Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trip Down Comic Book Lane Part 6

Hey gang, Tash Moore here for another trip down comic book lane, once again. At the age of 21 I found myself out of comics to read. I didn't want to waste too much time by going to my local comic shop which was in the next city over, so I went to my local newstand took a look at the books on the rack. The book that caught my eye was Nightwing. The book was started by Chuck Dixon and Scott McDaniel. Later on Greg Land would take over the art of the book. I knew that Nightwing was the first Robin having his own solo book, so with nothing better to do I paid my $2.25 and was on my way. Nightwing was a really fun book to read month after month. Soon it made it's way into my monthly buy pile which had grown since I started a full time job.

                I would spend most of my time in Newark's Fortress Of Solitude. But at the end of the month Olivia and I would make our way into Midtown to check out Midtown Comics. I remember being bummed when DC took Scott McDaniel and Ed Brubaker off Batman and gave us Jim Lee and Jeph Loeb. To be honest, as a creative team they really didn't click in my mind.

             Then the bottom hit. Geoff Johns left The Flash. That had become the place for true Superhero action. Johns had made The Flash one, if not the best comic out on the racks month in, month out. To hear he was leaving made me think that I should drop the book. But against my better judgment I stayed on to read the Joey Cavalieri run. Well that's not true because after 4 issues I stoped reading the book. For the next three months I would go to the comic book store and buy my monthly books, but I'd never find the time to read them. Something would seem to pop up and then the comics that I had just spent good money on would wind up in triple mylar and in my longbox. Then, I gave them up cold turkey.

     Well,  I hope you enjoyed reading this part of trip down comic book lane. I'll have part 7 up soon, so you can all hear the tale of how a random person and Brian Bendis brought me back to comics in 2008. Now that's some real talk.

-Tash Moore

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  1. Ooh. Looking forward to Part 7. I wonder who this random person is.

    Ah! You mentioned me! I'm right there. Me! In paragraph two.

    I can't say much about Nightwing. I never read his title and not 'til he became Batman was I the least bit interested in the character.

    I'd love to read more about why you think Jim Lee and Jeph Loeb didn't "click". I'm not a huge fan of them, either. I think their work looks a bit too mechanical and "posed".