself together just enough.

It's not much of a one-shot if it's to be continued. I'm happy to have read this story and I'm anxious to see what's coming next.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Verbal Mosh Episode 146

Happy Holidays!!!!!!
The Verbal Mosh Ep. 146 can be heard here.
It's a festive time of year and what says "festive" more than a blind man with a broken leg, a young girl having sex with an old prick, and evil villains trying to take over the world?
This week, we review: Amazing Spider-Man #676, Batman #4, Daredevil #7, Deadman #4, Fantastic Four #601, Hellblazer #286, Invincible #86, Justice League #4, Nightwing #4, Supergirl #4, Tiny Titans #47, Wolverine and the X-Men #3, and Wonder Woman #4.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Best Of The Best: Dan Slott's Spider-Man

  Remember a time when you got so much from a comic. It's seem that today you always seem to get part three of a six part story. Back when i started reading comics you could pick up any issue and it would be a jumping on point. To me, that was the gold standard for a comic book. Amazing Spider-Man did this well in the early to mid 1990's. Then it kind of just fell off.

  Then enter Dan Slott. A man who I'm sure prides himself on being a true blue Spidey fan. Hell, you can tell he is just from reading his awesome run on Amazing Spider-Man. His work so far reads like a love letter to the Spider-Man we all know and love. It feels like something you would read from the Lee/Ditko, Lee/Romita run from back in the day.

    Dan Slott's Spider-Man has lots on his plate and that's the way we like it. From his relationship problems which are the cornerstone of any Spidey book to his rouges gallery. Spidey boast some of the best villains in all of comics. But Slott and the whole creative team has gone out of it's way to create new villains and update the older ones for a new era of fans. To be quite honest Mr. Slott and crew have hit a home run each and every time.

  I know it can't last but i hope the entire Spider-Man creative team sticks around for a very long time. He really is the world's greatest superhero. I know I'm a big Batman fan, but i love Spidey even more. If not for the Spider-Man animated series a few years ago i would not be reading comics or writing this post. So now i beg each and everyone of you to go buy Amazing Spider-Man. It's worth it's wait in gold. Also, if you see Dan Slott give him a hug for making Spidey the best damn book on the rack.

-Tash Moore

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday: Batman #497

The Broken Bat
Knightfall Part 11
Writer: Doug Moench
Penciller: Jim Aparo
Inker: Dick Giordano

  Finally we get the battle between Batman and Bane. And it's not pretty to say the least. Batman arrives back at Wayne Manor only to find Alfred injured with Bane standing over him. Bane reveals that he knew for quite sometime that Batman and Bruce Wayne were one and the same. Batman ask what has this all been for. The releasing of Arkham inmates and such.

  Bane tells Batman that this had been his whole plan all along. Not only to test and study the Batman but to weaken him as well. Batman angry at the death and destruction that Bane has brought to his city slips on his mask and attacks Bane. But after fighting so many of his rouges and going toe to toe with Bane's henchmen Batman has nothing left in the tank.

  Bane beats Batman right down to the Bat Cave. Alfred runs over to where Robin in his guise as Tim Drake lives with his father. Robins father's mansion is right across from Wayne Manor. Alfred tells Robin that Batman is in very deep trouble and they may need to call an ambulance. Back in the Bat Cave Bane drops the giant penny on Batman then slams him head first into the Batmobile.

  Batman attempts to fight back throwing a punch only to have Bane block it. Bane sends Batman crashing into the glass case that houses the second Robin, Jason Todd costume which causes it to fall over and draped Batman. Bane picks up Batman telling him that he could kill him but that would only silence his same. Lifting him over head Bane slams Batman on to his knee breaking his back.

Next: Detective Comics #664

-Tash Moore

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Verbal Mosh Episode 145

The Verbal Mosh is a comic book review podcast. This week, we review: American Vampire #21, Batgirl #4, Batman and Robin #4, Green Lantern #4, Grifter #4, and Superboy #4. It's a whole lot o' DC.
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Muppets (2011) movie review

Kids these days don't know what they're missing. Tash and I went out a couple of days ago to go see The Muppets, starring Kermit the Frog, of course. Jason Segel and Amy Adams are in it, too. That movie was such a blast.

The premise is that an evil richman named Richman (who laughs by saying "maniacal laugh") has bought the Muppet Studios including the theater and all of the characters' names. He's going to drill for oil under the studios and foster an edgier cast called the Moopets. Waka waka. The only way the Muppets can stop this from happening is if they raise a million dollars. The whole project is spear-headed by a character named Walter. He's the muppet brother to Gary (Jason Segel). Gary has been dating Mary (Amy Adams) for ten years. They decide to go to California because it's an anniversary trip. They bring Walter with them as Gary knows it's Walter's dream to meet the Muppets. 

There is so much singing and dancing in this movie. I couldn't help but sway in time to the music. It's over-the-top at times but cheeky as there are a couple of times in the movie where the characters address the fact that there is an audience watching them. Another thing this movie had lots of were cameos. I disliked the appearance of Selina Gomez but she spoke the truth. She said she has no idea who the Muppets are, she's just appearing because her agent told her to. I can't recall seeing any children in the theater with us. It was all adults reliving their youth. My favorite cameo was Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory. He was a part of the number "Man or muppet?"

I loved all the songs in the movie. Sad thing though is that once the last song came on, I couldn't recall any of the lyrics from the previous songs. The rest of the night I was singing "Mahna mahna. Doo dooo doo doo do."

There were so many awesome things about the movie. I barely covered them. Best thing is for you to go out and see it yourself. You'll be laughing, singing, dancing and having the best time. This movie gets five stars from me. Take a younger relative with you, while you're at it. Introduce them to the Muppets and then you can introduce them to the awesome Muppet Babies.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday: Detective Comics #663

Knightfall Part 10
No Rest For The Wicked.
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Penciller: Graham Nolan
Inker: Scott Hanna

  Part 10 of Knighfall leaves up with Batman and Mayor Krol escaping being trapped in an underground tunnel that was filling with water. Using the last of his strength Batman knocks out the Mayor with a sleeping gas. Using his cape to wrap air around the Mayor Batman swims to a service entrance and leaves the Mayor with the Gotham City Police Department. Krol is impressed with Batman and his never say die attitude. Once a staunch opponent of the Batman he becomes a very strong supporter.

 Batman hits to rooftops to catch some much needed rest. Batman notices how some of the birds on the rooftop are startled by a falcon. He remembers that Robin told him that one of Bane's men is a falconer. Batman is then attacked by Trogg, the strongman of Bane's group. Trogg puts Batman in a bear hug that breaks one of Batman's rib. Batman is about to douse Trogg in a gas that knocks him out cold.

  Next Batman comes face to face with Zombie. Zombie is a mater at throwing knifes with great accuracy.
Batman spends sometime dodging Zombies blades and with a little help from taking off his cape and cowl is able to trick Zombie and trip him up. Falcon is the last to confront Batman and Falcon holds his own against The Dark Knight. Batman makes a big baby face like come back and beats Falcon and calls the police to arrest them.

  Feeling bruised and run downed Batman heads back to the Batcave. He is so dead tired that he can barley remember the ride back. In the cave he throws on a robe then heads upstairs to Wayne Manor. Inside the house he finds Alfred in a bloody mess and Bane standing over him. Shit just got real folks.

Next Batman #497

-Tash Moore


Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Verbal Mosh Episode 144

The Verbal Mosh Ep. 144 can be heard here.
"Ha... Ho?"
This week on The Verbal Mosh, we review Action Comics #4. Superman's outfit gets dirty and torn, showing it's not just the female characters that show a little skin. Amazing Spider-man #675, Animal Man #4, Avenging Spider-man #2. If Red Hulk is Rulk, shouldn't She-Hulk be Shulk? Chew #22. Guest starring our cat, Randy Orton, in the letter column! Moon Knight #8, Swamp Thing #4, and Sweet Tooth #28.
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday: Batman #496

Knightfall Part 9
I'm pretty sure Batman is trying acid here.
Writer: Doug Moench
Penciller: Jim Aparo
Inker: Josef Rubinstein

  In this installment of Knightfall Tuesday Batman gets some throw down revenge on The Joker. Batman feeling bruised and broken after his fight with Firefly.Batman then learns that the mayor has been taken hostage by The Joker and The Scarecrow. A trip to the mayors mansion proved futile after Lt. Bullock trips a wire that blows the place up. Batman intervenes and saves Bullock from going up with the mansion.

  The Joker and Scarecrow uses the mayor to call Gordon to lure him into a trap. Joker and Scarecrow enter the Gotham City tunnel under the Gotham River. They blow up a few cars and trucks creating a large traffic jam. The traffic jam keeps the police at bay at the entrance to the tunnel. Batman arrives and takes charge into the tunnel to save the mayors life.

  Joker splits up with Scarecrow who runs into Batman first. Batman beats down on Scarecrow but Scarecrow manages to spray Batman with his fear gas. Batman sees his greatest fear which at the point was the death of the second Robin, Jason Todd. Batman proceeds to beat The Scarecrow to a pulp. Once he finds The Joker, who is busy tormenting the mayor, Batman starts to beat on him too. To be quite honest Batman is very brutal in his beating of the clown prince of crime.

  Knowing that they've pissed The Batman off, Joker and Scarecrow use a rocket launcher to blow a hole in the roof of the tunnel. Since the tunnel is right under Gotham Harbor water starts to flood in. Batman makes the choice to save the mayor while the villains get away. The last image we see is Batman and Mayor Krol running from a huge wave of water in the tunnel coming at them both.

Next Detective Comics #663

-Tash Moore

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Best of the Best: George Perez's Superman

I love comic books. Anybody who really knows me can tell you that. One comic that i really am enjoying from the New 52 is Superman. When i first heard about this book i was a little upset about the creative team. I felt like the time and place for the artwork and writing of George Perez was out of place and out of touch with today's comics.Boy was i wrong.

This is one of the best comic books out there today. The reason why is that this is a throwback to when comics were full of story with lots of pages and dialogue and plot points. These days most comic book writers do what they can to stretch a story out that could be told in two or three issues and pad it out to six issues. I remember a time when comics were really done in one. George Perez's Superman is in a way that type of comic.

His work on Wonder Woman has shown that he can write and his Superman work looks and feels like a early 1980 book. It has a done on one story yet it also has an ongoing plot thread. Where all these aliens keep showing up in Metropolis and they speak a strange language. It's not one that Superman fully understands but he does know that they manage to sneak the word Kryption when talking to the Man Of Steel.

The art is great. When i first saw the re-designed Superman costume i was like "What the hell is that?" But the more i really looked at the cover for the first issue i started to really dig it. To be honest George is an old pro and his covers do a great job of selling the comic, which that's what the cover is there for. His cover pack a lot of punch and have a great deal of action in them.

While the covers and writing is top notch George Perez continues to pull his weight with the breakdowns on the inside. The very talented Jesus Merino provides the full pencils. I also enjoy the new take on the Daily Planet and how it's now part of this major conglomerate which Lois Lane is at the head of. I like how Clark as being an alien does tend to keep his distance from most people. Also i love how Jimmy Olsen is no longer a goober with a watch that calls Superman to his side like a total bitch.

All in all this is a face comic and i am more than happy to spend $2.99 on it. But like all good things this run will only last until issue #6. So I'm going to enjoy this ride for as long as i can.

-Tash Moore

The Verbal Mosh Episode 143

The Verbal Mosh Ep. 143 can be heard here.
It's not a long episode this week, as we only have four books to review including: Daredevil #6, FF #12, Tiny Titans #46, and Uncanny X-Men #2.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday; Detective Comics #662

Knightfall Part 8
Don't get burnt by Firefly
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Penciller: Graham Nolan
Inker: Scott Hanna

   In part eight of Knighfall Batman finally has a showdown with Firefly. Batman tracks him to the Gotham Zoo as this was the next target for Firefly to burn down. After a lengthy battle Batman put Firefly on ice. Trying to fly away Batman uses his bat rope to wrap around Fireflys ankle to ground him.After the fact Batman still knows that he has Bane to worry about down the road.

   While feeling dejected from not being able to help his mentor Robin broods in the bat cave. While using the giant monitor in the cave for TV purposes he stumbles across the Cassie Jose Rudolpho show. Which i am sure is a dig at the Sally Jesse Raphael show. The Riddler's gang has dumped him and now he has taken the whole studio audience hostage. He has dynamite attached to his body and threatening to blow everyone away. Robin sees this and springs into action.

   Robin makes it to the TV studio by crawling into a vent. He keeps The Riddler from blowing everyone sky high by using a paste that keeps The Riddler from ever hitting the detonator on his dynamite vest. The Gotham City Police Department burst in and put the cuffs on The Riddler. After that Robin gets his head handed to him by Harvey Bullock. Harvey gives Robin the riot act about what he did was wrong and how he could have killed everyone in the room. Harvey also tells Robin that he will tell Batman how badly the situation with The Riddler went.

   Also the gang that kicked The Riddler to the curb decides that they are going to steal blank money order, some cash and stamps. The gang make it into the Gotham Post Office but on the way they get beaten down by The Huntress.

Next- Batman # 496

-Tash Moore

The Verbal Mosh Episode 142

You can hear The Verbal Mosh Ep 142 here.
This week on The Verbal Mosh, we review some super sexy books including: Aquaman #3, Captain America and Bucky #624, Fantastic Four #600, Flash #3, Hellblazer #285, Invincible #85, Kick-Ass 2 #5, Mighty Thor #8, Superman #3, and Wolverine and the X-Men #2.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving was yesterday. We had lots of turkey and a bunch of other scrumptious sides. The Verbal Mosh wishes you all had a wonderful day too. Episode 142 is going to be a little late because of the holiday, but when we get back to schedule, you can sure bet it'll be awesome.

-The Verbal Mosh

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday: Batman #495

Ivy gets down and dirty with the Batman
Knightfall Part 7
Writer: Doug Moench
Penciller:  Jim Aparo
Inker: Bob Wiacek

  At the beginning of this issue Batman is fighting the Firefly. The Firefly is able to break away and tries to send Batman down into a burning theater. Batman saves himself with his bat rope and returns to Wayne Manor. Bruce is to attend a Wayne Foundation Gala planned months in advance. Alfred tells him it would be a bad idea not a attend seeing as how the media knows that the Batman has been operation on less than 100 percent.

   One of Bane's henchmen tells Bane about the Gala and how one of the Batman's rouges might show up. Bane knows that where there is trouble the Batman will be there to try and stop it. Azrael goes out on patrol alone without Robin and foils a robbery at a factory. Azrael pretty much beats the villains into a bloody pulp. On the other side of town The Joker and The Scarecrow still hold Mayor Krol hostage. They force him to make phone calls to the Gotham City Police Department. The Mayor tells them that he is being held at an amusement park.

  The GCPD race to the amusement park only to find a tape recording  of the mayor and a bomb. The swat team that heads in gets killed and Joker and Scarecrow still hold the mayor hostage. Back at the Gala Poison Ivy uses a nightshade to lull everyone into a strange hypnosis. Bruce notices that something is wrong and slips in his nose filters from his utility belt. The women are left behind as the most wealthy men in Gotham are taken away to Ivy's hideout.

  When Bane shows up at the Gala and sees Bruce being lead away buy Ivy he knows that Bruce and Batman are one and the same. Once in Ivy's hideout Bruce heads off and slips into his Batman costume. He saves Lucius Fox from being kissed and killed by Poison Ivy. Ivy calls out the men who have already been infected by her charms called the Dead Fellows. After using up every last ounce of his strength and agility Batman defeats the Dead Fellows and knocks out Poison Ivy. Bane watching can tell that the Batman is ready to break.

Next- Detective Comics # 662

-Tash Moore

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Verbal Mosh Episode 141

You can hear The Verbal Mosh EP. 141 here.
DC Comics showcases split personalities. First with Spidey-Harry Potter-Kent, and now we've got Wonder Woman-don't call me Clay-punch you in the face-eating ice cream cones.
Well, it still beats what's happening in Captain America.

The Verbal Mosh is a comics podcast. This week, we review: Amazing Spider-man #674, Batman #3, Captain America #4, DC Universe presents Deadman #3, Justice League #3, Morning Glories #14, Nightwing #3, Star Wars Invasion: Revelations #5, Supergirl #3, and Wonder Woman #3.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Trade Central Station: Jane Austen's Emma

"Rollin' with the homies"

Marvel has been publishing comic adaptations of Jane Austen's novels in a line they call Marvel Illustrated. Already collected in trade format is Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. Now, I own those two stories as film adaptations. Sense and Sensibility is the 1995 version starring Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman and Kate Winslet. Pride and Prejudice is the 2006 version starring Keira Knightley. I love both these movies very much. I had known for a while that Marvel was adapting the novels into comics but I forgot all about it after a while and thought of picking up a copy only after seeing an ad in one of their other comics (I think it was Amazing Spider-man) for Emma. I don't own that on dvd and thought I was as such not familiar with the story. I picked up the trade while at this year's NYCC. It wasn't until I actually cracked open the book that it hit me. I did know this story. I know it from the 1995 film adaptation called "Clueless" starring Alicia Silverstone. Duh.

Remembering that fact did make it easier to get into the flow of the story. So many characters get introduced throughout the story and it was sometimes easy to lose track of them all.

There was a one page forward by the author, Nancy Butler. She talks briefly about social statuses as it relates to one's method of travel during Emma's time and then a bit about the timelessness of the character of Emma. A lot of that is iterated in the story, itself.

Janet Lee is the artist. At a glance, the pastel color palette did not impress me but it works for the story. It feels cheerful and bright, complementing the rich life of the characters with their balls/dances and romances. My favorite moments in the artwork was when there was a lot of detail to look at, whether that was in the ladies' dresses or the background. That was when I felt the use of markers was best because at other times, the streaks of marker were too apparent. Along with some of the watercolor washes, they felt to be filling in space rather than describing a texture or developing a depth in the space. The characters look very similar to one another and the easiest way to tell them apart is hair color and style.

Overall, the artwork is very quaint and charming.

The story is that Emma sees herself as a matchmaker. When she comes to know a young woman, Harriet Smith, she takes it upon herself to set her up with some one. Little is known of Harriet's status so Emma assumes she must be of a gentleman's family and will set Harriet up with someone of no less stature. It's unfortunate as very early on, Harriet is proposed to by Mr. Martin but he is not the status Emma would hope for. Inevitably, nothing works out the way Emma plans. She calls off matchmaking but in the end, she finds herself falling in love with an old friend, George Knightley.

Though the characters faces looked similar, the facial expressions were delightful. I love the fashions in it too.

The back of the trade has all of the covers from the single issues. They used the cover to issue two for the trade. It really sums the story up well. Emma is happy to set up Harriet with Mr. Elton. Harriet gives him her heart and Mr. Elton looks as if he'd rather be anywhere else.  

I love love love Pride and Prejudice, so I definitely plan to pick up that trade, as well, now that I've finished Emma. The stories are wonderful, which is a credit to Jane Austen. Nancy Butler wrote the adaptation to Pride and Prejudice too, though there is a different artist, Hugo Petris. But judging by the cover, it looks really lovely, too.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

What's New From DC In Fed. 2012

Lots of good things that's coming from DC Comics in February of 2012. Here are just some of things that have caught my eye.

Andy Kubert on Action Comics
    Andy Kubert is set to handle the art chores on Action Comics for two issues. I don't really mind this but i like a little consistency from my creative teams, even if the book is late. I've been really digging Rags Morales on Action and i hate to see him go even if it's just for two issues. But i know from the "Flashpoint" mini-series that Andy Kubet can draw a damn good comic and keep it on time. So i got no problems here.

Jim Lee's Darkseid
   I really dig the new Darksied by Jim Lee. With Jim it can be a bot of a hit or miss. But let's be totally honest, this updated look is way cooler than the purple boots he was rocking. Just to clear things up that was not a knock on The King Jack Kirby. This new costume give the ruler of Apokolips a more menacing look and feel. Good job Jim Lee. Also it's cool how they have incorporated the anti life logo into his new outfit.

Jim Aparo Batman

    DC has shown in the Feb 2012 solicitations that in April they will publish a trade collection of over 500 pages of Jim Aparo's Batman. I love Batman. Also Jim Aparo is one of my favorite artist every. He has touched just about every DC hero and villain. With the Brave and the Bold being the Batman team up book at the time we had some really awesome team ups. I really can't wait to get this. I've been talking about a Jim Aparo Batman book for almost three years on The Verbal Mosh Podcast and I'm glad to see it's going to out there soon.

The Return of Batman Beyond

      When the new 52 was announced there was no mention of Batman Beyond. At that point it was one of my favorite Batman titles and i really enjoyed the writing. Even if you weren't a die hard fan of the show Writer Adam Beechen did a fantastic job making the book really easy to get into which is rare in comics these days. I'm glad to see that this is making it's return and artist Dustin Nguyen is writing this book along with doing pencils.DC seems to be letting some of it's artist get really get into the writing thing. Lots of guys you see normally as pencilers have taken over as writers on lots of DCnU book. (Scott McDaniel on Static Shock.) I'm going to buy this but lets see if it lives up to the hype. Nine times of out ten it will i bet.


    Ron Marz off of Voodoo is bad news when i think about it. Marz has shown that he can write some great stories with strong female leads. I mean his run on Witchblade proved that. He took a book that was really a joke in the industry and turned it on it's ear. It's really good stuff and you should check it out. But i read the first issue and thought it was quite good you can read the review here. I haven't read anything from new incoming writer Josh Williamson but all the news surrounding the book gives it a buzz that i will probably do a digital review of Josh Williamson's first issue.

Well that's all i have, be here later for more news and nonsense in the next few day. I'll take a look at the February 2012 books due out from Marvel.

-Tash Moore

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday: Detective Comics #661

Knightfall Part 6
Knightfall Part 6
Writer:  Chuck Dixon
Penciller: Graham Nolan
Inker: Scott Hanna

  In part six of Knigfall Batman and Robin go up against the Firefly. Unlike most of Batman's rouges Firefly is not obsessed with the Dark Knight. The Firefly as you can tell just wants to rob places and then set them on fire. Batman and Robin come to a pier that Firefly has set fire to. Batman is not thinking and rushes headlong into the fight and almost gets killed. Thanks to the timely intervention by Robin is Batman saved.

   Robin tells Batman that he should not be running into fights without thinking. That's what Bane wants him to do. Robin reminds Batman that you have to have a clear mind when dealing with the crazies in Gotham. Robin does detective work to find out that Firefly and his sister were both in an orpanage when they were kids and potential  parents would come by and see them and lie about how they were going to take them to all the fun places in Gotham. Being lied to as a kid has turned Firefly as an adult into a nut case who's going to burn down and the amusement and tourist spots in the city.

   The Joker and Scarecrow continues to hold Mayor Krol as a hostage and makes him call the chief of the fire department. The fire chief gets all bend out of shape when Mayor Krol under the influence of Joker and Scarecrow tells him that he is going to be making cuts in the cities fie department. That leads the fire fighters to strike. Robins gives up his Intel on Firefly to Batman and both Batman and Firefly have a showdown at the old Gotham Majestic Theater. A fight breaks out and both hero and villain fall into a raging fire below them.

-Tash Moore

Next: Batman #495

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Verbal Mosh Episode 140

Here is the link for The Verbal Mosh Ep 140
He's pissing on the carpet.
I'm not gonna clean it up. Are you?
The Verbal Mosh is a comics podcast. This week review: Avenging Spider-man #1, Batgirl #3, Batman and Robin #3, Garth Ennis' Jennifer Blood #6, Green Lantern #3, Grifter #3, and Superboy #3.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday: Batman #494

Batman #494
Knightfall Part 5
Writer: Doug Moench
Penciller: Jim Aparo
Inker: Tom Mandrake

  In this issue Robin escapes from Bane and Killer Croc, who fight each other right into the Gotham harbor. Robin returns to the Batcave to fill Batman on what went down in Gotham's sewers. While Batman needs rest he can't help but suit up and go looking for some of the bad guys who went missing when Arkham was destroyed a few issues ago.  Cornelius Stirk is a villain who can use pychic powers to look like anyone and instill fear into a person. After killing a man, Stirk is found out by The Joker who wants the two to team up.

  Joker's plan is to take Commissioner Gordon hostage and create total chaos in Gotham. Batman uses the Batcompter to look for places where Stirk might be and follows some clues to a crappy area of Gotham called the hub. He finds Stirks hideout but is too late to save another of Stirks victims. Batman discovers a diary that has Stirks and Jokers plan to kidnap Gordon. The bat signal goes up and Gordon goes out to answer it.

  Gordon reaches the Bat signal and Batman comes out of the shadows to greet him. But it's not the real Batman. It's Stirk using his powers to appear as Batman to Gordon and stab his heart out. The real Batman shows up and makes the save. Joker watching from afar thinks that Stirk was a total idiot but wanted a laugh anyway. Scarecrow shows up after being told by Joker's gang that Joker had something major planned. Scarecrow hates the fact that Joker went to Stirk when Scarecrow calls himself the true master of fear.

  Scarecrow and Joker agree to team up and they take Mayor Armen Krol hostage with Scarecrows fear toxin.  Gordon has had a total breakdown from the assault by Stirk and can't get a grip on realty. Gordon's wife Sarah tells Batman that all this craziness is his fault. Batman thinks to himself that if he can barely put away Stirk what will happen when Bane comes for him.

Next Detective Comics #661

-Tash Moore

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Comings And Goings At Marvel Comics

  Lots of things going on at the House of Ideas. Some good and some bad. I just wanted to take a look a some of the topics that have been out there on the interweb for awhile.

1. There have been lay offs at Marvel, which as you know is never a good thing. It seems that some truly talented people have been let go and that's a shame. Turns out that Iron Man Editor Alejandro Arbona is one of them. I can tell you right now that the quality of that book will drop. Well unless they somehow over work poor Steve Wacker into becoming the editor of the book.

2. Marvel has cancelled the Teen Victor Von Doom Mini Series by Nick Spencer and Becky Cloonan. This sucks because i was really looking forward to teenage Doom being a badass and causing mayhem in the mighty mavel manner. Nick Spencer has shown that he can handle teen characters, just read his Image series Morning Glories. I also really wanted to read this for the awesome art of Becky Cloonan. The more i think about it the more upset it makes me that i won't get to buy this book.

3. Now on to some good news. Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice will be launching a new Winter Soldier ongoing. Those who keep up with the Podcast know that i am a big fan of Bucky Cap. Now that Steve Rogers is back as Captain America that book seems a little bland. I think Brubaker had way more fun writing Bucky when he was Cap. I really enjoy Captain America and Bucky but i think this might be the break out hit of 2012.

-Tash Moore

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Verbal Mosh Episode 139

You can here The Verbal Mosh Ep 139 here
We've had time to take INFINITE vacations while waiting for Infinite Vacation #3 to be released but it's finally here, a little bit queer, and they don't have any bears.
The Verbal Mosh is a comics podcast. We review comics and stuff, this week including: Action Comics #3, Amazing Spider-Man #673, American Vampire #20, Animal Man #3, Infinite Vacation #3, Invincible #84, Moon Knight #7, Swamp Thing #3, Sweet Tooth #27, and Uncanny X-Men #1.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday: Detective Comics #660

Knightfall Part 4
Detective Comics #660
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Penciller: Jim Balent
Inker: Scott Hanna

   In part four of Knightfall Robin, Bane and Killer Croc take center stage. During this story Bane and his crew, Zombie, Trogg and Bird, walk around the streets of Gotham reveling in the fact that people are home behind locked doors. Bane leaves the group to hit the rooftops and continues to go around the city alone. But he's not alone because he is being tailed by the boy wonder, Robin. While tailing Bane, Robin keeps trying to get in radio contact with Batman.

   After the battle at the Bates School for Girls with Mr. Zsasz, Batman is getting some rest on top of the school. Bullock finds him and wakes him from his much needed rest. Bullock tells Batman that he should go home and get some rest, but the Batman just ignores him and continues to search for more of the escaped Arkham inmates. Batman tries to respond via radio to Robin only to find out that Robin is out of range.

   After being spied on, Bane gets the drop on Robin and knocks him out. When he comes to, Robin is blindfolded and is told by Bane that he will be held hostage until the Batman can come to rescue him. Robin, not wanting to be used as a foil for Batman, tries to fight past Bane. In the large sewer area when Bane is holding Robin, Killer Croc gets keen to what's happening in the sewers. He can smell Bane and he remembers it was Bane who broke his arms.

  Killer Croc attacks Bane and destroys the Venom packs on his forearms. Croc tells Bane that he won't have his secret weapon to help him this time. Bane tells Croc he does not need Venom to beat the likes of him. During the fight the scaffold that was holding Bane, Croc and Robin collapses and they fall into the river below. Croc and Bane fight in the water while it looks like Robin is going to drown beneath the sewers of Gotham.

-Next Batman #494

-Tash Moore

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Verbal Mosh Episode 138

The Verbal Mosh Episode 138 can be found here

On this week's episode, we talk more about books we've been reading, including a new book we picked up: Wolverine and the X-Men #1. Forever is it ingrained in my head, the image of Logan cutting up paper dolls and talking about how pretty he feels. Not from this issue, of course, though.
Bookhe Globe #6, Lil Depressed Boy #7, Mighty Thor #7, Superman #2, and Wolverine and the X-Men #1.s we review include: Amazing Spider-Man #672, Aquaman #2, Captain America and Bucky #623, Daredevil #5, FF #11, Flash #2, Guarding the Globe #6 Lil Depressed Boy #7, Mighty Thor #7, Superman #2, and Wolverine and the X-Men #1. 
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Trade Central Station: Star Wars Omnibus: Boba Fett

Boba Fett looks out for only one man... Boba Fett.

Ever since I saw this omnibus, way back when I was in Jim Hanley's Universe, I had been itching to get my hands on this book. I didn't buy the book immediately when it came out. I should have because it took me forever to finally get my hands on my own copy after that. When I went to NYCC this year, I saw one booth had several copies on Thursday, I believe. I went back to the same booth the following day and saw all of the copies had gone. Everyone loves Boba Fett! And rightly so.

There are nine stories in total. You learn all you need to know about the infamous bounty hunter.

1. He cares only about money. He has no real allegiance to any one faction of the government or any organization. He only cares about getting paid and getting paid well.

2. He has some sweet Mandalorian armor that can withstand a lot of shots, crashes, etc.

That's Boba Fett.

I must say I really enjoyed each and every one of the stories in this omnibus. I have a particular fondness for watercolors, so "Boba Fett: Death, Lies, and Treachery" by John Wagner and Cam Kennedy was a definite favorite. Not to mention it featured some pretty awesomely sick and hilarious romance between Gorga the Hutt and Anachro the H'uun. The storytelling in this book was phenomenal. There were a lot of instances of beautifully composed scenery. "Underworld: The Yavin Vassilika" by Mike Kennedy and Carlos Miglia was another stand-out. Boba Fett was more of a background character in this story but nonetheless awesome when he did show up. The story had a group of Hutts wager against each other who had the best tactical plans to recover this mythical artifact called the Yavin Vassilika. During the entire story, Boba Fett looks like he's there to try and take down Han Solo, who's been hired by Jabba to collect the vassilika, but in reality he was there to protect Han!

Some stand-out covers were the the criminal line-up by Tim Bradstreet for "Boba Fett: Salvage" and the cover to "Boba Fett: Overkill" by Adam Hughes.

From start to finish, this was a wonderful collection of stories. I highly encourage everyone to pick it up and give it a read. I'm glad I got my copy.