Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trip Down Comic Book Lane Part 5

Hey gang, I'm back for yet another trip down comic book lane. By the time I was 17 I had my first real job. It was working at a car wash, and let me tell you it was not fun. But the best part was that I had money to buy all the comics I wanted. One day I left the car wash early and went to the comic shop to buy my monthy books. I was reading Batman, Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker: Spider-Man and Hellblazer. With any money left over I would search the back issues. Around this time I was reading "Knightfall". It was a huge storyline that ran through all the Batbooks back in 1992-1993. But because I was poor and only reading Spider-Man I missed out on this.

                             The story had a new villian named Bane, come to Gotham to take over and crush Batman in the process. He did and some french goober took over as Batman. This was around the time that I thought that we had a great creative team in Doug Moench and Jim Aparo. While in the back issue bin I ran across Batman #497 (the breaking of the bat). Never has a comic been able to convey so much emotion. After I made my puchase, I sat waiting for the bus that would take me the 12 miles home. After waiting for an hour I noticed the bus didn't show up.

                  An old man came by and told me that after 5 pm the bus didn't come into this section of town and that I would have to walk a mile to the next city over to catch the bus. I did but I made sure that I enjoyed myself by reading the rest of my comics there. This would become a theme I would use in my life. I'd get money then try to find the cheapest way to get to a comic shop. That way I'd have more money to buy comics.

           I started to read Mark Waids Fantastic Four run which I really enjoyed. Around this point comics had made the jump from $2.50 to $2.99. Still this book when I was reading it was really fun and easy to get into. I heard that Waid had been taken off the book and I was going to stop reading it. Protest from fans was so vocal that Marvel stayed the course and kept Waid on the book.


I got into The Flash not on purpose but really by chance. Yet again I went to a candy shop in town while going to buy milk that had comics. While out on the town I stopped in because it was kinda late and no shops in the area would be open. By this point I would have read anything that you put in front of me. All the comics on the spinner rack were beaten up pretty badly. The one exception was an issue of The Flash by Geoff Johns and Scott Kollins. After reading that one issue, I knew that this is how superhero comics should be done. The book was brightly colored and had plot points that would go from issue to issue but never made you feel lost.  This is a nice little gem form people who want modern comics with a simple silver age feel. I'll soon be picking up the Geoff Johns Flash omnibus...... if I can find it half off at a con.

So until next time face front and try not to steal anything.

-Tash Moore

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  1. Hey! I remember those covers! That Flash cover is particularly good (and those issues, of course).

    It's nice to see you recall other titles other than just Spider-man. I've had that happen to me in the past, too: waiting at a bus stop for a bus that wouldn't be coming. Kind of reminds me of Ghost World (the movie, I've yet to read the comic). There's that person sitting at the bus stop and it seems like the bus will never come and that person will wait there forever. Forever. Forever.