Monday, May 2, 2011

Trip Down Comic Book Lane- Part 1

As a grown man now, I've been reading comics on and off for about 17 years. I've read some really great stuff. That being said I've read some really bad stuff. But I'm going to go down the lane and tell you good folks about how I fell in love with comics. I'll also tell you how at points in my life I stopped reading comics. So sit back and relax and let me take you on a trip down comic book lane. As a kid growing up we didn't have cable and pro wrestling only came on during the weekend. Like most kids growing up in the 1990's I watched cartoons. I really enjoyed the 90's X-Men cartoon on FOX. That cartoon had everything a nine year old like myself could want at the time.
Odd villains, plot twist after plot twist, and superheroes with odd powers. I was always scared whenever Sabertooth came onscreen. And yes I felt that Wolverine was way cooler than Cyclops. As team leader Cyclops just came off as a goober. Sure Cyke had Jean, but he couldn't love her like Wolvie could. So loving this show, I felt the comic had to be just as good right? Nope I was wrong. While walking with my mother I found a ten dollar bill. She told me that since I found it, it would only be fair if I picked something out from the local candy store. So I used my newfound wealth to buy an X-Men comic. Man I was so excited. But when I opened the book I had no idea who any of the Mutants in the book were. I didn't know what was going on. Gone was the bright world on the Fox Tv show and inside they had these really muted colors that made it look almost like a horror comic. I don't recall who the creative team was for this book. I do remember telling my mother that this comic book sucked and I threw it away. I went back to my world of Saturday morning cartoons and pro wrestling. But that would not be my last dance with the artform known as comic books.

-Tash Moore


  1. I see you left out the absolutely awesome Gambit in your mention of X-Men characters. He had that accent that made all the ladies swoon. (Eh? No? Ah, well.) Though, honestly, my favorite character had to be Jean Grey especially as Dark Phoenix. She was crazy powerful. It was cool. That was my favorite part about the third X-Men movie, too. I like your reaction, as a kid, to seeing the comic book. I can't imagine what my younger self would have made of it. I, also, wonder if you found that same comic now, would you have more appreciation for it or still think it "sucks."

  2. Gambit was a guy i had a hard time getting to like. But i thought he had a reallly cool jacket. ANd that's about it. I have a very strong feeling that if i were to see that X-Men comic, i think i would just troll it. lol.