Thursday, March 24, 2011

Toronto Comic Con 2011

Last week Olivia and i went to Toronto Canada for our first Wizard World con outside of the United States, and boy did i hate this. Well hate is such a strong word, i just left the show unhappy. Unhappy in the fact that there were no 50% off trades. Let me also be the first to tell you that american comic book fans have got it easy. They were only taking 30% off for some booths. To make matters worst some dealers were just selling trades at the U.S. price. For a canadian this must be heaven. To hurt the show even more it was held in a very small area of the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto. It made Wizard World Philly look like New York Comic Con. The celebs were bad and i stayed away from them. I'd say the best booth at the con was a small shop that had 50% off U.S. cover price trades. I did for a great copy of Robin Year One and the best find was the complete Jim Aparo Spectre run from the 1970's. Anybody who knows me, knows that if it's got Jim Aparo's name on it, i must own it. But back to the point the show was small, dank and really just lame. This is the last con with the Wizard name that i go to.

Tash Moore
(Tash Moore is a co-founder of The Verbal Mosh)

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