Monday, April 11, 2011

Thundercats Hoooo!

As a kid there was no show i loved than Thundercats. Everyday at 2:30 p.m. i sat down and tuned into FOX 5 and let Lion-O and his ongoing battles with Mumm-Ra carry me away. I was such a big fan of the show that when a kid on my block told me that when we played Thundercats on that day that he would be Lion-O, i didn't take it very well. To be blunt i hit him over the head with my hard plastic Sword of Omens. Yeah, that's how i roll. So for years i've heard that Warner Bros. picked up the rights to this show and had some kind of plans for a relaunch. At first we were going to get a full CGI movie that really didn't look all that great. Don't get me wrong, the CGI looked awful, but the characterization seemed on point with what i had seen as a kid. Lion-O was still a young man stuck in an old man's body. But now as the summer draws near Cartoon Network has plans for a new Thundercats cartoon. I am really excited for this, and some of the changes i don't agree with (like having Thundera as a kingdom on third earth) and some i do (not letting snarf speak). I think this show will knock it out of the park. I'll try to keep you all posted with my feelings on the show once it debuts.

Posted By Tash Moore

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