Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trade Central Station: The Books of Faerie: Auberon's Tale

With stories written by Bronwyn Carlton and John Ney Rieber.
This trade collects The Books of Faerie: Auberon's Tale #1-3, The Books of Magic #57, 58 and The Books of Magic Annual #1

The land of Faerie is governed by a royal family. With the untimely and ill-gotten death of King Magnus, here unfolds the tale of Auberon, soon to be king.

Magnus hadn't any outright heirs. It was difficult to conceive children for him and faeries in general due to a predisposed condition. Thus, the king would bring in other species, such as human for example, to breed with the fairies in order to help the population bloom. With the faerie bloodlines so tainted, there were a few different routes in which to track the next likely successor to the throne. A boy named Auberon who had been living with his aunt in the countryside was one important candidate. They, specifically Lord Amadan, wishes to use the boy as a pawn and guide him to rule Faerie as he would see fit. To mold and manipulate him, is his aim. Lord Obrey seems of better nature with a good standing loyalty to Auberon. Lots of treachery and treason are afoot as the politics and wars play out. The Duke of Grimwar is the biggest challenge to Auberon's rise to the throne, but when he comes face to face with Auberon, he decides to surrender. Amadan is such a big sneak. There's a bit of murder that goes on. The Duke of Grimwar dies while captive in the castle's prison tower. For the moment, Auberon's tale ends as he sneaks away. The Duke of Grimwar's wife was with child and had given birth. That child could also lay a stake in the kingdom and challenge Auberon's rule. He wishes to see the child and make sure she will be all right, no doubt leaving Amadan to manipulate and work his little schemes.

Two stories after that, follow up with some of the same characters. The first story is quite a cute tale revolving around Sturm. Sturm is the troll who had slain King Magnus in the first story of Auberon's Tale. He goes on a search to find his missing brothers, who went looking for silver treasure. Sturm finds the best treasure of all because upon discovering the death of his brothers, he finds the silver treasure but returns it to its rightful owner, who in turn, gives new life back to Sturm's brothers. They all get to go home.

The next story is called "Auberon Finds a Friend". That's pretty much all there is to know.

The final tale features Tim Hunter. He encounters a ghost girl and helps her to "move on." I'm not entirely caught up with all of my Books of Magic. It's been difficult trying to find volumes of them when I go to conventions. I read books 1 and 2. I have book 5, but won't read it until I get the other in between books. What is so curious is that, in this last story,Tim has a butterfly tattoo on his shoulder. I must get my hands on more trades so I can figure out why oh why he has this tattoo. It is so odd.

As always, I love Peter Gross' artwork in here. Mark Buckingham and Dick Giordano do the art for the Annual issue and I really enjoyed that as well. Not to mention, the beautiful covers by Hermann Meija. They look to be watercolors and feature such a lovely range of values and textures. The covers are what caught my eye and led me to purchase this trade. I, actually, had purchased the first issue to that story arc before picking up the trade paperback.

The characters in this universe are diverse and fascinating. They deal with problems, moral dilemmas, brutal politics, similar enough to our own world, where we recognize and empathize with their follies and yet the fantasy element always surprises me because it can be so different. And, it's just really a wonderful read.

Hopefully, one day soon I'll get to read Book 5 of the Books of Magic. Perhaps I'll find another trade when I go to New York Comic Con this year. Are you going? If you wanna win a free 3 day pass, we've still got our contest running. Be sure to enter it if you haven't already. Contest closes on Labor Day (Sept. 5). Enter Here.

You better "be there and be square!"*


*Simpsons quote.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday Review: Batman #486

Writer: Doug Moench
Artist : Jim Aparo

As we get closer to the Knightfall saga, we take a look at the Batman title leading up to the mega storyline. In Batman #486, Batman is having problems dealing with the fact that he was unable to put the Black Mask behind bars. Batman endures a savage beating from Black Mask's bodyguard, Tattoo. Batman spends most of the first half of the issue looking for Black Mask. He is worn out and bleeding from the nose. Also, a new bad guy by the name of Metalhead is looking for Black Mask. His goal is to join the false face society.

                       After spending the whole night searching Gotham, Batman heads back to the Batcave and continues his search. He won't take Alfred's advice and won't sleep and won't eat. Batman goes on about how he's failed and he can't allow Black Mask to continue to roam free. Metalhead gets a good day's rest and heads out in search of Black Mask. Brutally attacking people at waterfront bars until someone tips him off that Black Mask just might be at his family crypt at Gotham cemetery.

                         Inside the Batcave, Robin and Alfred talk about how Batman is very driven in his pursuit of justice and his need to right every wrong. They both also fear that Batman just might be running himself into the ground. They come to the conclusion that he may not know how to slow down and take it easy. Batman enters the same bar that Metalhead damages. One of the patrons tells Batman that they gave Metalhead info that the only place Black Mask could be is at his family's crypt.

                                 Both Batman and Metalhead encounter each other at the Gotham cemetery. All hell breaks out with an awesome fight sequence drawn by Jim Aparo. After body blows don't seem to work and Batman's running out of gas, he lands a blow to Metalhead's face, badly cutting up his own hands. He's able to put down Metalhead, then falls down himself. Robin and Alfred show up to help him at the end. They come to the crypt on the hunch that the crypt is the first place Batman would go looking for Black Mask. Robin then helps a beaten and bloodied Batman back to the Batcave.

Next Batman #487

-Tash Moore

Monday, August 29, 2011


Digital Comics...sure, why not?

So everyone pretty much knows by now that DC Comics is doing day to day digital comics along with it's print comics. That's all good and well, and I tend to fancy myself as a print only type of guy. But I'm starting to feel a little bold and daring so with the launch of the DCnU in just a week I'm going to try some DCnU titles in the digital format. Now these won't be books that I've picked up in print. It'll be digital only and I'll give a review for one DCnU title in the digital format for one month. So just look out for the digital review starting with next Wednesday's StormWatch #1 by Paul Cornell and Miguel Sepulveda.

-Tash Moore

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Verbal Mosh Episode 129

Hurricane Irene is a comin'!
But that doesn't mean we don't have plenty of comics to talk about. We do. We do.
We review Action Comics #904, American Vampire #18, Batman Incorporated #8, Brightest Day Aftermath Search for Swamp Thing #3, Captain America and Bucky #621, Chew #20, FF #8, Flashpoint Kid Flash Lost #3, Flashpoint Project Superman #3, Kick-Ass 2 #3, Punisher #2, Superman Beyond #0, and Wonder Woman #614. The Verbal Mosh Episode 129
Whew. That's a lot.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday Review: Batman: Vengeance Of Bane

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Art: Graham Nolan & Eduardo Barreto

                   With the upcoming "Dark Knight Rises" movie set to hit next year I guessed it was as good a time as any to look back at the mega story line that gave us Bane, and the breaking of the bat. This story gives us a great deal of back story on Bane. As a young baby he is sentenced to serve a life term for the crimes of his father, who is a revolutionary on the small island of Santa Prisca. Bane's father escapes and Bane is sent to prison in his stead. As a small boy he learns the in's and out's of his prison/home. He watches his mother die while in prison. After his mother dies, Bane is sent out into general population and kills an inmate who wants the small boy to work for him. It is also during this time that Bane befriends three inmates, Zombie,Trogg and Bird. 
                         After killing an inmate Bane is sent into the hole for many years. He earns the name Bane because he just refuses to die. This greatly upsets the warden, who has a great dislike for Bane. During his time in the hole Bane has a dream where he kills a giant bat demon. Once returning to Gen Pop he learns from Bird about Gotham city and how The Batman rules said city. During the next few months Bane becomes obsessed with killing the Batman. After spending months learning to read and reading every book in the library Bane is given the chance to undergo a treatment for a drug known as Venom. Bane is the only test subject that can withstand treatments and once they are complete he and his three henchmen break out of Santa Prisca to Gotham.

                      Along the way Bane kills the warden who tormented his for so many years. Once in Gotham, Bane and Bird kill the gangster Tommy "no nose" for setting Bird up to take the fall and be sent to Santa Prisca. Batman makes a very brief appearance toward the end of the story where after breaking up a mob shoot out comes face to face with Bane for the first time. Bane tells Batman that he is strange, how can a man cloaked in darkness not kill? I really like the line in which Batman says to Bane. "You're threatening me? Get in line." Bane makes a vow to Batman that one day he will scream for mercy and his name.

Next: Batman #486

-Tash Moore

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Verbal Mosh Episode 128

Hey gang here is the link  for Episode 128 of The Verbal Mosh .This week we talk Daredevil #2 and Superboy #11 and Tiny Titan #43
-Tash and Olivia

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Trip Down Comic Book Lane Part 8

Well this is it. The final trip down comic book lane. When I jumped back into reading comics I also started to get into comic book podcasting. It was really cool to hear other people talk about how much they enjoyed comics. The first that I ever heard was the Marvel Noise Podcast hosted by David A. Price. Even to this day I download it and give it a spin. It's pretty sweet podcast, and I called in from time to time. After some time I got to talking with Len Nard (I doubt you'll ever see that guy again) and came up with the name "The Verbal Mosh" and launched the podcast. The show used to be posted on Wednesday. While I was working Olivia would head over to Midtown Comics and buy our books for the week and then we'd record the show.
                                         I'm pretty sure those first 20 something episodes sounded like crap. Then the whole let's do the show on Wednesday became way too much. So we moved the show to Thursday. After about a year we started buying our comics through mail order so now we do the shows on Friday. It's been fun to say the least. I enjoy reading my comics then letting you (the dear reader/ listener) hear my comments. Also, it seems that Olivia can spot things in some comics and then point them out to me.
                      With the start of this year we launched this site. It's been kinda tough to hold down a full time job and this site/ podcast, which can feel like a full time job in itself. But to be honest we have some much fun doing this show. It's the thing that I look forward to each and every Friday......... if I don't have something major planned. So I hope you have enjoyed all eight parts of my trip down comic book lane. I hope it gave you some kind of idea on why I love comics and I hope you would all leave comments about why you love comics. And don't forget to check out our New York Comic Con Contest.

       Starting next week, Tuesday to be exact, I'll be starting a new feature on the site called Knightfall Tuesday. I'm very stoked about the upcoming film "The Dark Knight Rises" and it stars the one and only Tom Hardy as Bane. With that in mind I am going to look back at the mega storyline Knightfall, which ran in the Batman titles in the early to mid 1990's. So I guess I'll be seeing you guys soon.

-Tash Moore

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Verbal Mosh: NYCC Contest!!!

That's right. If you've been keeping up with our podcast, you are well aware that we've been planning to put together another contest. And here it is!

We will be selecting two winners, at random.

The prize.... one 3-day pass to New York Comic-Con 2011 for each of the chosen winners.

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*Editing for clarity: Favorite comic book title, doesn't necessarily mean the title to a story arc. It means the name of the book. For example: Batman and Robin, Sweet Tooth, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Walking Dead, etc, etc. :) 

And that's that. The contest closes on Labor Day (September 5, 2011) so you have plenty of time to enter. We will draw the names of the winners out of a hat. Be sure that we will be able to get back in contact with you if you are chosen. If not, we may have to draw up new names/winners.

Don't forget to check out our podcast!
Good Luck :)

-The Verbal Mosh

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Verbal Mosh Episode 126

Hey gang, here is the link for Ep. 126 of The Verbal Mosh This week we talk Sweet Tooth #24,Batman Beyond #8, The Punisher #1 and Moon Knight #4.
Enjoy Tash and Olivia!

Captain America: A movie review


So, many people went out this weekend to check out the new Planet of the Apes movie. We were there to see Captain America. Many of you guys may have already seen the film, but many may have not yet. The theater was pretty crowded on Saturday night. A good sign already.

First off, the trailers.

TinTin looks fantastic. I can't wait to see that movie. I think it's funny how they paired that preview up with the feature attraction, seeing as they both come from comic books, because I really doubt the average movie-goer realizes that.

The Amazing Spider-Man looks awful. It's such a shame. The graphics for the scene that is in the perspective of Spider-Man looks years old. It looks fake, simulated, and overall cheesy. Pete has the most ridiculous hipster hair-do. Gwen (Emma Stone) looks weird. She has an unusual face. It looked like Pete was pulling a really long white hair out of a pimple on his neck: what, I think, was supposed to be webbing.  Nasty. Hopefully the movie will be good as a whole, but from that trailer, I kind of doubt it.

Those were the trailers worth noting, now on to the show.

Captain America was a lot of fun. The whole movie is a nice introduction to the character that sets up for the Avengers movie that is seeming to come along. The pacing was nice. You got a lot of information but it never felt rushed. You're first introduced to Steve Rodgers, the scrawny man who only wants to be like all the other men, do his part to help win the war. He tries several times to enlist but he has so many health problems. That's all right as his good nature makes him the perfect candidate for the Super Soldier serum the government has been developing. The way that the digital effects made Steve (Chris Evans) look bone thin was pretty cool. For the most part, it looked believable, except for his lack of jaw which looked abnormal. I love the introduction of the Red Skull. Hugo Weaving, who plays the character, did an excellent job. He doesn't smile enough like he does in some of those older comics. I own a comic where the Red Skull is dressed up as Captain America. His red skin shows through the costume and still no one realizes it's him. Funny stuff. I'm getting off track. Anyways, the character touches his cheek a couple of times, and you can see a red crease next to his jaw-line, foreshadowing the big reveal of his red skull. I LOVE Hydra. The technology that they adapt from Odin's, I forget what they called it, cube is incredible the way that it disintegrates people. Tommy Lee Jones had some of the best lines in the movie as Colonel Chester Phillips. "Somebody, get that man a sandwich."

I like how Captain America stays a fairly modest man, even through his "performing monkey days." He gains confidence in speaking to audiences but it doesn't go over so well with the army troops. Doesn't matter as everyone loves the Cap when he single-handedly rescues 400 men that have been captured over enemy lines. I forgot that Bucky dies. I remember once seeing a documentary that stated how no one in comics stays dead except for Bucky and Uncle Ben. Well, in comics, Bucky was brought back to life and became what we at The Verbal Mosh fondly refer to as "Bucky Cap". Bucky's death was not the saddest moment in the movie for me.

In the end, Captain America defeats the Red Skull. The plane he's in is moving too fast and heading straight for New York. The only option left is for Cap to take down the ship while he's still flying over nowhere. Cap promises to take Peggy out on a date, his last words. It seems he's dead. The screen goes blank and a group of girls sitting next to me broke out into a giggling fit. -_-
He wakes up and nearly 70 years have passed. It's a whole new New York and Agent Nick Fury is there to greet him. The saddest moment in the movie was Steve Rodgers realizing he's missed his date with Peggy.

I love this movie. It's as good as Thor, in my opinion. Maybe even slightly better because it didn't have a fainting Odin in it. Chris Evans' performance made me forget about that terrible Fantastic Four movie. I give Captain America: The First Avenger five stars.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Trip Down Comic Book Lane Part 7

Damn you Bendis! In 2008 i came back to comics and i've been here ever since.
Just going into my local comic shop i picked up Secret Invasion #1 by Brian Bendis and Leinil Yu. Olivia and I both felt this Mini-Series was pretty good. But as with most of these big events they tend to end very weak. After reading the first issue i was hooked all over again. I went back and read Civil War and i came bake to the Batman title during the whole RIP and Battle For The Cowl. I tried to go back to reading Ultimate Spider-Man and to be honest after a point that book was just to far gone. I felt that after awhile the book just really got away from the creators and editorial staff.
I branched out and read other comics that i had never read before. After talking to a few of my friends who were apart of the New Jersey hardcore band "The Hold Outs" they asked if i was reading Captian America or the Superman family group of books. When i told them that i wasn't, they told me that i should start and thanks to them i've been buying those books for almost three years now. I really liked Bucky Cap and i wanted him to be around for a long time, but hey, you can't have everything.

Olivia got me into reading DC's Tiny Titans. Which is a truly awesome book. I mean it's meant to be aimed at children, but readers of all ages can enjoy it. I think that's what i like about Tiny Titans, you could give that comic to just about anybody and they could enjoy it. But for politcal reasons i never give the book it's due when we talk about it on the show. I can't be shown as a weak little sissy boy. That's a joke folks. I'm all man.

Amazing Spider-Man became the must have book because i started buying the book when the "New Ways To Die" Story by Dan Slott and John Romita Jr. Dan Slott has a great handle on not just Spidey but on Peter Parker as well.Dan's stories are up there with some of the all time greats and the fact that he had John Romita Jr. draw it made it the must have book each and everytime it came out. (I'm pretty sure that around this time the book was shipping to comic shops three times a month.)

Well that's all for now but in the next and final part of Trip Down Comic Book Lane i'll give the scoop on how Olivia and I created The Verbal Mosh. So until next time go read some comics and e-mail me what you guys are reading at

-Tash Moore