Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday Review: Batman #486

Writer: Doug Moench
Artist : Jim Aparo

As we get closer to the Knightfall saga, we take a look at the Batman title leading up to the mega storyline. In Batman #486, Batman is having problems dealing with the fact that he was unable to put the Black Mask behind bars. Batman endures a savage beating from Black Mask's bodyguard, Tattoo. Batman spends most of the first half of the issue looking for Black Mask. He is worn out and bleeding from the nose. Also, a new bad guy by the name of Metalhead is looking for Black Mask. His goal is to join the false face society.

                       After spending the whole night searching Gotham, Batman heads back to the Batcave and continues his search. He won't take Alfred's advice and won't sleep and won't eat. Batman goes on about how he's failed and he can't allow Black Mask to continue to roam free. Metalhead gets a good day's rest and heads out in search of Black Mask. Brutally attacking people at waterfront bars until someone tips him off that Black Mask just might be at his family crypt at Gotham cemetery.

                         Inside the Batcave, Robin and Alfred talk about how Batman is very driven in his pursuit of justice and his need to right every wrong. They both also fear that Batman just might be running himself into the ground. They come to the conclusion that he may not know how to slow down and take it easy. Batman enters the same bar that Metalhead damages. One of the patrons tells Batman that they gave Metalhead info that the only place Black Mask could be is at his family's crypt.

                                 Both Batman and Metalhead encounter each other at the Gotham cemetery. All hell breaks out with an awesome fight sequence drawn by Jim Aparo. After body blows don't seem to work and Batman's running out of gas, he lands a blow to Metalhead's face, badly cutting up his own hands. He's able to put down Metalhead, then falls down himself. Robin and Alfred show up to help him at the end. They come to the crypt on the hunch that the crypt is the first place Batman would go looking for Black Mask. Robin then helps a beaten and bloodied Batman back to the Batcave.

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-Tash Moore

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