Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Review: Invincible Iron Man #501

With the show being only so long, some comics that i read on a monthly basis just don't get review. So with that in mind i think once a month i'm going to spotlight a book that isn't part of the show just for this website. Now i've been reading Iron Man since the whole "Worlds Most Wanted" arc. I picked that book up on a whim and all the way up to the end of that story i felt that Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca were on to something pretty cool.I really enjoyed the whole Tony Stark running from Norman Osborn while he was slowly erasing his mind. For sometime i was still buying Iron Man and i just felt very detached from it. But with Iron Man #501 i was hooked all over again. This story had neat little back story with Tony meeting a much younger Otto Octavius at a symposium with military leaders. A fight between the two leads the future Doc Ock a little PO'ed at Tony.  Flash to the future and Doc Ock is dying and wants the help of Stark. With an associate of Starks held by Electro and Sandman, Tony must make a choice. Try to cure a dying Doc Ock or admit that for once Tony faces a problem he just can't solve. For the $3.99 i spent on this, it was a great story with tremendous characterization. It had an old school marvel comics feel by having primary Spider-Man villians show up in something other than a Spider-Man book. I was thinking about dropping this book but i think i'll stick around to see how this story end.

Tash Moore

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