Sunday, August 7, 2011

Captain America: A movie review


So, many people went out this weekend to check out the new Planet of the Apes movie. We were there to see Captain America. Many of you guys may have already seen the film, but many may have not yet. The theater was pretty crowded on Saturday night. A good sign already.

First off, the trailers.

TinTin looks fantastic. I can't wait to see that movie. I think it's funny how they paired that preview up with the feature attraction, seeing as they both come from comic books, because I really doubt the average movie-goer realizes that.

The Amazing Spider-Man looks awful. It's such a shame. The graphics for the scene that is in the perspective of Spider-Man looks years old. It looks fake, simulated, and overall cheesy. Pete has the most ridiculous hipster hair-do. Gwen (Emma Stone) looks weird. She has an unusual face. It looked like Pete was pulling a really long white hair out of a pimple on his neck: what, I think, was supposed to be webbing.  Nasty. Hopefully the movie will be good as a whole, but from that trailer, I kind of doubt it.

Those were the trailers worth noting, now on to the show.

Captain America was a lot of fun. The whole movie is a nice introduction to the character that sets up for the Avengers movie that is seeming to come along. The pacing was nice. You got a lot of information but it never felt rushed. You're first introduced to Steve Rodgers, the scrawny man who only wants to be like all the other men, do his part to help win the war. He tries several times to enlist but he has so many health problems. That's all right as his good nature makes him the perfect candidate for the Super Soldier serum the government has been developing. The way that the digital effects made Steve (Chris Evans) look bone thin was pretty cool. For the most part, it looked believable, except for his lack of jaw which looked abnormal. I love the introduction of the Red Skull. Hugo Weaving, who plays the character, did an excellent job. He doesn't smile enough like he does in some of those older comics. I own a comic where the Red Skull is dressed up as Captain America. His red skin shows through the costume and still no one realizes it's him. Funny stuff. I'm getting off track. Anyways, the character touches his cheek a couple of times, and you can see a red crease next to his jaw-line, foreshadowing the big reveal of his red skull. I LOVE Hydra. The technology that they adapt from Odin's, I forget what they called it, cube is incredible the way that it disintegrates people. Tommy Lee Jones had some of the best lines in the movie as Colonel Chester Phillips. "Somebody, get that man a sandwich."

I like how Captain America stays a fairly modest man, even through his "performing monkey days." He gains confidence in speaking to audiences but it doesn't go over so well with the army troops. Doesn't matter as everyone loves the Cap when he single-handedly rescues 400 men that have been captured over enemy lines. I forgot that Bucky dies. I remember once seeing a documentary that stated how no one in comics stays dead except for Bucky and Uncle Ben. Well, in comics, Bucky was brought back to life and became what we at The Verbal Mosh fondly refer to as "Bucky Cap". Bucky's death was not the saddest moment in the movie for me.

In the end, Captain America defeats the Red Skull. The plane he's in is moving too fast and heading straight for New York. The only option left is for Cap to take down the ship while he's still flying over nowhere. Cap promises to take Peggy out on a date, his last words. It seems he's dead. The screen goes blank and a group of girls sitting next to me broke out into a giggling fit. -_-
He wakes up and nearly 70 years have passed. It's a whole new New York and Agent Nick Fury is there to greet him. The saddest moment in the movie was Steve Rodgers realizing he's missed his date with Peggy.

I love this movie. It's as good as Thor, in my opinion. Maybe even slightly better because it didn't have a fainting Odin in it. Chris Evans' performance made me forget about that terrible Fantastic Four movie. I give Captain America: The First Avenger five stars.


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