Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tash's Pick of the Week: Daredevil #21

Written By Mark Waid
Drawn By Chris Samnee

Oh, Mark Waid you sure know how to write one hell of a comic book. It's almost like he has some idea of what he's doing. Some of you other writers need to take note of this (me too). The Man Without Fear goes one on one with Coyote. Turns out of mater mind behind the problems in DD is responsible for everything wrong in Daredevils life. This guy is took out the Spot and used him to turn some no good run of the mill drug runner into the Coyote. He had Coyote take Matt's ex wife Milla from her observation cell and puts her in Matt's apartment in an attempt to make him think he is crazy.

Coyote has also been using the stolen powers of to taken illegal immigrants and use them in a drug smuggling operation. Which I'll tip my hat to Mr. Waid is a very cool idea. Daredevil gets his head back on to his body, (See Daredevil #19-#20) and frees the Spot. When DD pumps Coyote for info on who's pulling the strings (Walt Disney?) he stops short of the big reveal. Coyote is then taken away by a very angry Spot. (you wouldn't like him when he's angry!)

One part they threw me for a loop is that when Matt and the other people who were held hostages by Coyote break free from his underground prison it turns of to be in Arizona. DD used his Avengers card to get a ride home. Is it me or does it seem like that's pretty much all that damn card is good for at this point. Matt's been using the damn thing like a cheap ass bus pass. ( Hey, that rhymed.)

Back in New York Matt and Foggy have it out. Matt gives the details that you read in this issue to Foggy. Matt is clearly upset that Foggy ran like a little sissy boy to Kirsten McDuffie about Matt needing help as he might have gone off the deep end. Foggy is such a wuss. You'd think that after all the things that have happened to he and Matt that he would have just kept his dang fool mouth shut. It looks like Matt and Foggy are done as friends. Well at least until the next reboot.

Kirsten McDuffie meets up with the Web swinger and tells her how Matt aka I'm not really the Man Without Fear Murdock maybe be freaking crazy. Spider-Man tells her not to have any worries because he will find Daredevil.........and crush him. Turns out that this Spider-Man isn't the Amazing one but the new Superior one. When the hell did Superior in turn mean evil. Hmm i must have fallen asleep at my PC again. Big props got to artist Chris Samnee. Not only is an amazing storyteller but his facial expressions had me falling over in a heap. When McDuffie is explaining the situation with Spider-Man and he says he'll crush him, her face does a total 180. It's really awesome stuff.

I really just love how this book has taken on a real lighthearted approach. You know instead of trying to give us the 50th version of the same Frank Miller stories from the 1980's. Bendis I'm looking at you, kid. Well that's all i got for you this week. Enjoy the whole Jesus wuz here day and read some comics.

-Tash Moore

The Verbal Mosh Episode 198

We at the Verbal Mosh think what happened a week ago at Sandy Hook elementary school was an absolute tragedy... beyond words. Our thoughts and condolences go to the families and friends there now.
This week on The Verbal Mosh we talk about Wonder Woman #15, Supergirl #15, Nightwing #15, Green Lantern #15, Hellblazer #298, Thief of Thieves #11, All New X-Men #4, FF #2, Captain America #2, Indestructible Hulk #2, Thor God of Thunder #3, and Wolverine and the X-Men #22.
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Batman and Robin #15

Batman and Robin #15
Peter J. Tomasi
Patrick Gleason
Mick Gray

This was freaking awesome! Patrick Gleason's artwork with Mick Gray's inks are so wonderfully grotesque, expressive and beautiful. Joker looks scarier here than he does in any of the other "Death of the Family" tie-ins that I've seen. His face is literally upside down for a chunk of the story. It's so disgusting. But he's so purely psychotic. It's something amusing for him that he can literally "turn his frown upside down."

Joker is come face to face with Damian in this issue. Joker wants to play his games, like convincing the cult they needed to eat Damian in the previous issue. I see this issue as the two of them sizing each other up a lot. Damian doesn't look like he's going to get to fight the Joker really head on as the issue ends with what appears to be Batman dosed with Joker's toxic laughing gas there to confront the little boy wonder. It could be something very difficult to deal with psychologically with Bruce being Damian's father. Which would play into the idea that Joker knew who everyone was underneath the masks. Damian is such an emotionally toughened character, though. I can't see him flipping out like Batgirl when she kept remembering the Joker shooting her in her home with his sunglasses and hawaiian t-shirt.

I loved the details in the artwork. Though the storytelling and dialogue is nice and fluid and I like the pacing of how everything is unfolding, the details, the maggots and the filth are all almost decadent the way they are drawn. It ups the intensity of the story.

I liked reading this issue much more than I did the main Batman title. There was the perfect amount of action. Damian didn't talk an exorbitant amount. It was very good. I root for Damian's character because even though he is highly trained at combat, etc. he is also still just a little boy.


Comics Review: Avengers Arena #1

Written by: Dennis Hopeless
Art by: Kev Walker
    Possibly the most interesting #1 I've read in the entire Marvel NOW! project thingy. An obvious, but non offensive, bite off the Japanese movie Battle Royale. And for you younger kids out there, The Hunger Games. This pits youngsters from both the Avengers Academy against one another in a kill or be kill game hosted by the cynical Arcade in his fun playland of Murder World. The issue opens up on day 29, Hazmat is running, hurt, through a jungle of some sort. She's talking about how her whole life, she's been a hater. First one to point out the crappiest crap in every one and every thing. As she realized she may finally be putting an end to her Haterade thirst, X-23 leaps at her. A sick ass blast to her face and all that's left is a breathing, melting, regenerating pissed off skeleton. The fried half a corpse lunges at Hazmat and stabs her threw the shoulders. Radiation coming off Hazmat burns X-23 more. Both screaming from the burning, and the stab wounds. Hazmat accepts her death, settling because "there are worse things." Now it wasn't shown that she exactly dies, and we'll find out what happens in a later issue. Cut back to Day 1, we've got Hazmat and Mettle in bed together. After some more than likely honking, they're just going through the normal bedtime talk. She's feeling normal against thanks to Mettle, or the fact that her radiation doesn't really affect him. Cute little moment where he tells her that they're doing so good. So normal, aaaaaaaand then it all goes to hell.
    Next, we find all 16 kids floating in about some kind of lava pit, sleeping. Then, all woken up at once by the words of a maniac. That maniac makes his appearance to the kids, in a very badass way I might add. A bubble floats up from inside the lava holding Carrot Top, I mean Arcade inside. The bubble pops, and he lands on a newly made floor. I gotta learn how to do that, he's the Ginger Jesus. Admitting his failure by example of his "death-trap-to-dead-super hero". He decides he's going to try a new game instead of big elaborate death traps for heroes. Anything they need, food, water, they have to fight for. He let's them know that at the end of the 30th day, there will only be one left standing. And with a snap of his fingers, the newly graduated Avengers are dropped from their floating prison. So naturally, like anyone would do, some of the kids attack Arcade. He makes short quick work of them. Even launching Hazmat miles away with some Haduken looking blast. Some more kids attack and he quickly gives them the "Eff You Gumby" treatment.
    This is where it gets a little twisted, Arcade tells the kids that he's not going to MAKE them kill each other. He can't technically make them do anything, but he's leave them with such hellish conditions that they'll be forced to. To reach levels that they never thought they could. Very Saw-esque. Assuring them that not all are rutheless killers, some or just cowards, and liars. Maybe even one true hero. We cut over to Mettle coming to check on Hazmat. This panel shows him walking through snow, this tells us that the world Arcade has set up has some elementally inspired areas. That's a pretty cool new idea that wasn't in the Battle Royale movie, but I wouldn't know about Hunger Games cuse well, I didn't watch it. Arcade then offers to spark the killing and committ the first murder. Except he's gonna have the kids pick who he kills. Asks them who among them is the weakest link. One out of the 16. Hazmat isn't taking this guy seriously at all. She wants to go back and finish the fight. Mettle on the other hand. Doesn't exactly agree with her. He says he doesn't care about the other 14, as long as Arcade isn't hurting her, Mettle will be fine.
    Hazmat comes back and gives Arcade a nice big ol' blast from behind. With all her teenage quirkyness telling him to shut up. This sets him off a bit, enough to announce that he's found a winner. With some kind of Jedi mind trick, Arcade raises Hazmat into the air and starts draining her life bars. None of the other students do anything to help her. None making any moves towards Arcade. None trying to save her life. Then, from the cool looking lighting that's oddly set up in this bright red lave place comes Mettle. Telling Arcade he's in fact the weakest link. Obviously not, but anything to help his girlfriend. They share one last stare, everyone knowing what's to come next. Everyone but me, didn't think Arcade would full on blow Mettle up from the inside out. He Frieza'ed the ISH out of Mettle. Exploding bits of red guy flying everywhere, the blood splattered Hazmat watches in shock at where her beloved boyfriend used to be. Arcade leaves the scene with one last bone chilling line. "Oh, I always forget...welcome to Murder World." And what a welcome.
    I'm VERY stoked to see where this title is going to end up. Bringing out that inner animal (and for some, outter) for these kids. Its gonna be extreme, especially if its anything like the movie its based off of. Hopeless writes a powerful script and Walker portrays that story just as strong. To all the readers out there, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Anythingelseyoucelebrate and a very Happy New Year. Here's to hoping we make it to Saturday!!!
Life's a game, kid. You're either playing it or you're losing it. - Arcade

-Matt Milanes

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 197

3 episodes away until our 200th episode!!!!!!
On this week's episode of The Verbal Mosh, we review: Before Watchmen Rorschach #3, Before Watchmen Dr. Manhattan #3, Winter Soldier #13, Conan the Barbarian #11, Superboy #15, Batman #15, Batgirl #15, Fantastic Four #2, Iron Man #4, and Scarlet Spider #12. Check out all the Nonsense here or on our Facebook page.
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tash's Pick of the Week: Amazing Spider-Man #699

Outside The Box
Written By Dan Slott
Pencils By Humberto Ramos
Inks By Victor Olazaba

Again, what can I say other than this is just an amazing (pun intended) comic book. Peter Parker is trapped inside the dying body of Doc Ock and now we get an idea of how it happened. This whole issue focused on Peter stuck in Doc Ock's body and trying to figure out how the switch happened. I knew Dan Slott would have a really good reason for the how this thing went down. Turns out during the whole "Ends Of The Earth" Spidey wore a helmet that went toe to toe with Ock and his ability to control the giant lens that was gonna cause the death of everyone on earth.

Ock has a direct link to Spider-Man's mind the whole time and lets him sneak in and steal his body. Spidey is stuck in the dying husk of Doctor Octopus and learns that he also has all of Ock's memories. Even that really creepy one where Ock and Aunt May have a little pre-marital sex before he tried to marry her to take over her nuclear plant that she had inherited. (Don't ask me man, Marv Wolfman wrote it.) Peter does his best to push that out of his mind. Hell I would too.

Peter (still in Ock's body) uses his new found mental powers to use the small Octobots around the city to call Sandman, Scorpion and the Trapster (he'll always be Paste Pot Pete to me.) The three bad guys break Spidey in Ock's body out. Now that's he's free Spidey Ock wants his real body back.

What really had me laughing is the part where Pete is blocking out the whole sex with Aunt May. Man that had to be creepy. Also the irony was not lost on our web-head that he had to be broken out by the bad guys here. Also The Trapster is pretty damn clever if I do say so myself. There was also a cool part in here were they have the Lizard locked up and he's totally fine. Seems like the cure that was given to him has cured him of being evil. But he's stuck in the form of The Lizard and he knows all the awful things that he's done. So he feels like he needs to be punished for his deeds and stay locked up in the Raft.

So this had just been a fun comic book to read. I love that Ock is running around in Spider-Man's body and Spidey has to somehow figure how to fix it all. And while being stuck in the dying body of Doc Ock. I mean it's just really awesome stuff and I don't know just how the hell can Dan Slott come up with all this stuff and not screw up. It's almost like he knows what he's doing. But my thumb is totally up.

-Tash Moore

Comics Review: Avengers #1

Avengers #1
Marvel NOW! continues its hard hitting big name title relaunch with The Avengers!!! *crowd goes wild* I had some mixed feelings going into this book, naturally the first being "ZOMG ITS THE AVENGUUURS YOU JUST HAVE TO BUY IT CUSE ITS DEM!" Others being more calmed and normal. I thought this was going to be an ego boosting intro issue where a background voice was going to talk about how amazing the team has been since its beginning's and how awesome its going to be in future days, and I was wrong. In the best way to be wrong =D First off, we'll start with the cover page, its an awesome floor show of some iconic Avengers, new and old, walking forward. We got the leader of the pack, Captain America fearlessly walking toward any threat in his way, and creepily looking down at us. Wolverine, Hulk, Captain Marvel, a leg at the top right. A great cover by Dustin Weaver, and its part of a three issue connecting image, which is something Marvel's done already with All New X-Men (see review from two weeks ago!...Now I feel like an editor!) Okay, enough about that. Now let's crack this book open and get to this review!
    So I was almost right about the background voice gassing up The Avengers, theres just a voice. "There was nothing...Followed by everything." The voice opens with that, then talking about life-giving suns, and how a "we" raced to the light. The voice says that there was a telling of a legend and some rumored starting points of this telling. But AHA they were all wrong, it happened before the light, before the war, and before the fall. Great panels here of Hawkeye and Thor shielding their eyes from a bright light, a bunch of spaceships, and what looks like a bunch of dead Iron Men. We're then told "it" started with two men, on a panel of Tony Stark (2 guesses at who those two men are!) He's at a workstation probably somewhere hidden deep in his own basement looking a big ol' screen with a nice big ol' A on it. He wakes up Steve Rogers from his own sleep since Tony can't sleep. Cap's was having an odd nightmare about the Illuminati branch of the Avengers from a while back. Specifically Reed Richards, Namor, Black Bolt, and the Black Panther. As to why, the world may never now O_O. Next comes a touching walk with Tony and Steve. Tony's telling Steve how he's got this burning idea in his head BECAUSE of Steve, just like the day Steve was found. Awwwww ^_^ The simple idea being "We have to get bigger."
    Cut to planet Mars one month after this Steve-Tony conversation. We got this awesome looking yellow demon looking type thing. He's got two horns coming out the side of his face, his right one longer than the left. A big Omega symbol on his chest. He's turning the red planet Mars into a jungle with planets, leafs, trees, flowers. Seems like a great idea on paper. Not so much a little later. There's also a cyborg being there with this yellow man. His name is Aleph, he's giving Mr. Yellow (sue me Tarantino) a warning about razing the planet. We now learn the yellow man's name, Ex Nihilo. You miss the point, Ex Nihilo tells Aleph, he's sending origin BOMBS toward Earth, not fire. Cuse, you know, THOSE are so much better for us. Ex Nihilo wants to build worlds, full of happy life and nourishment, not destroy them. I've heard that before, only just EVERYWHERE. This weirdo's even got actual human looking life forms inside these bubble holder things. Aleph ain't buying it, still thinks Ex Nihilo's razing the world. A third voice tells Ex Nihilo that he's wasting his time trying to convince Aleph otherwise. His eye will not be averted. This woman's name is Abyss, and Ex Nihilo asks her what she sees. She says she sees things for how they are, the "men" on the planet Ex Nihilo is sending the bombs to are clever animals (Thanks!). We've learned to make tools, and we threaten everything because we have taught ourselves to be dangerous. She actually suggests that we shouldn't be spared in any way. Well, that kinda sucks for us. She even seens that we've sent our best to Mars to stop them, Aleph detects it, calls us apes. Great =/
    Next page has got The Avengers in a ship of sorts, blowing up that last origin bomb that was on its way to Earth. Well, Hawkeye to be exact. Cap's a bit confused by the vegetation on Mars, Iron Man's impressed, Thor's a bit jealous I'd say. Bruce don't have much to say, he just wants to Hulk out and put in work. There's a shot of him and it uncomfortably looks like an ape but we'll look beyond that. A huge fight ensues between the Avengers lineup of Cap, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Black Widow (since I guess the movie lineup is the official one now?). Against Ex Nihilo, Aleph, and Abyss on planet Mars. Hulk immediately gets trapped in this nasty black bubble and we'll see what happens to him in there in a bit. Iron Man gets all tangled up in a bunch of weird living vines that's actually crushing his armor. Right as Yellow Man is about to finish off Shell Head, he gets a nice arrow to the neck. Its Hawkeye and Widow YAY, well they get dealt with quickly. Finally back in the bubble Abyss is whispering into Hulk's ear. She's putting some kind of mind numbing spell on him with her words. She convinces Hulk to attack Thor, saying he's the only one who thinks himself stronger than the Hulk.
    So now 5 of the 6 Avengers are assed out somewhere. And here comes the most likely and least likely at the same time to make a stand, Captain America (National Anthem playing in the back.). Launches his shield at Ex Nihilo and Abyss, smacking them both with the disk of metal. Now Aleph comes into the ring. Actually asking Cap to yield. Yeah, cuse he's gonna say yes. This results in a ground pounding from Aleph to Cap. After every hit, commanding Cap to stand down, and Cap never giving him the satisfaction he desires. Finally Ex Nihilo stops Aleph from potentially killing the Sentinal of Liberty. He decides to send Cap back to Earth, beaten and broken, as a message. An example. Showing the Earth how easily he and his crew took out the Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
    Skip to 3 days later. Steve gets up from his hospital bed and goes to Tony's workplace from the beginning of the issue. A narrating voice repeating the line from earlier "We have to get bigger." Not sure who is talking in the background, but they're talking about how simple it would be to get together a team. For the simple reason that it was Captain America asking you to. Saying the words that made the mission real "Assemble at dawn."and everyone within earshot coming together. The issue ends with an inspiring full page shot of Cap raising his shield, bandage still visible on his face, in front of a bunch of Avengers that only 2 or 3 most people would recognize. Assembling a new team to take to Mars and bust up some Martian rump!
    Definitely a good kick off issue. A lot more packed into here than I expected. And what a great ending! Makes me wanna watch the movie again, and skip till two weeks from now so I can see how this all continues! I can comfortably say this is one of my favorite series' so far from the Marvel NOW! project. Next issue, Thor gets center stage on the cover and I can't wait. Be back in a week with another one of my lengthy opinions on another wonderful 24 page book =D

-Matt Milanes

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 196

Yippeekaiyay! We're back for a new episode of The Verbal Mosh. We like to talk about comics... and Homer Simpson's recent goatee.
This week, we review: Before Watchmen Comedian #4, Invincible #98, Before Watchmen Minutemen #5, Action Comics #15, Animal Man #15, Swamp Thing #15, All New X-Men #3, and Iron Man #3. You can hear this new episode right here and on our Facebook page.
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Friday, December 7, 2012

Comics Review: All New X-Men #2

All New X-Men #2
written by Brian Michael Bendis
pencils by Stuart Immonen


How old is Kitty Pryde?!!!!!
"Potty" is something a toddler talks about. Not a grown woman. She could have said: bathroom, restroom, toilet, etc, but no. She thinks Beast is going "potty."

Wow. That was all in first page of this issue. Things can only go up from here.

As seen in the last issue, Beast has travelled back in time so he can recruit the help of the original X-Men team. Beast is dying. He wants Cyclops to come back and talk some sense into Cyclops of the future. There's a lot of info for the old X-Men to take in. The fact that Jean is dead. Cyclops is trying to start a mutant apocalypse. Scott killed Professor X. Not to mention how radically mutants have mutated. It's all a bit disconcerting. The old team decides to take a leap of faith, though, and agree to go forward in time with Beast. Beast is deteriorating so quickly. The current X-Men are there to monitor his condition and the old X-Men have taken the jet so that they can find Cyclops and see for their own eyes what has become of him and maybe put a stop to his revolution.

The art is lovely. I like the coloring by Marte Gracia and the inking by Wade Von Grawbadger. They compliment the storytelling. There's not a lot of action in this issue. It's lots of talking and setting the stage for what I'm sure will be an interesting confrontation of the two Cyclopses... Heheh..."Biclops."

Hopefully that is the last we hear of going "potty." Because Wolverine and all the kids are back in classes at the Jean Grey School, it makes me think about the Wolverine and the X-Men series where the teachers are under the control of Frankenstein's monster. Continuity? Who cares about continuity?


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Comics Review: Superman Family Adventures #7

Superman Family Adventures #7
By Art Baltazar and Franco

"Attack of the Toyman!"

This is yet another fun issue by the brilliant team of Art and Franco. I've been enjoying the running gag on the first page of each issue where there's usually some kind of meteorite heading to Earth... more specifically Metropolis. This time around it's a snowball that is colliding down and it's headed right for Beast Boy's head. Starfire, Superboy, Supergirl and Beast Boy are playing in the snow outside of the Fortress of Solitude. They're goofing around which sets up Superboy needing to stop playing because he has a loose tooth. Who knew that happened to Kryptonians, especially on Earth. What with all the powers they get from the sun that make them so "super", it's kinda weird yet also funny to see it happen.

Supergirl is going to throw a tooth fairy party, as is customary. There is an over-abundance of toys that mysteriously show up. These are left by the Toyman as a plot to attack Superman.

Toyman has an awesome laugh. I love it when villains laugh in comics and it's not just the typical "ha ha ha" kind of laugh but something with a little personality. It always makes me laugh.

Toyman wants revenge because Superman embarrassed him at the toy store. In one way you could see it as Superman being a loud mouthed jerk who doesn't know how to mind his own business. In another way, you could see Superman as sincerely wanting to help Toyman with his toy, but there's something just a little smug about Superman's expression.

Toyman's plan doesn't really work out. He gets put in jail but, once again, there's Lex Luthor, ever the criminal mastermind, ready to stir things up as the issue ends with him handing Toyman a small piece of Kryptonite to use in his toys.

There was also a little robot bug that sent out a beacon to some strange beings in space who are looking for the Superman Family.

There's a lot to love about this book. Batcow makes a guest appearance! And she says "moo."
What more could you ask for?


Comics Review: Talon #2

First Strike
Written By Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV (sounds fancy)
Art By Juan Jose Ryp (sounds ethnic)

Scott Snyder continues to expand on the world of Batman with the second issue of Talon. Which really is the third issue since it all started with #0. Wait, nobody really cares what I think. Hey, don't blame me. Blame basic math. Ahem, on to the review. Calvin Rose is the only person to get away from the evil Court of Owls. You know for a group of guys who are super evil you'd think that they'd come up with a better name for themselves.

Calvin makes a pact with a man named Sebastian Clark to topple the Court. Calvin goes to to a place hidden in Gotham named Eden. The Court has a great deal of priceless artifacts stashed in Eden. Calvin does a great job of getting into the building unnoticed by the regular guards. Once inside Eden is when things get really interesting.

There is a Talon guarding Eden. But this Talon has a really cool back story. He's the son of the man who created Eden. He ran away as a small boy and joined the circus. Man and I the only one to notice that kids who join the circus end up getting a shit deal? Yay mommy and me are in the circus!!! Aw man, now she's dead. Now I gotta live with this rich old white dude who never seems to have a girlfriend. This can only end badly. Anyway the son of the guy who created Eden is turned into a Talon for running away. He could have just given him a spanking.

Calvin plants some explosives around Eden while getting into a really cool few pages of fighting with the Talon. Calvin steals a solid gold mask that Sebastian wanted and leaves blowing the place up. The Talon won't leave because it's a place that his father built and he won't leave behind his dad's legacy a second time. The Talon is then covered from head to toe in melting gold from the ceiling of Eden.

The ending was really exciting to read. The Court now decides to handle Calvin ASAP. So they enter the tomb of the unworthy. The Court wakes up a Talon named The Gotham Butcher. He's a Talon from the 1860's who went into business for himself and just started killing for the fun of it. The Court wakes him up and sends him after Calvin.

This issue was good. Not great. The tale was largely forgettable with the exception of The Gotham Butcher. I really wanna see how this guy gets taken down. I mean the book IS called Talon. So don't expect the hero to get killed anytime soon. But I do expect him to run around naked for a bit. (See Talon #1)

-Tash Moore

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: The Flash #14

The Flash #14
Written by: Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato
Art by: Francis Manapul

Thank goodness someone finally remembered Iris!!!!!!!
I was beginning to think no one gave a damn about her. Not married to Flash? Okay. Let's kill her off or lose her.

Iris' brother shows up and realizes his sister is missing so he's gonna try to find her. It was weird because he seemed randomly pushed into the story because there needed to be SOMEONE who was close to Iris who would care that she's been missing for: how long already?
The main plot of this issue follows a big fight scene between Flash and Gorilla Grodd, as the cover nicely points out. Grodd is a very beefed up gorilla, thanks in part to him absorbing some of the Speed Force in the last issue. He was dangerous enough but now he's super fast as well. The Rogues are still there, too, fighting the gorillas as they try to take over the city. It was awesome to see that moment when Flash goes to punch Grodd and his costume cracks and begins to fall apart from the point of impact. It nicely illustrated Flash's vulnerability. Turbine had revealed to Patty Spivot that Barry Allen isn't dead and he knows who can help them find him, so they're going to look for this person amidst the gorilla invasion. Super-heroes need their dual identities to make life more complicated and interesting. A lot of these guys try to kill off their civilian personas but they all come back 'round again. Their identities make them human with the fact that they have to tackle these seemingly banal problems along with saving people/the world type stuff.

This issue was awesome to read. Not something you can pick up and follow easily without having read the previous 13 issues, I think. There's so much going on and a lot of it that are fragments of the larger picture. The art is fantastic as always and so is the storytelling.

What won me over for this issue is that someone, SOMEONE finally cared that Iris went missing, as I wondered why no one cared about her from the moment after her disappearance. I look forward to seeing how the creative team pulls her story back into the main plot.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Comics Review: Uncanny Avengers #2

Written By Rick Remender
Drawn By John Cassaday

I think way too many comics now follow the same formula. They can kinda get bland with no real new ideas, just rehashes of stories that come before. I'm pleased as punch to say that Uncanny Avengers is not one of those comic books. It's got some really crazy ass ideas going on and I think that's largely from writer Rick Remender. Remender took the Red Skull and made him even creepier than before. The Red Skull is back and he doesn't just want to kill Captain America (you know he so totally wants to) but to unite the world. But you know they'll be under his rule. When you think about it, it's not that bad of an idea. Oh wait.

Red Skull has captured Rogue and the Scarlet Witch. Rogue is someone the Red Skull could really care less about. It was cool to see how Red Skull really does hate mutants. I mean this guy hates them with everything he's got. His plan is pretty damn diabolical. Red Skully here has stolen the body of Professor X and combined it with his own. It's very scary to know that the brain of once the world's greatest telepath is now added to the mind of a great evil like the Red Skull.  The first thing the Skull does is to try and use Prof. X's power to make Wanda say yet again "No More Mutants."

Rogue breaks free and she runs into the Scarlet Witch. Scarlet Witch (still being influenced by Red Skull) tries to kill Rogue. Rogue using her handy dandy Mutant powers to steal Wanda's chaos magic powers. Scarlet Witch then comes to her senses and teams up with Rogue.

But wait there's more. Wolverine gets all sentimental and talks about how people are getting scared because the Mutants are back. But Captain America tells Wolverine that Havok leading this team people might start to see Mutants in a different light. It did feel very forced where a guy who was saved by The Uncanny Avengers tells Havok that he only thinks of him as a hero and not a filthy mutant. Hey, it almost seems like somebody wrote it that way. Hmm, I'll have to look into this. The story is pretty damn cool and the art by John Cassaday is just mind blowing. I know that he won't be able to keep up this type of monthly book (see Planetary) but it fits the story and it has a wide screen action movie feel. Go buy it and enjoy.

-Tash Moore

The Verbal Mosh Episode 195

On this week's episode of The Verbal Mosh, we discuss:
Morning Glories #23, Before Watchmen Silk Spectre #4 (Woah, it's the last issue), Chew #30, Before Watchmen Ozymandias #4, Aquaman #14, Superman #14, Thor God of Thunder #2, and FF #1. You can check the episode out for free on our Facebook page or you can also hear it right here.
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Friday, November 30, 2012

Tash's Pick of the Week: Amazing Spider-Man #698

Day In The Life
Written By Dan "The Man" Slott
Drawn By "Raunchy" Richard Elson

I love comics, I also love comics that have an awesome twist to them. While i did wait and i did stay away from the interwebs, i was totally caught off guard for what happened in this issue of Amazing. So the story starts of with our hero the Amazing Spider-Man (it's in the title people) getting for a normal day. I day that involves stopping robberies and designing new hi tech gizmo's that most (99%) can only dream about. I got a really good feeling seeing this go so well for Spidey.

Peter meets with his boss Max Modell and tells him that he has a new invention that will blow anything he's ever made out of the water. I like that Pete had confidence in himself was making just about everything he did end on a very positive note. He even went up to Mary Jane and put the moves on her. Hey, us fans from the 1990's did in fact enjoy a married Spider-Man ( i also loved Ben Reilly, so that shows how much i really know) Peter is tired of never taking life by the horns so he steps up to the plate. He and MJ even go to visit Aunt May in the hospital.

This is all touching and whatnot, but Peters duties as Spider-Man takes front and center. He gets a distress call from the other Avengers to meet with them at the raft. Nice touch for Slott to have Spidey say "What? Is there another breakout?". It's really just a cool little inside joke as to how Spider-Man joined up with the Avengers in the first place (See New Avengers #1.) Spidey gets to the raft to find Doctor Octopus on his deathbed. Ock keeps repeating over and over Peter Parker. Spidey takes off his mask to give us the big reveal.

Somehow Doc Ock has switched bodies with our Web Swinger!!! I yelled out at the injustice of it all as Ock laughed and walked away as my hero bite the big one in a body not of his own. But i wasn't upset. I just wanted to read more and i hope that Peter can somehow find his way out of this and come back as Spider-Man. But I'll say this was so well written i got no complaints whatsoever. It really felt like a throw back to the era of Lee and Romita and you really didn't know just what the hell was going to happen next. I'm hooked and just like and junkie i damn sure need more.

-Tash Moore

Comics Review:Indestrucible Hulk #1

Indestrucible Hulk Numbero 1
Written by: Mark Waid
Art by: Leinil Yu
    First off, Happy late Thanksgiving to the readers. Hope you all had some good food, read some good books, and had a safe holiday. To the fellow retail workers out there as I, stay strong, we'll make it through this season! And now, le review.
    Marvel continues their MARVEL NOW! campaign with this smashing new book. See what I did there? =] The Indestrucible Hulk! Which is another Hulk book and he has a low cut now, instead of that awkward for everyone baldy. It opens up in a small diner in Manchester Alabama, where S.H.I.E.L.D. director Maria Hill, with her frustration level one point higher than the town's population, is trying to track down this massive green rage monster booger man. She's IM'ing Agent Coulson following any lead she can. Tremor's in Brazil, hurricanes outside Kyoto. Anything that could be the Hulk making a mess. She desperately tells him that she needs to find Hulk before he ends up hurting people and how Banner'll never come and find them. And perfectly at that moment, Banner shows up behind Hill. She asks Banner where he's been and he tells her that he's been off thinking. He's not a child anymore, he's one of the smartest men on the planet and he pulls out this canister. Banner tells Hill that ever seen the accident, he's tried so hard to do nothing but get rid of the Hulk. Try and try and try he might, Banner let's her know that he's incurable. He flashes back to the Utopia battle at the end of AvX, and brings up that he, as Hulk was just a distraction for a "smart man" who was Tony Stark. Just talking about this upsets Banner. Stark, Richards, they use their brains and smarts to help the world over and over again and Banner would be lucky if his tombstone doesn't simply say "Hulk Smash". Which I don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't mind. And that's why I would be the wrong choice to hereld the Green Mean.
    How do we fix that? Asks Banner. First answer, manage the Hulk. Its something that can not be stopped, so instead of wasting time stopping it, might as well try to control it. Manage it. Second answer, start using Banner more productively. Which is a great idea, because everyone's just afraid of Banner because of the Hulk *sadface*. Bruce wants to start doing good for mankind, to balance out the scales. To prove what good he can do, Banner finally tells Hill what the canister is. Its a purification unit that can eliminate all waterborne diseases in the next five years if put into mass production. He promises to be able to break scientific ground like that at least once a week...IF he had the resources. And that's what Hill is for, he needs her to help him get in tight with S.H.I.E.L.D. and stop being hunted. He wants, a lab, privacy, a phat budget, and a good staff. In return, he spits out some sick ass science stuff. Yay science! Hill hints at another course of action. One that Banner already knows, she has one of the 12 agents scattered in town kill Bruce. So he shows her some incentive to treat him as a "pretty, pretty princess". Lucky =/. Hill calls it blackmail, Banner calls it insurance. Tomato-Tomahto.
    Now we talk about what the Hulk's role in S.H.I.E.L.D. will be. Banner tells Hill to stop thinking of the Hulk as a bomb, and start thinking of him as a cannon. Anxiety triggers the Hulk, and we live in anxious world. There's no stopping the Hulk from showing up and smashing the party, might as well use it. Banner says when he Hulk's out, it'll be S.H.I.E.L.D.'s job to point this new green cannon in the right direction. Let him break stuff, scream, yell, be scary, then collect when he's done. Simple right? Of course it is, it's only the Hulk. Banner suggests a trial run on a nearby guy who's supposedly building a W.M.D. Throughout the issue, Hill's been eyeing the clock on the wall. Banner notices this and guesses they have a 1:00pm strike time, which is a suicide run unless they're big, mean and green. Banner offers his services one last time, Hill responds with a whap to the head with a 2x4. I guess that means "yes" in comic book talk. The next page is in the bad guy's hideout. Doing some last minute checks, making sure all his little tweeks and such are all working. Alright, we're one step closer to destruction yay! And then there's a THOOM. Oh boy, THOOMS are never good.
    Turn the page and you get a whole two page spread of Hulk and a bunch of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents just so ready to eff stuff up. Bad guy activates his big robot looking guy thing conveniently as theres a big there to fight it back. The next couple pages are full of beautifully drawn and colors action. Bullets whizzing left and right, explosions going off up and down. Metal flying in all diagonal directions. This bad dude is called the Thinker and I'll give you 4 and a half guesses at what he does. As he's whopping the Hulk's green behind, he actually mocks him. "The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets." And well, that pisses Hulk off, rightfully so. It pushes Hulk to an incalculable level of strength and he rips Thinker's robot, with Thinker piloting it from inside, in half. And right when you think this issue can't possibly get any actionier, the bomb goes off. Hill and her troop of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents stand by as the building that Banner was just in goes into flames and a billion pieces. Somehow, luckily, Banner is alive under all that rubble. He barely pulls himself out and latches onto Hill. She hires Banner on the spot. She helps carry him off to get all the awesome S.H.I.E.L.D.ly paperwork done to make the Hulk and agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. The issue ends zooming in on Hill's green watch which is beeping.
    To everyone who thought this was just going to be another Hulk book where he's breaking stuff and yelling, WELL...you were half right. But there's so much more to this series and I can see that right off the first issue. Hulk is finally going to be a big important part of what's going on and not just as an awesome strong force. We're gonna see Banner playing a part as important as the Hulk. Seeing them both work together is going to something amazing to see, and with DareDevil writer Mark Waid working on this, we're in for an incredible treat. See what I did there too? =D

Matt Milanes

The Verbal Mosh Episode 194

Captain America, you sure do look like Hit-Girl.
This is episode 194 of The Verbal Mosh, comic book podcast.
On this week's episode, we talk about:
Justice League #14, Wonder Woman #14, Supergirl #14, Nightwing #14, Hellblazer #297, Indestructable Hulk #1, Iron Man #2, Captain America #1, Daredevil #20, and Wolverine and the X-Men #21. Yo can totally tune in to hear the show right here or on our Facebook page.
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Trade Central Station: Superman Earth One Vol. 2

To all our North American listeners, we hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We here at The Verbal Mosh are thankful to have you guys as fans, to entertain you with our wonderful nonsense.
This is the sequel to the original graphic novel Superman Earth 1.
Superman Earth 1 Volume 2 by J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis!
Superman fights gum disease! Not really. But listen to this episode to hear our review. You can check the review out here.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Thor God of Thunder #1

Thor, God of Thunder #1
writer: Jason Aaron
artist: Esad Ribic

Thonan, the adventurer!

Marvel Now starts here for Thor in God of Thunder #1. Right off the bat, I love the creative team working on this. I'm a big fan of Esad Ribic's painted work, but the interiors have colors by Dean White, who also does good work. And I enjoy Jason Aaron's work on Wolverine and the X-Men. So, it's all looking up so far.

Thor starts off this issue, acting like a god does: drinking and having many women. There are flashbacks to a moment where a body is discovered in the water with blood everywhere. That was a god and the question that everyone asks is: who is the god-killer? It plays into the present because that same monster is what Thor is now going to have to face.

There was a strange moment when Thor reminded me of Superman. A small child on a distant planet is crying out for help. Thor hears this cry and comes to the rescue. Kinda like Superman saving the people on Mars in that last issue of Action Comics. Well, after Thor saves everyone he starts thinking that it is peculiar for someone of this race on this planet to call out to him for help. He is not their god. These beings should have their own gods to pray to who can help them when times are tough and there's the mystery to find out what happened to the gods here. Thor only had half the women to be had. There's still that other half he can have. He needs to get through this, chop chop.

Upon searching the surrounding area, Thor finds the home to the gods but the place looks deserted. There is one room yet which unlike all the other rooms is chained shut, so this looks very shifty. Inside, there is only horror. Thor and these locked rooms. Remember, Thor, what happened the last time you entered a locked "room"? You let out the Mares! But inside this place, Thor sees all of the gods dead. This is just like the flashbacks. Who can kill a god? It was all very methodical, too. The gods weren't ripped to shreds or anything. There were tools used. It's all very disquieting. And then Thor gets attacked! But this is only the guard dog and worst yet seems to be in line for Thor as he will eventually face the god-killer.

It's back to exciting tales of Thor! He's not chasing after Loki's misdeeds or fretting over the confusing ways of Odin. Not yet anyway. This issue was fun. There was the perfect set-up to this new story-line and for Thor's general character, which makes it easier if new readers want to check out the book. I like how there wasn't any crazy new, drastic re-design of Thor like when the DC New 52 launched. The storytelling was really clear. The art was fantastic. There was a clear set-up to where the story would be heading, but there's plenty of room in there for twists and turns to spring up and I am looking forward to reading more of Thor.

Marvel. It's not coming soon. It's happening NOW! teehee.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Comics Review: All New X-Men #1

All New X-Men #1
  Writen by Brian Michael Bendis
  Pencils by Stewart Immonen
    This week a writer I've tried to follow since I got into comics about 10 years ago, went from being a praised Avenger writer to an X-Men writer. That's right kids, Brian Michael Bendis has crossed over the pond and is tackling another Marvel team of heroes, and if this issue is any indication of how his run with the X-Men is going to be, I can tell you we're in for one hell of a ride. Full of Bendis twists and WTF? moments like we all know, love, and some of us hate. The cover of this book is amazing. The artistic creative team that worked on the book itself, also did the cover. Immonen laying out the pencils, Wade Von Grawbadger (if that's not the coolest name ever, I don't know what is) putting down the inks, and Marte Garcia finishing it up with colors. Its a wrap around cover with the front showing Charles Xavier's original 5 X-Men: (left to right) Angel, Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Iceman and crouching on the bottom, Beast. On the back we have Scott Summer's rogue team of fugitive Mutants. Magik, Magneto, modern day Cyclops, Emma Frost, and...that guy. We'll meet him later in the book, JUST WATCH. So let's do a quick catch up for those who haven't been following Avengers vs X-Men these last couple months. Cyclops was in a prison, Magneto broke him out COOL lets move on!
    The issue opens up with Hank McCoy, Beast in his lab at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. His having some kind of mutation caused panic attack. Hank's going through "another...next-generation mutation." He feels this one may just cause his heart to rupture, or his brain will seize due to the stress of it. Short on time, he refuses to kill himself cuse well, suicide aint cool, kids! This scene ends with Storm calling Hank over to see something she's looking at.
    Next we travel all the way to the land down under, two teenage girls are at a club type of place. One nervous and doubtfull about why she's there, the other egging her on and encouraging her to talk to this boy. Girl A finally walking over to Boy 1 and starts a conversation. Something straight out of an 80's teen movie, its beautiful really. But then the meathead, shirtless (porque) older brother shows up and starts hassling Boy 1. A couple macho yells later, and the brother decks Boy 1. CRACK!!! Well, there must just be air in that juice head of his, because Boy 2-5 begin to jump the brother. Girl A is screaming for them to get off her brother and stop the violence. Yelling at the top of her lungs, we see a half spread of her now glowing white and casting a blueish tint over the area. She finally comes down from this to find everyone and everything around her frozen still. The boys jumping her brother, her friend. She begins to cry in confusion before (turn the page) Scott, Ema, and Magneto arrive on the scene. Cyclops introduces himself, tells her that she's not alone. New mutants are popping up all over the world. Kids like her gaining powers by the minute (See AvX #12). Magneto gives her a quick guesstimate of her power, saying she's got a special power over time and space. The team tells her that she's frozen about a city block, and there's law enforcement waiting outside the field to arrest her. Scott lays some BS on this poor girl about joining his team, and learning to control and use her powers. He says he's taking it upon himself to make things right for the wrongs he's committed. Yeah yeah, yada yada (can you tell I don't like Cyclops?) The next two pages are the girl lowering her field and the X-Men fighting off the cops to help her escape.
    Back to the school, Storm, Kitty and Iceman are watching all about this on the news. Iceman is completely baffled by Scott's behavior. He understands why old villains would be out there doing what they're doing, but he's shocked at Scott. We then cut to an interrogation room. HEY! Its that kid from the back cover! He's being interrogated by a female cop. She wants to know how in the blue hell he was able to bring back someone from the dead. She saw him touch his dead friend and she magically came back to life. (Hint, he's a mutant.) There's another crash and in come the X-Men again to rescue another new mutant in distress. Scott looks into a security camera, knowing they'd be playing all footage all over the news, and sends out a message to all new mutants emerging all over the country. He let's them know that they're owed every single right as normal humans, calling them brothers and sisters of the atom. He throws up his gang sign to end the message.
    Back to the Jean Grey School. Same team as before and outside heading toward a plane, discussing the scene just witnessed. Bobby wants to bring Scott down, now not as big a threat as he was just a couple months ago. Storm ain't having that, she refuses to ignite a "mutant civil war". Kitty brings it to light saying he's destroying everything they've been fighting for all this time. Every time he attacks a human to save a mutant, he's going against the peacefull image that Charles wanted to show. The page ends with a great panel of a dark shadowy Storm bringing in some rain. Very intimidating, I don't think she's going to be holding back much longer by the looks of things here. A quiet Hank commends Bobby for being right when he says a younger Scott would be appalled at new Scott and would slap him up a bit. The next couple pages have been featured in previews for the series. Its of Xavier's first team back in time. We find Scott writing Jean a nice little love letter when Hank comes bursting in, yelling about how he's had it with humans hating and forming against the mutants. Even sympathizing with Magneto for a second and ultimately quitting the team. Scott gets up from the desk following Hank out to try and talk him out of it. They get right out the door to the hallway to find...Beast. In all his beardly, hairly glory! Skipping introductions, past Hank tells the group that's him, or what will become of him. Things get real when Scott tries to call the Professor. Present Hank tells him that he knows Xavier will look down on him being there. Saying he'll erase everyone's memory and send present Hank home. The issue ends with present Hank asking the team to come back to the present with him. He needs past Scott to talk to present Scott, to talk him out of committing mutant genocide. AND FIN!
    Not a bad intro issue at all. The mind can't help but explode with possibilities for the next couple issues. Everyone having a separate agenda, what can happen when all of them cross into each other?! HOW long will the past X-Men stay in the present? CAN Storm's team possibly be able to put a peaceful end to Scott's run? WILL Scott be able to escape everyone and continue his search for new mutants to help (and by help I meant train and mold into a new army cuse Scott's evil and crazy and yeah...so NOW can you tell I don't like Scott?)? Find out next time on DragonBa......wait wrong thing, sorry. I'm excited for the next issue and especially where this series is gonna go. Good read, strong art. I hope its a lasting title! See you hooligans next week.

-Matt Milanes

The Verbal Mosh Episode 193

Who are we?
The Verbal Mosh.
This week on episode 193 we talk about time traveling, man-boobs, Bi-clops, martial arts and more as we discuss:
Invincible #97, Conan the Barbarian #10, Superboy #14, Batman #14, Batman and Robin #14, Batgirl #14, Thief of Thieves #10, All New X-Men #1, Fantastic Four #1, Amazing Spider-Man #697, and Wolverine and the X-Men #20. This new episode can be heard right here for free or on our Facebook page.
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