Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Mark, A Brand, A Reboot

So then, it's official. DC Comics will be Rebooting it's universe this september. To be honest, i'm not one of those people who thinks this is a bad idea. For way to long DC Comics has been very stale with the way it presented itself to fans. Sure they had some really great stories like Blackest Night and the whole Grant Morrison Batman stuff. But it just could not keep up with the sales of Marvel books. Don't get me wrong i enjoy tons of DC books. Even so more than Marvel, but i feel that Marvel has done a way better job of promoting it's brand. Hey, you all know the Moon Knight relaunch sucked ass.But it sold way better than Birds Of Prey. So i am pretty stoked about this relaunch and i really can't wait to read the new Justice Leauge book by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. Plus i have heard that some of the Wildstorm books will now play a part in the New New New(so many News) DC Universe. If what i'm hearing from the interwebs is true, that damn Grifter from Wildcats is going to get his own book. I've always been a big fan of Grifter. Sure he looks kind of like Gambit, but he ain't no goober. Well we'll see how the sales play out after September and how these new books fair.

-Tash Moore

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