Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marvel's Big Shots: Hit or Miss?

As the summer comes closer new comic will launch and nothing springs to mind stronger than the Marvel's Big Shot concept. Taking second class characters and pairing them with top notch creative teams. Just by looking at some of the teams on some of these books make me a little nervous. So let's break the three books that will launch will all new number 1's this summer, shall we?

1. Daredevil by Mark Waid
I'm really stoked about this because it's Mark Waid returning to a mainstream Superhero book. I really wanted to see his return be with DC, but i'll take this. Waid has established himself and the quintessential Superhero writer and i think this will be the best of the three books that Marvel will publish this summer.

2.The Punisher by Greg Rucka
I have a good feeling about this too. Greg Rucka can write some amazing stories. His work on Queen and Country alone shows why this is the guy you want to write The Punisher. Also let be fair, i really don't think we've seen a really good body of Punisher stories since the Garth Ennis stuff. I don't think this will be heavy on blowing up and gunning down people. But i do think we will get some really good crime noir of out Rucka. Again only time will tell.

3. Moon Knight By Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev
Oh shit. Just to start of Bendis is NOT a bad writer. He's not. But when it comes down to it, i'm just not a fan of how he writes Superheroes. And knowing that Moon Knight will be taking on the persona of guys like Spider-Man and Wolverine is just an excuse for Bendis to write more crappy Spidey dialogue. I'm only gonna buy this because i have a soft spot in my heart for ol Moon Nut. Plus i'm pretty sure the art by Alex Meaeev will kick ass.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trade Central Station: IZombie Vol 1: Dead to the World

Wow. That's all i can say for this book. IZombie i one of those books that just grabs you and doesn't let go. The story goes as such, Gwen is a girl who lives in Oregon and has some really strange friends and just happens to be a zombie. Once a month Gwen needs to feast on a brain or else she'll go all Night of the Living Dead on us and just go stublmling around.As far as her friends go  Ellie is a girl who could be called Gwen's best friend. but Ellie is a ghost having been hit by a bus years ago. Her male friend Scott ( whom Gwen call "Spot" for fun) turns into a Werewolf on a full moon. I'm sorry make that a Were Terrier. Along the way Gwen attempts to solve a murder mystery and learns just how she as a zombie along with vampires and out creatures of the night can exist in the real world. She develops a relationship with a member of an order out to hunt her kind. Plus throw in some of Mike Allred best work  i've ever seen and the flawless writing of Chris Roberson and you've got a hit. No really, this book is worth it's weight in gold. If you've never read IZombie or never heard of it go buy this book now.

Tash Moore

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Toronto Comic Con 2011

Last week Olivia and i went to Toronto Canada for our first Wizard World con outside of the United States, and boy did i hate this. Well hate is such a strong word, i just left the show unhappy. Unhappy in the fact that there were no 50% off trades. Let me also be the first to tell you that american comic book fans have got it easy. They were only taking 30% off for some booths. To make matters worst some dealers were just selling trades at the U.S. price. For a canadian this must be heaven. To hurt the show even more it was held in a very small area of the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto. It made Wizard World Philly look like New York Comic Con. The celebs were bad and i stayed away from them. I'd say the best booth at the con was a small shop that had 50% off U.S. cover price trades. I did for a great copy of Robin Year One and the best find was the complete Jim Aparo Spectre run from the 1970's. Anybody who knows me, knows that if it's got Jim Aparo's name on it, i must own it. But back to the point the show was small, dank and really just lame. This is the last con with the Wizard name that i go to.

Tash Moore
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Hey gang

Just to let you guys know that Ep 106 of The Verbal Mosh will be late. Olivia and i are off to Toronto for the Wizard World Con. But don't worry we will have info for you when we get back to the states. Also along with a new episode of the show, i'll finally get around to what i think about this whole Brian Bendis on Moon Knight thing. Here's a hint, i think it'll be bad.Until then hold tight gang.

Tash Moore
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Toronto Comic Con 2011 (Preview)

So the first comic con of 2011 is almost here.Well really the first con that i'll get to go to anyway. Toronto is such an awesome place, i really enjoy the people and the fact that i can find some cheap comics is also a plus. Note this is a Wizard show so that means that the big two won't have a booth here, but that doesn't mean that it won't be fun. For the last 3 years in a row i went to the philly comic con and found some really great comics that were out of print. I've got a really good feeling about this con and sure it's not the other con that going on in the great city of Chicago, but i'm pretty sure this one will have some great stories to tell when i get back. Also to keep up track of what's going on i'll be posting updates from Toronto Comic Con on my twitter account. Fingers crossed that i can complete my Spider-Man 2099 run.

Tash Moore
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Review: Invincible Iron Man #501

With the show being only so long, some comics that i read on a monthly basis just don't get review. So with that in mind i think once a month i'm going to spotlight a book that isn't part of the show just for this website. Now i've been reading Iron Man since the whole "Worlds Most Wanted" arc. I picked that book up on a whim and all the way up to the end of that story i felt that Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca were on to something pretty cool.I really enjoyed the whole Tony Stark running from Norman Osborn while he was slowly erasing his mind. For sometime i was still buying Iron Man and i just felt very detached from it. But with Iron Man #501 i was hooked all over again. This story had neat little back story with Tony meeting a much younger Otto Octavius at a symposium with military leaders. A fight between the two leads the future Doc Ock a little PO'ed at Tony.  Flash to the future and Doc Ock is dying and wants the help of Stark. With an associate of Starks held by Electro and Sandman, Tony must make a choice. Try to cure a dying Doc Ock or admit that for once Tony faces a problem he just can't solve. For the $3.99 i spent on this, it was a great story with tremendous characterization. It had an old school marvel comics feel by having primary Spider-Man villians show up in something other than a Spider-Man book. I was thinking about dropping this book but i think i'll stick around to see how this story end.

Tash Moore