Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Digital Wednesday Review: Red Hood and The Outlaws #1

Red Hood and The Outlaws #1
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Kenneth Rocafort

     What a strange little book this is. I was intrigued by the Red Hood having his own little gang of rag tag misfits so i did the digital download with this book. It's a pretty fun little comic. It's got action and plot twist and sex appeal. No really it does, Kenneth Rocafort goes out of his way to draw Starfire in a almost slutty way.

      At the start of the book Roy Harper aka Arsenal is held hostage in a middle eastern prison and a rather fat priest comes and breaks him out. The fat priest turns out to be the Red Hood. Starfire rounds out the group. Red Hood even makes a comment about the size of Starfires breast. Starfire also is kind of turned into more of an alien. Her memory is shot and she just wants to have sex with members of the team. She has no feelings for anyone.

     Red Hood learns of a group of killers who take organs from it's victims. But they do it in a very stealth like way. We are told that they are a race of aliens or other dimension creatures called the Untitled. The Red Hood alone returns to the Himalayas to some monks that he used to run with. It was strange to see the where the Red Hood had gone because i had no idea that he used to associate with this order of monks.

    The end of the book has the monsters called the Untitled show up and surround the Red Hood.  I was a bit lost by what was going on at some points on the book. It seems like the first issue is just the beginning of this major story arc and instead of giving you any answers it throws a ton of question at you. I guess Scott Lobdell wants to you be hooked by all the question you have for this comic. All in all i really liked both the writing and the art. Let's see if this creative team can keep up this momentum.

-Tash Moore

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