Monday, May 30, 2011

Trip Down Comic Book Lane Part 3

   First off, I'd like to wish everyone a happy memorial day out there. Also, a big thanks to our fighting men and women. So as I continue my trip down comic book lane, I'm going to look at the year 1996. Ol' HBK Shawn Michaels had won his first WWE, then WWF, Championship. I was torn betweem HBK and my idol Bret "Hitman" Hart. Don't tell anybody but I was really hoping that HBK would pull out the win. With my interest in wrestling fading I turned buck to comic books. To me this seemed like a great time to be a reader. I was 12 years old at the time and I saw this comic (Sensational Spider-Man #5) on a newsstand. I cried like a baby until my grandmother agreed to spend the $1.50 on this book. And just like that I was hooked. I was so happy to see that Ben Reilly had taken over as Spider-Man. I still liked Peter Parker but Ben really had a hold on me. He lived in a really crappy apartment, just like me and he had to choose between a raven haired goth chick and a blonde bombshell (unlike me). Ben really came into his own with these books. I was once again buying all four Spider-Man books on a monthly basis. Way back on The Verbal Mosh: Episode 98, I got to interview Dan Jurgens, and I got to tell him how much fun I had reading his stories when he launched his monthly spidey book called "The Sensational Spider-Man.

  Can anybody tell me why the normal "Spider-Man" title cost almost $2.00? Jurgens' stuff was good but I would spend hours on end looking at the artwork from the book that Mark Bagley was drawing, "Amazing Spider-Man". That book really stands out, even the test of time has shown that Marvel Comics had some really great in-house coloring in the mid 1990's. I felt it was cool to have Peter lose his powers and make Ben the one true Spidey. This was something that unlike most readers at the time I did not complain about. Yes, I did enjoy Ben's blonde hair style. I was blown away by the stuff in "Spider-Man" by Howard Mackie and John Romita Jr. For just a little bit the books would go off in their own directions but somehow they would connect for a big monthly story like "Blood Brothers" and one that I really loved was "The Return Of Kaine". (I can hear Olivia sigh right about now).

  The last two books I want to talk about are Spider-Man Redemption by J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Zeck, and Spider-Man #75 by Howard Mackie and John Romita Jr. Spider-Man Redemption is a 4 issue mini series. It takes a look at the long standing feud between Ben and Kaine. This has the return of Ben's lost love in Janine whose real name is Elizabeth Tyne. The story sheds light on Janine's relationship with both Ben and Kaine. Kaine knew that Janine had killed her father because of abuse, knowing this Kaine forced her to break up with Ben and leave without giving a reason. Ben and Janine are reuntied but it's not to be as Kaine spills the beans to the cops about what Janine has done. Ben in a fit of rage won't allow her to be taken from him again, and breaks her out of jail. The end battle has Kaine coming to terms with what he is, knowing that he will die soon. He turns himself in and so does Janine, knowing that she can't live the lie any longer. Ben tells her that he will wait for her.

   In Spider-Man #75 we get the end to the Clone saga. Peter gets his powers back and has been told that he was the one true Spider-Man all along. Turns out that Norman Osborn was pulling the strings the whole time. Ben gets cut pretty badly when he saves the whole Spidey supporting cast from goblin bombs in the Daily Bugle building. Mary Jane goes into labor because this whole time she was knocked up with Parkers' kid. The baby is stolen or killed, we never find out which. Ben gets gutted with the goblin glider and then he dies because he is a clone. Spidey hit the goblin with a bag full of goblin bombs to take this one home. All in all, I was really sad to see Ben die. I cried when I read this issue. I remember sitting on my top bunk bed re-reading this making sure I didn't miss anything. How could Ben be gone. A man who I spent a great deal of my youth with. Ben had been my comfort since the days I spent living in the slums of Newark and now he was dead and gone. This was no doubt a great comic by Mackie and Romita Jr. But it really turned me off to comics for the next year. I was so upset that I threw my comics in my closet and didn't look at them until I started reading them again in the year 2001. But gang that's another story for another time.

-Tash Moore

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Verbal Mosh-Episode 116

Some problems with our podcast host. But here is the link so you can hear Ep.116 of The Verbal Mosh. We talk about Action Comics #901 and Mighty Thor #2.  
 Just click here, gang. 
  The Verbal Mosh-Episode 116

Friday, May 20, 2011

Review: Invincible Iron Man #504

Hey gang. Episode 115 of The Verbal Mosh will run late.And no it is not my fault.So to give you, the reader of this site something new i am going to review the newest issue of Iron Man. Issue #504 is a tie in to the Fear Itself event going on in the Marvel U. Let me say that this was a really awesome book. I think it did a much better job of tying in to the Fear Itself Mini than the last issue of Avengers that Brain Bendis wrote. Or maybe it's just the fact that Matt Fraction who also is writing Fear Itself is the regular writer on Iron Man. The story goes that one of those evil hammers has fallen into paris and somehow the Grey Gargoyle has gotten his mitt on said hammer. Now i've always felt that the Grey Gargoyle was a pretty cool villian. I remember reading the old Stan Lee and Jack Kirby stories and really liking him as a bad guy. Iron Man goes to paris and finds out that all the people have been turned to stone by the Grey Gargoyle who has an awesome power upgrade from the hammer that he got from anti Odin. Or Nodin as we here at The Verbal Mosh like to call him. So Iron Man gets his ass handed to him only to wake up in a pile of broken statues that turn out to be the people of paris who had been turned into. So it seems that the Grey Gargoyle has commited mass murder. That's really heavy stuff.

-Tash Moore                                                                                                                                          

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flashpoint Vs Fear far

Hey gang, last week DC Comics released Flashpont #1 which is the big summer event. It promised to change everything in a flash and i did. And i'm not sure if i really enjoyed it.I'm also reading the Marvel summer event Fear Itself.While some of the players in Fear Itself seem a bit not like themselves, i think i liked it better. Now i don't think that these are bad comics,it's just that i enjoyed reading one more than the other. I can't really put my finger on it, but Flashpoint just seemed to be missing something.Or maybe i just didn't feel in the mood to read another story of time travel and the like.I think i can say that for the first time ever, I've run across a Geoff Johns story that i didn't like. I'm sure that as it goes on Flashpoint will get better, but for now anyway Fear Itself has everything you'd want in a big summer blockbuster. As the summer rolls on i'll come back here and give my two cents on how these two stories are doing and let you know which one i'm enjoying the most. Until then try not to troll to much.

-Tash Moore                                                                                                                                   

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trip Down Comic Book Lane Part 2

Hey gang. I'm back to talk more about my time spent reading comics. (Time well spent i might add.)At the age of ten i would jump out of bed each and every saturday morning to watch the FOX Spider-Man series. I went into great detail about how i loved this show on this website.  After watching the cartoon, i went right for the comics. My aunt at the time was working at a newsstand. She allowed myself and my cousin to take one comic each. My cousin took this ass awful Superman book. Supes was already dead and Supergirl was getting it on with a young Lex Luthor. Who also had flowing red hair. (Go figure.) I took a copy of Spider-Man #57
 and what a great introduction it was. The lead story was by Howard Mackie and John Romita Jr. This lead story was that Peter had been taken in for murder and that he had a clone. At first i had no idea what was going in the Spiderverse, but i stuck around for the next year putting it all together. The backup story was by J.M. Dematteis with art by John Romita Sr. And some pin ups in the back. Which now when i look at them, they were not all that great.

                                                    But i was hooked on Spider-Man comics and to get the whole story once a week you had to buy another Spidey book. Come to think of it, it was just like the Superman books of the mid 1990's. Once a week i went to the newsstand and pick up Web of Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man and Specatular Spider-Man. I always felt that for the price Spider-Man Unlimited just sucked. Also Spider-Man #57 was the first time i'd get to meet The Scarlet Spider. At first i hated his costume and his name. But they way Howard Mackie wrote him, he seemed to be a more stand up guy than Peter.Or hey maybe it was just me. Also this issue was the first time i'd see Kaine. Later on during the "Trial Of Peter Parker" would i find out that Kaine was the very first clone of Peter Parker ever created by the Jackal. Say what you want but as a 10 year old i really enjoyed all the clones running around at the time.

                                                     Around the time that Peter was cleared for murder( which had been commited by Kaine) i fell off reading comics and watching the Spider-Man cartoon on tv. I moved in with my aunt and she didn't think that a comic with a guy who could stick to walls was something an 11 year old shold read. As for the cartoon, Fox took it off of saturday morning and gave it this 2:30 pm timeslot that was the kiss of death, seeing as how i got out of school at 2:45 pm. I remember a friend of mine telling me how he'd been watching the Spidey cartoon and that the Scarlet Spider had shown up. I just about spit up my milk upon hearing of an animated version on my favorite comics heroes. As hard as i could i could never make it home in time to see it so i just went back to watching pro wrestling on the weekends.

                                       Next time i talk about me once again discovering comics and the truth behind the clone saga. And what were the two best Spider-Man books being published in the year 1996.

-Tash Moore

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thor, the movie- A review


Last night, we, the hosts, enjoyed a great night out. We ate tapas at Tia Pol. If you are in NYC and haven't been, definitely check it out. The food is always delicious. Afterwards, we scurried off to the theater to go see Thor in Imax 3-D. 

First off, we waited on line outside. Then we received our smudged 3-D glasses. Sat down. The movie started and it... was... AWESOME! In this host's opinion, the movie should have been called Loki. I've always loved Loki in the comic books. I wasn't sure how this actor, Tom Hiddleston, would portray him, from screenshots released and all the promos and ads, I was skeptical. The guy didn't look very sinister. Boy, did he do an exceptional job. The character is so complex unlike Thor who is the arrogant, prodigal, son who learns from his wrongs and becomes a better person. *yawn* It's weird how Thor was portrayed as, in a lot of scenes, dumb, hunky man-meat with his shirt off, getting hit and knocked over by cars. Loki struggles with his identity and role, filled with jealousy of his brother and looking for acceptance from his father. He's looking for power and control, undermining people whenever he can. Loki stole the whole show. Intelligent, cunning, deceptive, well-written and wonderfully executed. Thor provided a lot of comedic relief in the movie. It wasn't bad, though. All of the jokes were funny. I laughed. The audience laughed. The romance between Thor and Jane Foster was cute. Anthony Hopkins as Odin was a mixture of frailty and power. One minute, he's stripping Thor of all his power, the next, he's collapsed on the floor. Well.. I exaggerate a little when I say it happened the next moment. He is an old man and the writers and director certainly got that message across. Stan Lee's cameo was funny. You know it's gonna be there and I was hoping it wouldn't be too cheesy. It was the perfect amount of cheese.

We stayed until after the credits where they gave a preview of the Avengers movie. It stated how Thor will return in the Avengers, but who did we see in the clip? Loki. Ah, you devilish rogue. 

The movie, Thor, gets two thumbs up. Go see it. It's lots of good fun. 


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Is Hulk happy?

... or is it gas?

You be the judge.

*Image from "Fear Itself" Book 2

Monday, May 2, 2011

Trip Down Comic Book Lane- Part 1

As a grown man now, I've been reading comics on and off for about 17 years. I've read some really great stuff. That being said I've read some really bad stuff. But I'm going to go down the lane and tell you good folks about how I fell in love with comics. I'll also tell you how at points in my life I stopped reading comics. So sit back and relax and let me take you on a trip down comic book lane. As a kid growing up we didn't have cable and pro wrestling only came on during the weekend. Like most kids growing up in the 1990's I watched cartoons. I really enjoyed the 90's X-Men cartoon on FOX. That cartoon had everything a nine year old like myself could want at the time.
Odd villains, plot twist after plot twist, and superheroes with odd powers. I was always scared whenever Sabertooth came onscreen. And yes I felt that Wolverine was way cooler than Cyclops. As team leader Cyclops just came off as a goober. Sure Cyke had Jean, but he couldn't love her like Wolvie could. So loving this show, I felt the comic had to be just as good right? Nope I was wrong. While walking with my mother I found a ten dollar bill. She told me that since I found it, it would only be fair if I picked something out from the local candy store. So I used my newfound wealth to buy an X-Men comic. Man I was so excited. But when I opened the book I had no idea who any of the Mutants in the book were. I didn't know what was going on. Gone was the bright world on the Fox Tv show and inside they had these really muted colors that made it look almost like a horror comic. I don't recall who the creative team was for this book. I do remember telling my mother that this comic book sucked and I threw it away. I went back to my world of Saturday morning cartoons and pro wrestling. But that would not be my last dance with the artform known as comic books.

-Tash Moore