Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Knightfall Wednesday: Detective Comics #665

Lightning Changes
Knightfall Part 16
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Penciller: Graham Nolan
Inker: Dick Giordano

Batman goes crazy. That's pretty much what goes down in this issue. Batman and Robin take out a few street level hoods and  try to spread the word that Batman is back. But it's not Bruce Wayne. It's his stand- in Jean Paul Valley. From this point on i will be calling him Azbats. Azbats get super brutal with some local hoods which makes Robin really uncomfortable. Bruce has given instruction's to Robin to keep Azbats away from Bane.

It did seem to be very strange that the moment Jean Paul put on the Batman costume he started to act crazy and violent. I think the only logical reason for this is that when Jean Paul first went one on one with Bane while dressed as Batman, Bane just walked away. Bane knew that Jean Paul was not the real Batman and was not a worthy foe in his eyes. So Jean Paul is out with something to prove.

Bane has gotten all the drug rackets in line but now he wants to bring in the unions. Bane kidnaps a gangster by the name of Tough Tony's kids to bring the union into the fold.  Azbats jumps into the hideout of  Tough Tony and almost gets killed. But thanks to Robin, Azbats is spared that fate. Azbats is going to use Tough Tony to get to Bane and Robins feels that he should not tell Bruce what's going on.

Speaking of Bruce we get a little if the O.G. Batman in this book. Bruce gives a ring to his doctor's office, Shondra Kingsolving only to learn that she's over to Robin's father place. When is just a stone's throw away from Wayne Manor. Bruce let's Alfred catch up on his rest and in his Wheelchair pushes himself over to make a visit. Once there Bruce sees that Shondra and Robin's dad, Jack Drake are being kidnapped. What's up with people being kidnapped in these comics. Bruce tries to fight to save them but in his condition he's no match for the hired goons.

Well that it. Jean Paul has gone off the deep end and Robin won't spill the beans. The art by Graham Nolan is awesome. Lots of action along with lots of really awesome looking two page spreads. Plus his Jean Paul Batman is downright creepy.

Next Batman #499

-Tash Moore

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