Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Knightfall Tuesday: Detective Comics #663

Knightfall Part 10
No Rest For The Wicked.
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Penciller: Graham Nolan
Inker: Scott Hanna

  Part 10 of Knighfall leaves up with Batman and Mayor Krol escaping being trapped in an underground tunnel that was filling with water. Using the last of his strength Batman knocks out the Mayor with a sleeping gas. Using his cape to wrap air around the Mayor Batman swims to a service entrance and leaves the Mayor with the Gotham City Police Department. Krol is impressed with Batman and his never say die attitude. Once a staunch opponent of the Batman he becomes a very strong supporter.

 Batman hits to rooftops to catch some much needed rest. Batman notices how some of the birds on the rooftop are startled by a falcon. He remembers that Robin told him that one of Bane's men is a falconer. Batman is then attacked by Trogg, the strongman of Bane's group. Trogg puts Batman in a bear hug that breaks one of Batman's rib. Batman is about to douse Trogg in a gas that knocks him out cold.

  Next Batman comes face to face with Zombie. Zombie is a mater at throwing knifes with great accuracy.
Batman spends sometime dodging Zombies blades and with a little help from taking off his cape and cowl is able to trick Zombie and trip him up. Falcon is the last to confront Batman and Falcon holds his own against The Dark Knight. Batman makes a big baby face like come back and beats Falcon and calls the police to arrest them.

  Feeling bruised and run downed Batman heads back to the Batcave. He is so dead tired that he can barley remember the ride back. In the cave he throws on a robe then heads upstairs to Wayne Manor. Inside the house he finds Alfred in a bloody mess and Bane standing over him. Shit just got real folks.

Next Batman #497

-Tash Moore


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