Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday Review: Batman #490

Writer: Doug Moench
Batman #490
Artist: Jim Aparo

    Back on time this week. This tale is called "Who Riddled The Riddler?" Batman fights off the affects of the sedatives that he was taking to answer the Batsignal. Batman finds Robin and Jean Paul (still dressed as Batman) talking over trying to deceive Jim Gordon that Jean Paul is really the Batman. The real Batman shows up and tells Jean Paul to go home. The talk with Gordon reveals that The Riddler is back and he has a riddle for them."What crowns just one but beats a dozen? Bim bam boom, some percussion."

    While Batman is trying to figure out the riddle we see that Bane and his henchmen and eavesdropping and Bane wants to solve this riddle for himself. He thinks that The Riddler is a loser for playing mere games with The Batman. Batman chases Robin away because he wants to do this on his own. After driving around for awhile it hits him that The Riddler is at the Clock Tower at number one Gotham Plaza.

   Bane is much quicker at solving The Riddlers riddle and he uses a dart gun device to pump The Riddler full of  Venom. Bane tells him that it is a gift that will only last 48 hours. After Bane leaves The Batman shows up and fights The Riddler. During the fight Batman thinks to himself as to if The Riddler gotten stronger and has he gotten weaker. Or both. The Riddler makes a break while Batman disarms the bomb. Batman sees the darts left at the crime scene and takes them to the Bat cave. There he discovers that the darts are laced with Venom. After a talk with Dr. Shondra Kingsolving Bruce tries to rest but to no avail.

     Another riddle is found and it's very simple. It's sent as a computer virus and it reads "It rises where it's low, side poison chaining bottom to top it will go."  Bane says that since this is an easy riddle he wants his henchmen to figure it out before the Batman. If they don't, they are told that they just might be replaced.  The riddle has Batman going to the Gotham Harbor. The Riddler wants to poison the fish of Gotham so that in turn the people who eat said fish will also be poisoned.  Batman stops him while Bane's thugs shoot at Batman and The Riddler.

  Batman calls and E.M.T for The Riddler and wonders just what does Bane have to do with all this. Back at his hide-out Bane call tell that something is slowing down the Batman but he wants to run his down more. One of Bane's henchmen, Bird tells Bane that if they want pure chaos they should go ahead and break out every inmate of Arkham Asylum!

Next Batman: 491

-Tash Moore

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