Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Fastest Man

Anybody who follows my art blog can recall a couple of posts ago, I had started to review a book I got from the MoCCA Art Festival called "Whatever Happened to the World's Fastest Man...?" written by Dave West and illustrated by Marleen Lowe. I was barely half-way through the book when I wrote my review. I've now completed it and am happy to give a fuller conclusion. 

The premise is not that the main character, Bobby Doyle, is super fast but that he has the ability to stop time. A giant bomb is about to go off in the middle of the city because of some evil scientist's plot to ransom the government and Bobby is going to try to save everyone he can. I like the character a lot. Other than the ability to stop time, he's just an ordinary man. No super-strength. No flight. And while time is frozen for the people around him, it keeps moving for Bobby. You can see him age drastically as he is determined to move every person within what will be the radius of the bomb's explosion. And it obviously takes him years to get through it all. I also love the disconnect of the character. He is so completely isolated, moving around this frozen world. You really feel bad for the guy because he winds up giving away most of his life to save complete strangers who will have no idea it was he who saved them from dying. He doesn't save everyone. He's a normal guy who can only do so much. He's not even got the best morals in the end, making him that much more human and relatable. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. The book is published by Accent UK. You can find more of their titles by heading over to their website:


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