Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mark Waid + Superman =Awesome

 Mark Waid would kill to write Superman and he has said it before in numerous interviews. Also the Man of Steel has seen better days. The Superman titles have not been the sales juggernaut that it once was. Hell even I'm feeling burned out by the whole "Grounded" storyline. I guess what I'm trying to get off my chest is Mark Waid should be the next guy to take a stab at the main Superman book. It would be a win-win situation for DC Comics. Mark Waid has been known to breathe new life into characters that can seem kind of stale. Now I'm not knocking JMS, but I didn't really care for the execution of his story.

 Look at the body of work Waid has out there. He had an awesome run on The Flash for DC. At Marvel he gave us some of the best comics of the decade in the 1990's with his work on Captain America. Remember how vocal fans were when Marvel head Bill Jemas tried to run him off Fantastic Four? People were ready to drop that book by the boatloads. That being said Waid has a handle on Superman and his mythos and I don't think there is anyone out there who DC should announce as the next ongoing Superman Writer. Make it happen DC, make it happen. 

Tash is one of the Founders of The Verbal Mosh and seems to be stuck on the 1990's.

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  1. I think the problem with "Grounded" is that it had one too many intermissions. It made the story feel so much more dragged out, and it already had to be dragged out a bit because of the natural course of Superman's depression, and to compliment the rapid succession of chaos that was the Hundred Minute War. You can't have too many big events happening one after the other. Then, I will feel burnt out with the character, not just the story. "Grounded" is already playing out like it is one giant intermission in Superman's life, we didn't need to further separate ourselves from the character by seeing Lois hang out with some friends. I'm sure something big is going to happen real soon, though, and I look forward to it.