Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday Review: Batman #489

Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Jim Aparo

Batman #489
    Yeah, i know this is late. I end up writing this thing late Tuesday night then i fall asleep. I promise to get this back on track. I really do hate being late with anything.
     In this story Bruce Wayne is so worn out that he seeks the advice and help of Dr. Shonda Kingsolving. She is the same doctor treating Tim Drake's (Robin) dad. She is known to work wonders and Bruce really feels like he needs a miracle at this point. Killer Croc awakes for a massive flood that has hit Gotham pretty hard. When he wakes up he goes on a very violent spree of attacking people who in his mind are calling him names.

       Robin and Alfred are watching the evening news. It's on the news that they find out about Killer Croc going crazy and then breaking into a suburban mall. Robin wants to spring into action but Bruce has just begun a weeks worth of sedatives to help him rest. With Croc going crazy and no Batman showing up to take him down Robin fears that this would be a bad sign to show to other villians.

       Bane is also watching the news and sees that Killer Croc is running wild. Bane is told by his henchmen that Killer Croc almost became the top guy in Gotham. But he was knocked down by Batman. Bane thinks it's time to show his worth by taking out Killer Croc. Robin brings a spare Batman costume to Azrael. The reasoning be behind this is that when people see Batman show up to fight Croc all the other villians will think that Batman is still up and about.

        "Batman" and Robin show up at the mall but Jean-Paul makes the mistake of getting way too close to Croc. A mistake that nearly gets all his ribs broken. Bane arrives and Crock lets go of the Jean-Paul Batman. Bane then breaks both arms of Killer Croc after pumping up with Venom. Then just as Bane walks over to Jean-Paul he can tell just by looking at him that he is not the real Batman. Bane walks away disgusted. Jean Paul feeling like he isn't good enough tells Robin that soon with or without him, his real training begins very soon.

Next- Batman #490

-Tash Moore

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