Friday, April 15, 2011

A delay by any other name...

So for all of you who are looking for The Verbal Mosh Episode 110, you guys are gonna have to wait. You see i get my comics by mail order. They are sent via UPS to my job, i picked them up and Olivia and i read them. Then we record the podcast. But this week, trust me i did everything in my power to make sure that we had a show, cuz i really wanted to see how Peter J. Tomasi's first arc on Batman & Robin would come to an end. I learned that my comics had been rejected by my company because we have inventory next week and we are busy with counting all the crap we already have in the building. I called UPS and asked for the could hold my Comics until i could pick them up in the afternoon on friday and they said yes.

 They told me that my comics were just 15 miles away. I even called twice to and even spoke to two different customer service reps to make sure my package was in the building. So after a drive that was supposed to last 40 minutes. I got lost and blew three hours on the road. After some help from a fellow arab, i found the main UPS building and was told the worst news. There had been a mistake an my package was still on a UPS truck and whoever told me that the package was in the building was dead wrong. Folks i think you all know that i can have a temper when i want to. I bit my tounge, and when i say that i mean that's what i really did. Came home and cut a pretty long and Stone Cold Steve Austin like rant on UPS. Which made me feel better.

Don't worry, i'm sure before you know it Episode 110 will be posted right here and you can all hear me complain about the $3.99 Marvel books that i buy. Just hold tight, gang.

-Tash Moore

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