Thursday, August 18, 2011

Trip Down Comic Book Lane Part 8

Well this is it. The final trip down comic book lane. When I jumped back into reading comics I also started to get into comic book podcasting. It was really cool to hear other people talk about how much they enjoyed comics. The first that I ever heard was the Marvel Noise Podcast hosted by David A. Price. Even to this day I download it and give it a spin. It's pretty sweet podcast, and I called in from time to time. After some time I got to talking with Len Nard (I doubt you'll ever see that guy again) and came up with the name "The Verbal Mosh" and launched the podcast. The show used to be posted on Wednesday. While I was working Olivia would head over to Midtown Comics and buy our books for the week and then we'd record the show.
                                         I'm pretty sure those first 20 something episodes sounded like crap. Then the whole let's do the show on Wednesday became way too much. So we moved the show to Thursday. After about a year we started buying our comics through mail order so now we do the shows on Friday. It's been fun to say the least. I enjoy reading my comics then letting you (the dear reader/ listener) hear my comments. Also, it seems that Olivia can spot things in some comics and then point them out to me.
                      With the start of this year we launched this site. It's been kinda tough to hold down a full time job and this site/ podcast, which can feel like a full time job in itself. But to be honest we have some much fun doing this show. It's the thing that I look forward to each and every Friday......... if I don't have something major planned. So I hope you have enjoyed all eight parts of my trip down comic book lane. I hope it gave you some kind of idea on why I love comics and I hope you would all leave comments about why you love comics. And don't forget to check out our New York Comic Con Contest.

       Starting next week, Tuesday to be exact, I'll be starting a new feature on the site called Knightfall Tuesday. I'm very stoked about the upcoming film "The Dark Knight Rises" and it stars the one and only Tom Hardy as Bane. With that in mind I am going to look back at the mega storyline Knightfall, which ran in the Batman titles in the early to mid 1990's. So I guess I'll be seeing you guys soon.

-Tash Moore

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