Saturday, December 3, 2011

Best of the Best: George Perez's Superman

I love comic books. Anybody who really knows me can tell you that. One comic that i really am enjoying from the New 52 is Superman. When i first heard about this book i was a little upset about the creative team. I felt like the time and place for the artwork and writing of George Perez was out of place and out of touch with today's comics.Boy was i wrong.

This is one of the best comic books out there today. The reason why is that this is a throwback to when comics were full of story with lots of pages and dialogue and plot points. These days most comic book writers do what they can to stretch a story out that could be told in two or three issues and pad it out to six issues. I remember a time when comics were really done in one. George Perez's Superman is in a way that type of comic.

His work on Wonder Woman has shown that he can write and his Superman work looks and feels like a early 1980 book. It has a done on one story yet it also has an ongoing plot thread. Where all these aliens keep showing up in Metropolis and they speak a strange language. It's not one that Superman fully understands but he does know that they manage to sneak the word Kryption when talking to the Man Of Steel.

The art is great. When i first saw the re-designed Superman costume i was like "What the hell is that?" But the more i really looked at the cover for the first issue i started to really dig it. To be honest George is an old pro and his covers do a great job of selling the comic, which that's what the cover is there for. His cover pack a lot of punch and have a great deal of action in them.

While the covers and writing is top notch George Perez continues to pull his weight with the breakdowns on the inside. The very talented Jesus Merino provides the full pencils. I also enjoy the new take on the Daily Planet and how it's now part of this major conglomerate which Lois Lane is at the head of. I like how Clark as being an alien does tend to keep his distance from most people. Also i love how Jimmy Olsen is no longer a goober with a watch that calls Superman to his side like a total bitch.

All in all this is a face comic and i am more than happy to spend $2.99 on it. But like all good things this run will only last until issue #6. So I'm going to enjoy this ride for as long as i can.

-Tash Moore

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  1. Totally and completely agree. I see a lot of people hating on Perez's writing in the book, but I guarantee people will look back on this (sadly) brief run someday and realize how well done it really is.