Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday: Detective Comics #659

Knightfall Part 2
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Knightfall Part 2
Artist: Norm Breyfogle

  Yeah i know, yet again this is late. After all the stuff that went on with New York Comic Con i needed a little time to relax. Anyway in this issue the Ventriloquist runs away from Arkham after the breakout and teams with an inmate named Amygdala to look for his lost puppet Scarface. Batman and Robin find the body of Film Freak and Batman tells Robin that Bane has beaten Film Freak to death and has broken every bone in his body.  Batman feels that there has to be a method to the madness.

  While listing to the police scanner they follow up to a place called Joy Boy Toys. Batman figures that this is the type of call they should be keeping a ear out for as it might lead them to a villain that they can put back behind bars. Once they make it to the toy shop Robin looks up and sees a falcon that has been following them since the beginning of the issue. Batman tells Robin to stay behind as Batman makes his way into the toy store. Once inside Batman pauses for a second and takes a rest. He then is startled by the sight of Ventriloquist. Before Batman can make a move Amygdala attacks from the shadows.
  Robin sees the falcon in the sky and knows that it's not native to Gotham and twice in one night is too much of a coincidence. He finds Banes associate Bird watching from afar and decides to take him down. But Robin is no match for the evil bird watcher and gets his ass handed to him. Right before Bird call kill Robin Bane calls him back. Bane is not quite ready to show his hand yet. During Batman's fight with Amygdala Batman lands some blows but to no avail.

  Amygdala only stops because he needs the medicine that was given to him in Arkham to keep his rage in check. Amygdala has head pains that bring him to his knees and then the Batman hits him with double axe handle to the back of the head (pro wrestling move). While the fight is going on The Ventriloquist makes a break for it so he can continue to look for Scarface.  Batman worn out from his fight calls the GCPD and walks back to the Batmobile to find a note from Robin saying that he is going Birdwatching. In other words he's gone after Bane and Bird.

Next Batman #493

-Tash Moore

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