Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Knightfall Tuesday: Batman #499

The Venom Connection
Knightfall Part 17
Writer: Doug Moench
Penciller: Jim Aparo
Inker: Scott Hanna

Azbats is taking a bitch slap to Tough Tony telling him to get Bane in line for him. Azbats could care less about Tony's kids being held ransom by Bane. Robin seems worried about Azbats becoming more violent towards the criminals they are sworn to stop. But for some reason it's take awhile before Robin decides to tell Bruce that he may have made a mistake.

Azbats returns to the Batcave to find Bruce and Alfred there. Bruce fills in Azbats about Tim Drakes Dad and Shondra Kingsolving being taken hostage. Bruce learns that one of the gunmen has been vaccinated for Malaria. This leads him to give a call to oricale to trace the gunmen back to the island of Santa Prisca. (Home to Bane.) Bruce and Alfred leave the cave and everything in to Azbats as they get ready to track down Tim's dad and Dr. Kingsolvings.

Robin shows up at the cave to drop dime on Azbats only to find him in a deep trance and creating some freaky new gauntlets. Azbats says that his is sorry for the way he acted earlier with Tough Tony. He promises to work better with Robin to hold back the tide of crime in the city. Using his weird power called "The System" given to him by "The Order of St. Dumas" to help him in his quest to become the latest Azrael, he really spends the day bringing his strange looking gauntlets into creation.

Selina Kyle is trying to book a flight to Santa Prisca but can't seem to get a flight. She then learns that Bruce Wayne is using his private jet to go there as well in his search for Jack Drake and Shondra Kingsolvings. Selina sneaks on board after being tossed out when asking if she could catch a flight in the jet.

Bane learns of Jean Paul acting as Batman and vows to break him just like he did the original Batman. Bane sends his henchmen Zombi, Trogg and Bird to oversee the return of Tough Tony's kids and to take out the new Batman. When the exchange is going down Azbats jumps the gun and almost gets Tough Tony's kids killed. Azbats defeats Trogg, Zombi and Bird and swears that Bane falls next.

They story is action packed and has a great deal going on in the twenty two pages. Doug Moench again shines with his awesome dialog. Every word comes across as natural. I love the depth of Jim Aparo's Batman. Look at how freaking huge Azbat's hands are. Totally not a man you want to piss off or go up against in a bar fight. The cover by Kelley Jones is the real selling point for the book. Even if you aren't keeping up with the story the cover just makes you go "What the hell is going on in this Batman book?"

Next: Detective Comics #666

-Tash Moore

Monday, January 30, 2012

Trade Central Station: Strikeforce: Morituri Vol. 1 Part 1

Written By Peter B. Gillis
Art By Brent Anderson and Scott Williams

What an amazing comic. I had been waiting for this trade for what seemed like years. A story set in the future where humans are given awesome superpowers. But then they only have a life span of a year? Sign me up.
I got this trade last week and I read the first nine issue's and it's good. Watchmen good. Yep, I said it.

The story starts off by telling us of how a group of aliens called The Horde have been attacking the earth for the better part of four years. The Horde don't really attack the infrastructure of the planet because they really only know how to plunder.  The Horde take what they need and maybe kill a few humans for fun or to instill fear. They regard humans as nothing more than animals.

A group of humans are given a treatment called The Morituri process. It gives the person super human powers but, also, shortens the lifespan of any person who takes the process.
The first group of hero's are called The Black Watch. They are adult soldiers who are given The Morituri process. They gain awesome powers and take the fight to The Horde. But because they are adults the Morituri process kills them very fast. So then as they move forward the Morituri process is only used on young teenagers.

The first group of new recruits are given the Morituri process and become full fledged super heroes. They make T.V. appearances and even have a Marvel comic published about them. The leader of the group is a kid named Harold Everson who gives up any chance for a normal life to come to the aid of his planet and defeat The Horde. Once the five new recruits are given powers they are taken to a place called the garden where they are thrown into real life or death situations to bring their powers to the forefront as quickly as possible.

The gang make it out of The Garden in one piece. Some of the other recruits down the line won't be so lucky. The thing that stands out in this book is the writing and the art. I really like the way Peter B. Gillis writes the team. Some of the members have a great deal of regret once they take the process knowing that this is really the end. Some of them like Harold Everson seems to almost revel in it. But he also seems conflicted to a point just like real people do. Harold wants to do what's right and brave but has real fears about not being able to lead his team when they need him the most. I won't spoil his fate for you but it is rather shocking.

By the way, the art by Brent Anderson is top notch. I've heard about his work before from Astro City. He is just a fantastic storyteller. Just look at the pacing and page layout. I defy to look at this whole trade paperback and find one useless panel. Go on, I'll wait. Back yet? Didn't find one? Good. Like I said,  A plus work. This has been one nail biting read so I suggest you go out and buy this trade or hell if you see me I'll let you borrow my copy. Well, not really. But I feel that next time someone asks you for a comic that anybody can read without knowing superheroes don't give them Watchmen. Give them this.

-Tash Moore

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 151

This week we review: American Vampire #23, Aquaman #5, Captain America and Bucky #626, Fantastic Four #602, The Flash #5, Justice League #5, The Mighty Thor #10, and Superman #5 and here is the link for Ep. 151 of The Verbal Mosh

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Knightfall Wednesday: Detective Comics #665

Lightning Changes
Knightfall Part 16
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Penciller: Graham Nolan
Inker: Dick Giordano

Batman goes crazy. That's pretty much what goes down in this issue. Batman and Robin take out a few street level hoods and  try to spread the word that Batman is back. But it's not Bruce Wayne. It's his stand- in Jean Paul Valley. From this point on i will be calling him Azbats. Azbats get super brutal with some local hoods which makes Robin really uncomfortable. Bruce has given instruction's to Robin to keep Azbats away from Bane.

It did seem to be very strange that the moment Jean Paul put on the Batman costume he started to act crazy and violent. I think the only logical reason for this is that when Jean Paul first went one on one with Bane while dressed as Batman, Bane just walked away. Bane knew that Jean Paul was not the real Batman and was not a worthy foe in his eyes. So Jean Paul is out with something to prove.

Bane has gotten all the drug rackets in line but now he wants to bring in the unions. Bane kidnaps a gangster by the name of Tough Tony's kids to bring the union into the fold.  Azbats jumps into the hideout of  Tough Tony and almost gets killed. But thanks to Robin, Azbats is spared that fate. Azbats is going to use Tough Tony to get to Bane and Robins feels that he should not tell Bruce what's going on.

Speaking of Bruce we get a little if the O.G. Batman in this book. Bruce gives a ring to his doctor's office, Shondra Kingsolving only to learn that she's over to Robin's father place. When is just a stone's throw away from Wayne Manor. Bruce let's Alfred catch up on his rest and in his Wheelchair pushes himself over to make a visit. Once there Bruce sees that Shondra and Robin's dad, Jack Drake are being kidnapped. What's up with people being kidnapped in these comics. Bruce tries to fight to save them but in his condition he's no match for the hired goons.

Well that it. Jean Paul has gone off the deep end and Robin won't spill the beans. The art by Graham Nolan is awesome. Lots of action along with lots of really awesome looking two page spreads. Plus his Jean Paul Batman is downright creepy.

Next Batman #499

-Tash Moore

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: Invincible Iron Man #512

Writer: Matt Fraction
Invincible Iron Man #512
Artist: Salvador Larroca 

It's been a long time since I reviewed an Iron Man comic for the site so here goes. In this issue Tony Stark is somewhat on the run. After getting drunk during "Fear Itself" people have been asking themselves why are we letting a drunk pilot a four billion dollar suit of armor?

After crashing in Times Square and having his armor mapped by a new upgraded version of the Living Laser, Tony Stark is taken to a New York City hospital. While trying to revive Stark from having a cardiac arrest using a defibrillator Stark breaks free from the hospital.

Over in Mandarin City, the Mandarin has Ezekiel Stane create some new armored foes called the Dreadnoughts. I really like the part where Mandarin and Stane are talking and Mandarin keeps looking at his smart phone. Mandarin tells Stane that he has just over 24 hours to complete the Dreadnoughts. Stane tells the Mandarin that he needs more time. Mandarin uses on of his rings to change the way Stane feels and thinks so that he is totally in line with what the Mandarin wants him to do.

While hanging out in a NYC coffee house Tony Stark is spotted my a police officer. The cop lets Tony know that since he crashed into Times Square less than 12 hours ago the police would like to bring him in for questioning. Tony asks if he's under arrest. When the cop tells him no Tony makes a break for it. Back at the Pentagon U.S. General Babbage wants the Iron Man armor turned over to the United States Defense Department. Colonel Rhodes learns that the Dreadnoughts are attacking the Three Gorges Dam in China and goes off to prevent a new world war.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Adventures of Tintin: movie review

The Adventure of Tintin
created by Herge

Tintin is an awesome character. Now I only own two of his comics: "Tintin in Tibet" and "The Shooting Star." Both are wonderful reads, but this review isn't about the comics. This is about the movie adaptation directed by Steven Spielberg.

Right off the bat, there's a nice nod to the comics as Tintin gets his caricature drawn in the middle of a street fair. It's here that he first comes across a model ship of the Unicorn. By nature, Tintin is extremely inquisitive. That's why he makes the perfect reporter. He wants to know as much as he can about this little ship and why, after he has purchased it, are so many people trying to get their hands on it.

The movie is nice and long. It felt similar to the way the comics read because of how much information we received. The movie takes the characters in a big circle and more than a mystery, it becomes a story of revenge. The animation was really well done. I think one of my favorite moments was when the large dog at the Haddock estate came barging toward Tintin. Snowy jumps in to save him, barking, and the larger dog flops over on his back and starts to play with the smaller dog.

Another point that I like was the way that the "camera" glided over the environments. It made the action sequences almost whimsical to watch. There was a lot of violence in this movie. Some of it was so over the top that it did take me out of the movie for a bit. I would see a man slam in to a light post and come away from it barely fazed and immediately be thrown from enjoying the story to becoming more conscious of the medium. The bumbling British cops were funny, especially once they confronted the local pick pocket thief. It was those details that made this film so special. Like, the "Nev-R-Break" glass... Which did eventually break.

Overall, I came away really enjoying the film. I definitely recommend it, not just as a kid/family movie. (There were a bunch of kids in the theater we went to.) Tintin is a stand up guy. He's got really cool hair and the smartest dog around. You should check it out for yourself. It gets an A- from me.


The Verbal Mosh Episode 150

"Blistering blue barnacles!"
You can here Ep. 150 of The Verbal Mosh here.
We recently saw The Adventures of Tin TIn and we'll have a review up on our site soon. In the meantime, be sure to check out all our other great posts and reviews: www.theverbalmosh.com
On this week's episode, we review Amazing Spider-Man #678, Batman #5, Chew #23, Daredevil #8, Deadman #5, Hellblazer #287, Moon Knight #9, Morning Glories #15, Nightwing #5, Supergirl #5, Tiny Titans #48, and Wonder Woman #5.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Best Of The Best: John Byrne's Superman

Man Os Steel #1
Long before the New 52 reboot and Superman got a new costume there was another reboot. It's was the 1980's and everything had changed for DC comics. The DCU had been streamlined in order to bring in new readers and out went the decades long continuity. Then came the big news that John Byrne would be writing and drawing Superman. Back in the day that was really big news. Think Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons on Fantastic Four big. So John Byrne began his take on Superman with the Man Of Steel Mini Series. Boy is Byrne on the money with this book.

Superman started his life as a hero as an adult. No more Superboy. Also Byrne gives us a love triangle between Clark Kent and Lois and Superman. But we also get the added twist of seeing the new Lex Luthor also vying for Lois's affection. Lex Luthor is also given a much needed update here as he is no longer the mad scientist that break out of jail to vex Superman but as a rich 1980's venture capitalist. In the early Byrne stories he was really just trying to buy Lois's love.

 After The Man Of Steel Mini Series Byrne launched a new Superman ongoing and took over Action Comics making that into like a Superman team up book. Somehow John Byrne was able to Write and Pencil Action Comics. My friends and i like to joke that maybe John Byrne was doing coke and that's how he was able to keep up with his massive work load. John Byrne made Superman a must read comic. He has a Strong sense of who Superman was as a person. Byrne was no slouch when it came to action and his comics were packed with plenty of it. The first issue of the Superman going one on one with the new and improved Metallo in an awesome battle that takes place in a bank.

What's also pretty cool is that Byrne didn't have a problem thinking outside the box and bringing in some other villains that didn't belong to The Man Of Steel. Just check out the cover to Superman #9. The Jokers shows up in Metropolis to cause lots of mayhem. I love the way John Byrne draws The Joker here. He's so slim and creepy looking. There was some strange stories where Superman and Big Barda made a sex tape but other than that this is run that needs to be in every comic book fans collection. Byrne took everything about Superman that our grandparents loved and gave it a pretty cool updated spin. If you like or love comics you need to own this run.


-Tash Moore

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Knightfall Tuesday: Batman #498

Knights In Darkness
Knightfall Part 15
Writer: Doug Moench
Penciller: Jim Aparo
Inker: Rick Burchett

This issue of Batman starts off with Jean Paul, Alfred and Robin tending to Bruce Wayne in the Batcave. He has awaken from his coma after having his back broken by Bane. Jean Paul begins working on a new security system for Wayne Manor. Bruce is feeling depressed about him losing his one on one conflict with Bane.

With the news of Batman being injured Bane makes his move to take over the city and it's rackets. He takes out several of the big name Mafia goons and gets them all to work for him. Bane even takes over a few night clubs in the downtown Gotham area. Bane, also, puts out a word on the street to meet up with Catwoman. He strikes a deal to have her work with him.

Back at Wayne Manor, Alfred and Robin both know that the only person who can help get Bruce back on his feet is his Doctor Shonda Kingsolving. For a cover story Robin and Alfred beat Bruce's Porch with sledge hammers and say that Bruce was drinking and crashed. Before the car went off a cliff Bruce was thrown from the car, breaking Bruce's back. Shondra doesn't buy the story of the car accident but she says the doctor in her loves to peel away a good mystery. Alfred is becoming worried that Bruce might tell her that he is really Batman.

With Batman being reported dead the much of the Gotham media the crooks are having a field day in the city. Robin tells Bruce that Batman is still needed. They both agree that they can't ask Nightwing to fill in because he's his own man with his own problems. So they get Jean Paul to fill in as Batman under one rule. That in no way shape or from does he come face to face with Bane.

Jean Paul suits up as Batman and he and Robin answer the Bat signal at police headquarters. Gordon is glad to see the the media is wrong and the Batman is alive and well. Batman tells Gordon that he's not what he once was and once he gets better Bane will have hell to pay.

Next- Detective Comics #665

-Tash Moore

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 149

itunes pic
Here is the link for Ep 149 of The Verbal Mosh
For a second Olivia thought the New 52 was going to become the New 47! The DC re-boot is getting re-booted for newer... BIGGER... BETTER material: TO THE EXTREME!!!!!... well, we don't really know what they'll be like yet.
On this week's episode of The Verbal Mosh, we review books such as Amazing Spider-Man #677, Batgirl #5, Batman and Robin #5, Captain America #7, Green Lantern #5, Invincible #87, Scarlet Spider #1, Superboy #5, and Wolverine and the X-Men #4.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trade Central Station: The Unwritten Vol. 4: Leviathan

The Unwritten Volum 4: Leviathan
Written by Mike Carey
Art by Peter Gross, Vince Locke, and Al Davison

Why???!!!! Why did I put off reading this trade for so long????!!!!!

It's awesome!

I'd shake someone else's shoulders and slap them in the face, if I weren't sitting by myself right now, for my tomfoolery.

Okay, so "Leviathan" collects issues 19-24. We're finally getting pieces of more and more Tom Taylor's past. We get a glimpse of his mother and we, also, see the ways in which Tom's father molded Tom to be ready to understand and one day use the power Wilson Taylor has been "obsessively" studying.

Things get nice and steamy between Tom and Lizzie, though as she was very much trained by Wilson, too, she's now confused about her relationship with Tom and wonders if her feelings for him are genuine.

There's a really great line in here where a younger Lizzie is talking to a young Tom about the difference between the truth of something real and the truth of stories. She emphasizes that same idea that's been going on through this series about the way words and stories impact lives and how reality is fleeting but stories last forever.

The cabal, the men who rule and shape the world, understand this. Wilson understands this. Tom is still trying to figure out who he is and now what he was made for, which comes as a part of his epiphany moment. He's landed himself stuck inside Herman Melville's Moby Dick. He's falling through story after story, realizing that there are places where the stories connect. Soon they're overlapping. He's hunting his whale like Captain Ahab because that is the source of this magical power. And then he finds his whale. He understands that it's not a whale at all but a symbol and a symbol so large that it has a life of its own. He understands the nature of his magic and finally finds a way to go back to reality.

Savoy is having a terrible time as he soon realizes he'd been bitten by Count Ambrosio and is now turned into a vampire.

We meet a fascinating character referred to as the Toymaker, a woman called Rausch. She's hired by the cabal, carves little toys of Lizzie and Savoy, and makes them beat each other to a pulp in trying to find out information about Tom.

At the end of the trade, we're not sure what will happen to them. Rausch sees they know nothing, less than she, in fact. All they have is a moment's rest. It's like the same thing when Tom is a child and Wilson is reading a story to him. Tom asks if there is a happy ending. Wilson says no because then the story would forever be over. All the hero is allowed is a moment of respite, until the next great journey begins.

The trade ends with a story about a stairwell. I think this is the same stairwell mentioned earlier in the trade where Wilson would go to the top of to study. The "golden door" is said to be at the top. There is a troop of talking animals all working their way to get to the top because everything will be better at the top and that is where the "maker" lives. This foul-mouthed rabbit, not really a rabbit, but a man named Pauly Bruckner has fallen in with this group and leads them ever upward. They, too, are working their way through story after story. Pauly briefly mentions his grief at the fact that they aren't out of the "talking animals" section yet and wonders just how large this place is and how long they will have to go. He, of course, takes the easy way out. He finds a magic hat and pulls himself through it, so we will have to wait and see what comes of him and where he lands next.

I really enjoyed how the trade cut back and forth between characters and time, each titled so that they represent smaller stories sometimes only one page long, but come together to tell this larger story, just like the symbol of the whale. As always, the artwork and storytelling is top notch. I'm most eager to find out more about Lizzie.

I should be getting Volume 5 tomorrow. Hopefully, I won't take nearly as long to get around to reading it as I did Volume 4. I just started re-reading Harry Potter again and I enjoy it so much I forget to read other stories. Ah, we'll see.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Knightfall Tuesday: Showcase '93 #8

Knightfall Part 14
Bad Judgment 
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Klaus Janson

In this awesome story about how before his back was broken by Bane. Batman tries to recapture Two-Face. In last issue Batman and the Batmobile has sunk to the bottom of Gotham River. Two-Faces goon's show up to take Batman. A fight breaks out but with Batman worn out and the weight of the water holding him back he is knocked out and taken to Two-Faces hideout.

While tied up at the old courthouse where Two-Face was once the dashing D.A. of Gotham Batman is put on trial. The jury is the new gang that Two-Face has taken from the mob boss from last issue. Two-Face tells Batman that his crime is betrayal. Two-Face believe that Batman sold him out. Two-Face lets everyone in the courtroom know that the flip of his coin is the only true justice in the world.

Robin and Alfred are both in the batcave. Robin knows that something is wrong so he and Alfred take off in a green van to look for Batman. After driving around they decide to swing by the old Gotham Courthouse. Batman is found guilty by Two-Face but as he shoots Batman is able to dodge the bullet. Batman and Two-Face break out into a big fight while Robin takes out Two-Face's hired goons.

Batman and Two-Face chase and fight each other to a construction site and Two-Face tells Batman that he                    isn't really crazy. Two-Face has to be two different people because according to him good men don't do bad things and bad men don't do good things. Batman tells him that he is wrong. As Two-Face has Batman on the ropes Robin makes the save and knocks Two-Face off the building. Batman uses the last bit of energy he has to save Two-Face. Batman tells Robin that he did a crappy job bringing Two-Face down.

Batman says that Robin made a bad call and that he could have saved Two-Face with words and not action.
The book ends with Bruce waking up in the batcave. The drug that was given to him to stop the swelling in his spine has worked. He also tells Robin that he didn't do bad at all. HE tells Robin that he himself was wrong and Robin made the right call.

Next Batman #498
-Tash Moore

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Review of the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Well, folks. I said on the show that when I beat this game I would write up a review for it and here it is. 

My total play time ran somewhere around over 80 hours long. I'll put up the exact number next time I pop in the game or closer to exact since I didn't save at the end to go on the "hero's quest."

This was an awesome game. Skyward Sword is for the Wii but you also need Wii Motion or Motion Plus.   The controls were easy enough to follow through. It does take more accuracy for the different sword strikes to be completed. I fidget a bit when playing and had to re-center the controls a lot but it wasn't really annoying. I think the worst of it comes when I shoot arrows with Fledge. I start off centered but as I continue to ready my bow, my center continues to drift to the right. That could just be me though and not have so much to do with the game. 

The story goes that Link and Zelda live in Skyloft, a town in the sky that had been broken off from the rest of the world by the goddess, Hylia. She did so and hid the Tri-Force there in order to protect it from the power-crazy villain, Demise. She then sealed Demise away within the Sealed Grounds located near Faron Woods. Link's training to become a knight. The day of the big ceremony, Zelda and he are playing out the roles of the goddess and her chosen hero when they both get pulled in to the roles they were destined for. Zelda falls through the clouds and is then hunted by the evil forces, all being led by Ghirahim, the guy trying to resurrect Demise. Zelda winds up being saved by an agent of the goddess, Impa. She looks after Zelda and brings her to various locations, praying to the goddess in order to make clearer her role, all until Link has trained and battled enough so that he can protect and save Zelda and then the world.

These Zelda games can be very difficult to beat. When Tash and I discuss the games, he always recounts the game that he could never beat. When I played Twilight Princess, I never would have beat that game unless I looked up walk-throughs and cheats. The brilliant thing about Skyward Sword is that the game acknowledges the fact that there may be some points in the game that are too difficult to figure out on your own, so there is a handy character back in Skyloft that you can always fly back to. He'll show you short videos that explain exactly what you have to do in order to move forward. Not only that, but you have the character in your sword, another agent of the goddess, who will give you hints and assess different foes and ways to beat them. AWESOME. It makes the game just difficult enough. You don't have all these hints and stuff in your face all the time so you do get to try and figure out all the puzzles on your own. 

An interesting point in the game is that you fight Demise very early on after you've passed through the clouds. Of course, you don't realize it. You fight him on a couple more occasions and then at the end when he is at his peak strength. 

I love love love the song that Zelda sings at the beginning in Skyloft. I wish it came on the bonus CD with the game. 

I really liked this game. I beat Demise on my second try. The first time, I didn't have my necessary potions with me or anything so I knew I wasn't going to beat him but I wanted to see what it would be like to try. The second time, I first ran about and did all of the side quests for characters in Skyloft, payed for my potions and then beat Demise. Victory! 

Technically I still haven't finished the game. I still need to reach 600 points shooting arrows with Fledge. I keep averaging around 300-400 points. If you sat next to me while I was playing this you would hear me say, "Maybe I could reach 600 points if you threw your pumpkins a little more consistently, Fledge?!!!!"

... yeah...

I, also, need to get top score in Fun Fun Island. I keep missing one ring to dive through and I get nowhere near the 50 rupee mark. 


But seriously, this is a great game. Fun side note, Zelda is a knitter. She's got yarn and needles in her room. :)


Friday, January 6, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 148

This week, on Episode 148 of The Verbal Mosh, we review Action Comics #5 (a re-telling of the origin of Superman. Hrm? Shouldn't the origin have been in the first issue?), Animal Man #5, Lil Depressed Boy #8 (Dang, that boy is depressing), Swamp Thing #5, Sweet Tooth #29, and Uncanny X-Men #4.
The Verbal Mosh Ep. can be found here.
"Some like it hot. Some like it cold. Some like it in the pot, nine days old."
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Knightfall Tuesday: Showcase '93 #7

Knightfall Part 13
Double Cross
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Klaus Janson

Batman is lying in the batcave. The drugs that Robin and Azrael recovered from Gordon is all that stands between the Dark Knight and the ability that he may never walk again. Robin talks about how this is all his fault. He saw that Batman was headed for a breakdown and he did nothing to stop it. Robin begins to tell the tale of how before Bane broke Batman's Back Batman had a run in with Two-Face.

Two-Face is in Gotham after being sprung by Bane from Arkham. He goes to an old mob boss that he had the goods on. Two-Face tells the mob boss that there is no way his evidence would stick in court but it is very dangerous info to have just lying around. Two-Face kills the mob boss and takes his men to form a new gang. Thirteen in total for his new gang.

Two-Face shoves the body in a Gotham museum and trip the alarm so the Gotham City Police Department and Batman both show up. After finding the body Batman remembers that when Two-Face was D.A. Of Gotham this one the one Mobster that he had info on but could never bring to court. Batman goes back to the Batcave to plan his next step.

Robin and Batman traces Two-Face back to the club the now dead mobster ran. Robin wants to go but Batman says that since he is burning out that he has no time to watch Robin's back as well as his own. Once at the club Batman finds himself surrounded by three large guards. Before they attack Batman begins to re-think if leaving Robin behind was such a good idea. A fight breaks out, which Batman barely wins.

One of the goons gives up the address to which Two-Face is hold up at. While driving across a bridge to get to the other run down side of Gotham Two-Face blows a hole in the bridge. The giant whole causes the Batmobile to fall into the water below and Batman is captured by Two-Face soon after.

Next Showcase '93 #8

-Tash Moore

The Verbal Mosh Episode 147

Tash is a little under the weather.
You can hear Ep 147 of The Verbal Mosh here.
Send him well wishes!
In episode 147, we review American Vampire #22, Aquaman #4, Avengers Children's Crusade #8, Captain America #5-6, Captain America and Bucky #625, Flash #4, Kick-Ass 2 #6, Mighty Thor #9, Superman #4, and Uncanny X-Men #3.
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