Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New York Comic Con 2011

This past weekend was New York Comic Con, held at the Jacob Javitz Center. The Verbal Mosh was there all four days checking things out.

I gotta say, I love coming in to the city. There's the best food, mix in tons of discounted comics, funny and informative panels= an awesome good time.

This was the first time NYCC spread out to four days. Normally, it had been Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. Thursday was a day for the press and professionals. We did a bit of browsing around. The really good panels weren't starting until the next day so we stayed up in the showroom area. We scored an awesome deal and were able to pick up a drawer box. Thursday was nice because the crowds weren't so large. It's great because you can actually check things out without having a ton of people jostling you this way and that. Aside from that, I can't say there was too much people missed out on if they couldn't get in on that day.

The rest of the weekend, the con was very much crowded. It's part of the excitement, though. Trying to be the first ones in to grab a bunch of free swag. We stopped by the DC booth but missed out on the Lego figures they were handing out. I grabbed a Previews comic from the Marvel booth. The Hulk story illustrated by Marc Silvestri is hilarious. The Hulk is one big, angry dude. In this story, the Hulk is talking about how he wishes he could dream more rather than smash stuff more. Y'see? Hilarious. It's not a familiar juxtaposition to have that character expressing himself more like he was a poet. I feel like it is trying to give more depth to the character, but in the end, the camp ground he's hanging out in gets attacked and he has to go back to dishing out some beatings anyway. So much for dreams. The Hulk is pulled back in to reality.

I had a good time watching the people get up and dance over at the Black Eyed Peas Experience and the Just Dance 3 stage. Deadpool got up to dance. Well... He got up to gyrate and fling himself about the stage, even completing the "worm" before he wound up injuring himself. There was the cutest little girl dressed like Batgirl. She looked like she was three or four years old. She loved dancing on the Just Dance stage. It was so adorable.

Some panels to note that were an excellent time were the Spider-Man panel, Breaking in to Comics the Marvel Way, DC All Access: Meet the Publishers, and Marvel Cup O' Joe.

Now, I know when I first heard about what got printed in regards to Star Fire and Catwoman was shocking, but I'm getting a little tired of hearing about it because there are a lot of other strong, wonderful female characters in the DC universe. There's Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl, just to name a few. The DC universe is big and tries to reach a diverse audience, not everything is going to be to everyone's tastes. Y'know, not every girl goes to comic con with her breasts and/or ass hanging out of a skin tight costume.  People like to do and read different things. I wonder if the women who complain at these panels, walk up to other women in those types of costumes and tell them to put on more clothes...

We're still not even getting a clue to who that mysteriously cloaked and glowing woman is, who is popping up in the background to almost all of the 52 books at DC.

I, also, want to mention that I am looking forward to getting my hands on the new Zelda: Skyward Sword video game. I am happy the designers reduced the size of Link's alien eyes from Twilight Princess. The game looked difficult and fantastic, just the way I like it.

Best day of the convention was Sunday, for me. I was looking all around and finally, FINALLY, found a copy of Marvel's Jane Austen's Emma. I always have the most difficult time finding the books that I like so I was super jazzed to find it and at 50% off, too. Tash and I reconnected and connected with people we know. I met up with a bunch of wonderful editors I know. Tash caught up with Sterling Gates, who was a really nice guy. I was not bored at all, Sterling. I was tired from all the standing and walking around, being on the fourth day of the convention, but I was not bored by you.

This year we attended San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con. People I tell always ask me which convention do I prefer.

New York Comic Con, hands down, all the way.

The crowds give off a vibe that is just so electric and it always makes me look forward to next year's convention.


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