Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm not buying that. (Ultimate Ultimate Spider-Man)

So the word is that "The Death Of Spider-Man" story will end with someone new as Spidey. I don't want to seem like a troll but i think this needs to end. No, not the Ultimate Spider-Man title. I think that new readers would still enjoy a book with a teenage Spider-Man. What needs to be shut down is the Brian Bendis Spider-Man stuff. It never came across, to me anyway that Bendis had a great handle on Peter Parker. Whenever Bendis writes him I just want to punch him. All the jokes just fell flat and Parker just always came off as some goober. Not for the record, I don't hate Bendis. I've said that time and time again. The man has done a fantastic job with his crime graphic novels. To this day Torso still scares the crap out of me. But I just can't help the feeling that Bendis just does not get the superheroe dynamic. I thinks it's time Marvel shipped this book on to another writer. It about time when you really think about it. For some reason I can see Nick Spencer writing this book, but alas it's not to be and that's why I will not be buying this book. Also at $3.99. Really now?

-Tash Moore


  1. Sometimes it takes a new editor on a book for a new writer or even creative team to work on a project. They just love Bendis because he still (somehow) has some pull to his name that brings in the money. I think a new Spider-Man might be better for Bendis to write. What his writing lacks I think is wit and charm. The jokes are a bit forced. Maybe this new Spider-Man can be a bit moodier. Edgy and tough. Who knows? It's all speculation until the book comes out. I enjoyed his work on Sam and Twitch, back in the day. I've yet to be impressed with any recent project he's worked on.

  2. When this book started it was supposed to be just that. Edgy and Tough. I thinks they just got lazy with the edits and let bendis run wild. Long live past Bendis!!