Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday Review: Batman #488

Writer; Doug Moench
Artist: Jim Aparo

    Sorry this is so damn late. I got home from work and wrote this review then fell asleep. Anyway i hope you enjoy this late edition of knightfall tuesday. In this story Batman is in the batcave talking to Robin about Azrael. He gives Robin the whole nine yards about how Azrael: real name Jean Paul Valley has been brainwashed since childhood to become the avenging angel of the order of St. Dumas. St. Dumas is a european cult with strong ties all over the world. Valley also has a great deal of potential since he has what's called the System. The System has the power to give Jean Paul a great deal of fighting technique and stamina.

            Bruce Wayne hires Jean Paul to by day work as a guard at Waynetech and at night train with Robin. You can tell from reading this issue that Robin really enjoys working with Azrael. While working at WayneTech Jean Paul comes across a worker named Tony who is stealing Waynetech plans and selling them to a biker gang called the Skulls. Robin and Azrael (wearing a new all black costume) follow him foul up Tony and the Skulls plans for industrial espionage.

          Also in this issue when Batman returns to the batcave, he falls down and can't get up.( Really) He tried to regain his edge with some meditation. Inside his mind he thinks he has found an answer.It does nothing to help because it brings him to in his own head the box of blood when makes him feel as if he can't do anything right anymore. This being the last straw Bruce calls Dr. Shondra Kinsolving. She is a doctor who is helping to treat Tim Drake's dad. Bruce schedule's am exam telling her he thinks he is burning out. Things are starting to look dire for the dark knight.

Next Batman #489

-Tash Moore

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