Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If You Ask Me #1 by Len Nard

If You Ask Me…
By Len Nard
I love superhero films, but let’s have a moratorium on the Origin film. Filmmakers are under the misconception that audiences can’t emphasize with a comicbook character unless they know how said character came to be. If that is the case, then how come Blade and the first X-men movie were so successful at being entertaining without starting from the absolute beginning? Also, if non-comicbook properties have no problem with introducing their characters without the obligatory origin film, than why do filmmakers feel compelled to do so with comicbook characters? Would Raiders of the Lost Ark have been more entertaining if there was a sequence where Indiana Jones attends college?

That’s not to say that origin movies have no place. The upcoming Captain America and Green Lantern movies retell the humble beginnings of these two lesser known superheroes. But Spider-Man? His origin is almost as well known as Jesus’. Do movie goers really need to be reminded of how he came to be, when they were originally introduced as recently as 2002? I could understand that Sony wanted to shake up the formula a little and add some new blood to the franchise, but why did they have to do a reboot and subject us to Spidey’s origin, yet again. Couldn’t Sony have simply replaced the actors, director, and just carried on the same continuity? I think Sony should handle the Spider-Man franchise in a fashion that recalls MGM’s strategy with the 007 series. New Bond, new director = business as usual. In other words, you shouldn’t feel compelled to reinvent the wheel just for the sake of reinvention.

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