Friday, January 20, 2012

Best Of The Best: John Byrne's Superman

Man Os Steel #1
Long before the New 52 reboot and Superman got a new costume there was another reboot. It's was the 1980's and everything had changed for DC comics. The DCU had been streamlined in order to bring in new readers and out went the decades long continuity. Then came the big news that John Byrne would be writing and drawing Superman. Back in the day that was really big news. Think Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons on Fantastic Four big. So John Byrne began his take on Superman with the Man Of Steel Mini Series. Boy is Byrne on the money with this book.

Superman started his life as a hero as an adult. No more Superboy. Also Byrne gives us a love triangle between Clark Kent and Lois and Superman. But we also get the added twist of seeing the new Lex Luthor also vying for Lois's affection. Lex Luthor is also given a much needed update here as he is no longer the mad scientist that break out of jail to vex Superman but as a rich 1980's venture capitalist. In the early Byrne stories he was really just trying to buy Lois's love.

 After The Man Of Steel Mini Series Byrne launched a new Superman ongoing and took over Action Comics making that into like a Superman team up book. Somehow John Byrne was able to Write and Pencil Action Comics. My friends and i like to joke that maybe John Byrne was doing coke and that's how he was able to keep up with his massive work load. John Byrne made Superman a must read comic. He has a Strong sense of who Superman was as a person. Byrne was no slouch when it came to action and his comics were packed with plenty of it. The first issue of the Superman going one on one with the new and improved Metallo in an awesome battle that takes place in a bank.

What's also pretty cool is that Byrne didn't have a problem thinking outside the box and bringing in some other villains that didn't belong to The Man Of Steel. Just check out the cover to Superman #9. The Jokers shows up in Metropolis to cause lots of mayhem. I love the way John Byrne draws The Joker here. He's so slim and creepy looking. There was some strange stories where Superman and Big Barda made a sex tape but other than that this is run that needs to be in every comic book fans collection. Byrne took everything about Superman that our grandparents loved and gave it a pretty cool updated spin. If you like or love comics you need to own this run.


-Tash Moore

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