Monday, October 3, 2011

Digital Review: Voodoo #1

Writer: Ron Marz
Voodoo #1
Artist: Sami Basri

    Now to be honest with you this was NOT a bad comic book.  I think Ron Marz has done a fantastic job with this book. I think that after his work on Witchblade, he has shown that he can handle writing a comic with a female lead and not screw it up. Ron Marz took a comic which was really just a T & A book and made it a strong detective comic. As for Sami Basri I think that he did a fine job with the art. It's cheesecake, not over the top.

    I first saw Basri's work on Power Girl. While at first I was not a fan, it really grew on me after awhile. The story has two agents named Evans and Fallon at the New Orleans strip joint named Voodoo. They are watching the top dancer there Priscilla has earned the nickname Voodoo. (It's cause she is the best dancer in this place.)  Fallon doesn't was to stay in the club so she heads out.

  Evans however doesn't want to leave and pays for a private dance from Voodoo. Meanwhile Fallon heads out to smoke and runs into some young punks who she kicks the crap out of. She then heads back to the hotel she and her partner are sharing. While getting his private dance from Voodoo Agent Evans tells her that he know what she is and that she is not human. Agent Evans tells Voodoo it would be best if she just turned herself over to the Agency that he works for.

  While Evans is talking with Voodoo his partner is busy calling him. During the whole spiel i guess that Evans never hears that Fallon is calling him. Before he can even say another word in Voodoo turns into some really strange green alien like monster. She then slashes Agent Evans and leaves him to bleed out in the private dance room.  There was a really nice shot when Evans is sitting in the chair all cut up and we can see Voodoo leaving the room from the refection in his glasses.

   The story comes to an end with Voodoo leaving the club with Evan's cellphone and calling Fallon back saying that she is on her way back to the hotel. With that said Voodoo then shape-shifts into the now deceased Agent Evans. All in all this was an OK book. Sure it started out in a strip joint but as it went on i was very intrigued into what Voodoo really was. I think that people should go and just read this book and take it for what it is. A monster murder mystery with a little sex appeal added to it.

-Tash Moore

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