Monday, June 27, 2011

Green Lantern: Movie Review

There's been a lot of build up for this movie. I've been giving my opinion over the past few episodes on The Verbal Mosh on what I could expect and hope to see from this film. Well, yesterday, I finally saw it and you know what? It was more than what I was expecting.

A lot of characters were introduced. The creative team tried to keep the pacing of the movie from slowing down while giving the necessary back-stories on this universe, and I think they did a fairly decent job of it. Could they have done more? Yes. But, the main points received their due spotlight. You got who the good guy was, Hal Jordan. You got a bad guy, Hector Hammond. Though with any good character, they can not be simply labeled in such a black and white view. Both Hal and Hector knew what it was like to feel a failure in their lives. Hector was a very sympathetic character because of that, and moreso because it was his contact with Parallax that sent him over the edge. His cells started to mutate and he found he could hear what other people were thinking. His fear's of being a failure were exponentially increased. Parallax was the real threat and the real mastermind/villain to the film. He was so huge, though and his connection to the Guardians was much stronger that his reasonings for changing his course and setting his eyes on destroying Hal on Earth felt like a weak excuse to add more humanity to the film. 

It was pretty cool how Parallax fed on everyone's fears, the way it looked as if he were ripping their skeletons out. 

And then there are the actors. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively should not have been cast for this film. I said that when previews and screenshots came out, and after seeing the film, I'll still say that. The age difference between the two of them was a bit disconcerting as they had a lot of sexual tension that needed to be shown. She looked far too young for him. Blake Lively's voice did not suit Carol Ferris. I'm very used to seeing her in Gossip Girl. I feel like her acting skills are very flat, and she wasn't good at portraying deeper emotions. Ryan Reynolds is just plain goofy looking. The suit didn't help him. Peter Sarsgaard, on the other hand, did a decent job portraying Hector Hammond, as did Angela Bassett as Dr. Waller, and Mark Strong as Sinestro. 

Green Lantern is not a bad movie. It is neither a great movie. It was less than I liked and more than I could've hoped for. I had a good time watching it. In my book, it gets a 3.5 out of 5 stars. 


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