Monday, November 7, 2011

The Comings And Goings At Marvel Comics

  Lots of things going on at the House of Ideas. Some good and some bad. I just wanted to take a look a some of the topics that have been out there on the interweb for awhile.

1. There have been lay offs at Marvel, which as you know is never a good thing. It seems that some truly talented people have been let go and that's a shame. Turns out that Iron Man Editor Alejandro Arbona is one of them. I can tell you right now that the quality of that book will drop. Well unless they somehow over work poor Steve Wacker into becoming the editor of the book.

2. Marvel has cancelled the Teen Victor Von Doom Mini Series by Nick Spencer and Becky Cloonan. This sucks because i was really looking forward to teenage Doom being a badass and causing mayhem in the mighty mavel manner. Nick Spencer has shown that he can handle teen characters, just read his Image series Morning Glories. I also really wanted to read this for the awesome art of Becky Cloonan. The more i think about it the more upset it makes me that i won't get to buy this book.

3. Now on to some good news. Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice will be launching a new Winter Soldier ongoing. Those who keep up with the Podcast know that i am a big fan of Bucky Cap. Now that Steve Rogers is back as Captain America that book seems a little bland. I think Brubaker had way more fun writing Bucky when he was Cap. I really enjoy Captain America and Bucky but i think this might be the break out hit of 2012.

-Tash Moore

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