Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thor, the movie- A review


Last night, we, the hosts, enjoyed a great night out. We ate tapas at Tia Pol. If you are in NYC and haven't been, definitely check it out. The food is always delicious. Afterwards, we scurried off to the theater to go see Thor in Imax 3-D. 

First off, we waited on line outside. Then we received our smudged 3-D glasses. Sat down. The movie started and it... was... AWESOME! In this host's opinion, the movie should have been called Loki. I've always loved Loki in the comic books. I wasn't sure how this actor, Tom Hiddleston, would portray him, from screenshots released and all the promos and ads, I was skeptical. The guy didn't look very sinister. Boy, did he do an exceptional job. The character is so complex unlike Thor who is the arrogant, prodigal, son who learns from his wrongs and becomes a better person. *yawn* It's weird how Thor was portrayed as, in a lot of scenes, dumb, hunky man-meat with his shirt off, getting hit and knocked over by cars. Loki struggles with his identity and role, filled with jealousy of his brother and looking for acceptance from his father. He's looking for power and control, undermining people whenever he can. Loki stole the whole show. Intelligent, cunning, deceptive, well-written and wonderfully executed. Thor provided a lot of comedic relief in the movie. It wasn't bad, though. All of the jokes were funny. I laughed. The audience laughed. The romance between Thor and Jane Foster was cute. Anthony Hopkins as Odin was a mixture of frailty and power. One minute, he's stripping Thor of all his power, the next, he's collapsed on the floor. Well.. I exaggerate a little when I say it happened the next moment. He is an old man and the writers and director certainly got that message across. Stan Lee's cameo was funny. You know it's gonna be there and I was hoping it wouldn't be too cheesy. It was the perfect amount of cheese.

We stayed until after the credits where they gave a preview of the Avengers movie. It stated how Thor will return in the Avengers, but who did we see in the clip? Loki. Ah, you devilish rogue. 

The movie, Thor, gets two thumbs up. Go see it. It's lots of good fun. 


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  1. I'll give it it's due. It was a damn fine film. There was never a point during the movie that made me look at my watch and say "Damn, this movies needs to hurry the hell up". Great review by the way.