Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's The Deal, Cap?

In this undated handout image provided by Marvel Entertainment LLC, the planned cover of Captain America No. 1., is shown. Marvel Comics said Monday, April 4, 2011, that Steve Rogers, the young man who tried but failed to join the Army during World War II only to take a super-soldier serum that turned him into the agile, strong and daring Captain America, will return to the role in “Captain America” No. 1 in July 2011.I'm sure you all have heard by now that Steve Rogers is going to be coming back as Captain America by july. I know this is being done for the movie that is due out this summer. If some young buck sees the movie and then figures he wants to read Cap's adventures in comic book form then i'm cool with that. Also i am fine with the renumbering of this book.(If that happens) I just felt that the whole Bucky as Captain America story could have goneon much longer than it did. It would have been way cooler to have Bucky wield the sheild for about a decade. This would have made Steve Rogers return seems even more important that it already was. Plus i'm pretty sure that whole "I've been shot by this device,which was not a gun, which is really sending me in and out of time" thing a little bit less like a cop out or quick fix from the editorial at Marvel. Ed Brubaker i feel has invested a great deal into Bucky Barnes and i really wanted to see him stick around as Captain America for quite sometime. But as they say nothing gold can stay.

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