Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Digital Wednesday Review: Stormwatch #1

Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Miguel Sepulveda

        Since DC is doing day to date with it's digital comics, i said what the hell and purchased one. I'll be doing this once a week for this whole month. I started with StormWatch #1. As a kid i was a really big fan of the Mark Millar Authority. I know that that book was a spin-off of StormWatch back in the day. I didn't go to the shop and pick this up because i saw Miguel Sepulveda's art on the green lantern books sometime back. To be honest i didn't like it. Paul Cornell is also kind of hit or miss with me. I felt that his Action Comics run was great at the very beginning then just got really wonky.

            So now StormWatch is now apart of the DC universe and i really enjoyed this issue. Sepulveda's art hit a home run and Paul Cornell's story was very easy to get behind. At the start of the issue Jack Hawksmoor and the Martian Manhunter along with a member of the team called Media(Who I've never seen before) try to get Apollo to join the team. Apollo gets into a fight with The Martian Manhunter. Manhunter also tells Apollo that while he might be a member of the Justice League, when he is with StormWatch he is a fighter.

              The Engineer discovers that there are problems up on the moon. A StormWatch team member is attack by a huge eyeball with tentacles and has his mind taken over. Under the giant eyeballs control he reveals everything about StormWatch and how they are run by a group called the Shadow Cabinet. The story ends with StormWatch still trying to force Apollo to join the team when Hawksmoor, Media and Manhunter get taken down by the Midnighter. Midnighter then asks Apollo to team up so they can kill every evil person on the planet.

                 This was a really decent  first issue. It told a damn fine story but if you've never read a comic before you get no background on who these characters really are. And i read this on my desktop and the controls were kind of hard to get at first and i kept going back to the very beginning but you can overcome that with a little practice. All in all this was a good not great first issue.

-Tash Moore

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