Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday; Detective Comics #662

Knightfall Part 8
Don't get burnt by Firefly
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Penciller: Graham Nolan
Inker: Scott Hanna

   In part eight of Knighfall Batman finally has a showdown with Firefly. Batman tracks him to the Gotham Zoo as this was the next target for Firefly to burn down. After a lengthy battle Batman put Firefly on ice. Trying to fly away Batman uses his bat rope to wrap around Fireflys ankle to ground him.After the fact Batman still knows that he has Bane to worry about down the road.

   While feeling dejected from not being able to help his mentor Robin broods in the bat cave. While using the giant monitor in the cave for TV purposes he stumbles across the Cassie Jose Rudolpho show. Which i am sure is a dig at the Sally Jesse Raphael show. The Riddler's gang has dumped him and now he has taken the whole studio audience hostage. He has dynamite attached to his body and threatening to blow everyone away. Robin sees this and springs into action.

   Robin makes it to the TV studio by crawling into a vent. He keeps The Riddler from blowing everyone sky high by using a paste that keeps The Riddler from ever hitting the detonator on his dynamite vest. The Gotham City Police Department burst in and put the cuffs on The Riddler. After that Robin gets his head handed to him by Harvey Bullock. Harvey gives Robin the riot act about what he did was wrong and how he could have killed everyone in the room. Harvey also tells Robin that he will tell Batman how badly the situation with The Riddler went.

   Also the gang that kicked The Riddler to the curb decides that they are going to steal blank money order, some cash and stamps. The gang make it into the Gotham Post Office but on the way they get beaten down by The Huntress.

Next- Batman # 496

-Tash Moore

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