Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Knightfall Tuesday: Showcase '93 #8

Knightfall Part 14
Bad Judgment 
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Klaus Janson

In this awesome story about how before his back was broken by Bane. Batman tries to recapture Two-Face. In last issue Batman and the Batmobile has sunk to the bottom of Gotham River. Two-Faces goon's show up to take Batman. A fight breaks out but with Batman worn out and the weight of the water holding him back he is knocked out and taken to Two-Faces hideout.

While tied up at the old courthouse where Two-Face was once the dashing D.A. of Gotham Batman is put on trial. The jury is the new gang that Two-Face has taken from the mob boss from last issue. Two-Face tells Batman that his crime is betrayal. Two-Face believe that Batman sold him out. Two-Face lets everyone in the courtroom know that the flip of his coin is the only true justice in the world.

Robin and Alfred are both in the batcave. Robin knows that something is wrong so he and Alfred take off in a green van to look for Batman. After driving around they decide to swing by the old Gotham Courthouse. Batman is found guilty by Two-Face but as he shoots Batman is able to dodge the bullet. Batman and Two-Face break out into a big fight while Robin takes out Two-Face's hired goons.

Batman and Two-Face chase and fight each other to a construction site and Two-Face tells Batman that he                    isn't really crazy. Two-Face has to be two different people because according to him good men don't do bad things and bad men don't do good things. Batman tells him that he is wrong. As Two-Face has Batman on the ropes Robin makes the save and knocks Two-Face off the building. Batman uses the last bit of energy he has to save Two-Face. Batman tells Robin that he did a crappy job bringing Two-Face down.

Batman says that Robin made a bad call and that he could have saved Two-Face with words and not action.
The book ends with Bruce waking up in the batcave. The drug that was given to him to stop the swelling in his spine has worked. He also tells Robin that he didn't do bad at all. HE tells Robin that he himself was wrong and Robin made the right call.

Next Batman #498
-Tash Moore

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