Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday: Detective Comics #661

Knightfall Part 6
Knightfall Part 6
Writer:  Chuck Dixon
Penciller: Graham Nolan
Inker: Scott Hanna

  In part six of Knigfall Batman and Robin go up against the Firefly. Unlike most of Batman's rouges Firefly is not obsessed with the Dark Knight. The Firefly as you can tell just wants to rob places and then set them on fire. Batman and Robin come to a pier that Firefly has set fire to. Batman is not thinking and rushes headlong into the fight and almost gets killed. Thanks to the timely intervention by Robin is Batman saved.

   Robin tells Batman that he should not be running into fights without thinking. That's what Bane wants him to do. Robin reminds Batman that you have to have a clear mind when dealing with the crazies in Gotham. Robin does detective work to find out that Firefly and his sister were both in an orpanage when they were kids and potential  parents would come by and see them and lie about how they were going to take them to all the fun places in Gotham. Being lied to as a kid has turned Firefly as an adult into a nut case who's going to burn down and the amusement and tourist spots in the city.

   The Joker and Scarecrow continues to hold Mayor Krol as a hostage and makes him call the chief of the fire department. The fire chief gets all bend out of shape when Mayor Krol under the influence of Joker and Scarecrow tells him that he is going to be making cuts in the cities fie department. That leads the fire fighters to strike. Robins gives up his Intel on Firefly to Batman and both Batman and Firefly have a showdown at the old Gotham Majestic Theater. A fight breaks out and both hero and villain fall into a raging fire below them.

-Tash Moore

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