Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Knightfall Tuesday: Batman #498

Knights In Darkness
Knightfall Part 15
Writer: Doug Moench
Penciller: Jim Aparo
Inker: Rick Burchett

This issue of Batman starts off with Jean Paul, Alfred and Robin tending to Bruce Wayne in the Batcave. He has awaken from his coma after having his back broken by Bane. Jean Paul begins working on a new security system for Wayne Manor. Bruce is feeling depressed about him losing his one on one conflict with Bane.

With the news of Batman being injured Bane makes his move to take over the city and it's rackets. He takes out several of the big name Mafia goons and gets them all to work for him. Bane even takes over a few night clubs in the downtown Gotham area. Bane, also, puts out a word on the street to meet up with Catwoman. He strikes a deal to have her work with him.

Back at Wayne Manor, Alfred and Robin both know that the only person who can help get Bruce back on his feet is his Doctor Shonda Kingsolving. For a cover story Robin and Alfred beat Bruce's Porch with sledge hammers and say that Bruce was drinking and crashed. Before the car went off a cliff Bruce was thrown from the car, breaking Bruce's back. Shondra doesn't buy the story of the car accident but she says the doctor in her loves to peel away a good mystery. Alfred is becoming worried that Bruce might tell her that he is really Batman.

With Batman being reported dead the much of the Gotham media the crooks are having a field day in the city. Robin tells Bruce that Batman is still needed. They both agree that they can't ask Nightwing to fill in because he's his own man with his own problems. So they get Jean Paul to fill in as Batman under one rule. That in no way shape or from does he come face to face with Bane.

Jean Paul suits up as Batman and he and Robin answer the Bat signal at police headquarters. Gordon is glad to see the the media is wrong and the Batman is alive and well. Batman tells Gordon that he's not what he once was and once he gets better Bane will have hell to pay.

Next- Detective Comics #665

-Tash Moore

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