Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday Review; Batman #491

Batman #491
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Jim Aparo

  This is the big set up for Knightfall. Bane and crew pay off a guard at Arkham to give them the blueprints to the place. Commissioner Gordon is getting his head handed to him by new Mayor, Armond Krol to clean up Gotham City Asap. Jean Paul spends time with the Tim Drake Robin and cuts his hair while starting a new work out program that has a set of 1,000 push ups. Jean Paul is feeling down because he was almost beaten to death by Killer Croc and Bane just walked away from him.

   Bane and his group, Bird,Trogg and Zombie help Bane destroy the violent wing at Arkham with a stinger missile. The Joker is the first one set free and sets his sight on the man who runs the place one Dr. Jeremiah Arkham. The state police lend at hand to the Gotham City PD and team up to bring the situation under control. Just when they think they have things well in hand Bane drops a large cache of guns and ammo into Arkham.

   The inmates are breaking free along with all of Batman's other rouges. The Joker now takes Dr. Arkham and using some wire and a shotgun ties them together to make a cool noose. With the noose if Dr. Arkham bends down or moves in the just the tiniest way the shotgun will blast his head off. As Batman makes his way to Arkham he saves a group of orderlies from some deranged inmates and runs into The Jokers toying with Dr. Arkham.

  The Joker makes a break for it while Batman has just one chance to throw a Bat-A-Rang with rip the wire and keep it from blowing of Dr. Arkhams head. Of course the name of this book is Batman he succeeds in doing just that.  After Batman saves him Dr. Arkham is gibbering on and on about maddness. It seems that Dr. Arkham has lost his mind just like all of him inmates. With the walls of Arkham broken down and 95% of Batman is standing in the rouble and lets out a loud yell. Bane remarks that if he didn't want the Batman's blood so badly he might pity him.

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-Tash Moore

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