Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trade Central Station: IZombie Vol 1: Dead to the World

Wow. That's all i can say for this book. IZombie i one of those books that just grabs you and doesn't let go. The story goes as such, Gwen is a girl who lives in Oregon and has some really strange friends and just happens to be a zombie. Once a month Gwen needs to feast on a brain or else she'll go all Night of the Living Dead on us and just go stublmling around.As far as her friends go  Ellie is a girl who could be called Gwen's best friend. but Ellie is a ghost having been hit by a bus years ago. Her male friend Scott ( whom Gwen call "Spot" for fun) turns into a Werewolf on a full moon. I'm sorry make that a Were Terrier. Along the way Gwen attempts to solve a murder mystery and learns just how she as a zombie along with vampires and out creatures of the night can exist in the real world. She develops a relationship with a member of an order out to hunt her kind. Plus throw in some of Mike Allred best work  i've ever seen and the flawless writing of Chris Roberson and you've got a hit. No really, this book is worth it's weight in gold. If you've never read IZombie or never heard of it go buy this book now.

Tash Moore

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