Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday Review: Batman #487

Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Jim Aparo

       In this story titled "Box of Blood" Batman is still reeling from the last issue and feels the need to go see a doctor. His doctor tells him that there is nothing wrong with him in the physically but his problem might be mental. A mobster in jail pays to have Jim Gordon killed for having him sent to prison. The killer who takes the contract is called Headhunter. He always uses two head shots. The second is for fun, because he never misses the first.

                   Gordon not being one to wait rushes away from his new wife, Sarah Essen to find Headhunter. Sarah is so very worried that she turns to Batman for help. Sarah is sick to her stomach to ask Batman for help. She thinks that Gordon is the better man, because unlike Batman her husband brings in crooks "The right way". Batman puts aside his feeling of being burnt out out of his mind because he knows that Gordon could be hurt or dying somewhere. In this issue i really love how Batman called Gordon his friend. Great story by Doug Moench. You really feel for the Batman here and the art by Jim Aparo tells the story even without words.

                      Headhunter is just about to kill Jim Gordon with his first shot when Jim moves to answer the dispatch call from his frightened wife. Batman shows up in the nick of time to duel with Headhunter. After being stabbed Batman punches Headhunters teeth out and turns him over to Gordon. Gordon then takes Headhunter away to jail. Sarah Essen Gordon then thanks Batman then tells him to leave her husband alone. The story ends with Batman thinking about how he is broken and how long before the shards are swept away.

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-Tash Moore


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