Monday, February 27, 2012

Olivia's Pick: Fantastic Four #603

Fantastic Four #603
Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Barry Kitson

I tend to have a love/hate relationship with the Fantastic Four. There's the wonderful family aspect in the book. I love the character relationships. I tend to shy away from it though when there's too much time traveling. My suspension of belief breaks when the plot tries to do too much.

Anyways, I really enjoyed issue #603. Picking up from the last issue, Galactus and the Celestials are fighting one another. It's cool to see that the fighting here is so far huge. It's really out of the Fantastic Four's hands. They try to help but their efforts are meaningless. I like this because of how human the team feels. Despite their geniuses and powers, at the moment they are powerless. It was so cool the way Sue tried to protect them all with her force field. I always love seeing strong women in comics who do more than show off their cleavage. We got a little tease of what is to come which has me so excited. Franklin looks like he is finally going to get a shot to show everyone what he is capable of. I remember the anniversary issue (I forget the number) where he created a little universe in his closet. His powers are so great which is why his parents haven't let him doing anything all this while. He's been acting like a normal little kid, which is fun to see when he is surrounded by so much that is abnormal. Valeria is usually the one to stand out amongst the siblings because of how smart she is but I feel she looks too much towards Reed's father to know what to do sometimes which almost seems counter-intuitive toward her nature.

The storytelling and artwork are wonderful. When I don't have much to say about the artwork, that's awesome because the art didn't detract from the story. They worked well together. The cover is nice. It tries to bring the focus to the team, making them very pro-active in the situation. My only wish is that the threat of the Celestials could seem more imposing. They almost seem like they could be funky shaped buildings in the background except for the one floating in the air.

These are wonderful characters. You should definitely check it out yourself if you don't already.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 155

Impersonators galore! They're robots, androids, trolls, and nano-organisms. We read about a dog getting his dog food, a boy who insists he isn't crazy and much more.
The Verbal Mosh Ep. 155 can be heard here.
This week on The Verbal Mosh, we review: 
American Vampire #24, Aquaman #6, Captain America and Bucky #627, Chew #24, Flash #6, Lil Depressed Boy #9, Mighty Thor #11, Morning Glories #16, Superman #6, Wolverine and the X-Men #6
Olivia's pick for a written review will be up shortly with Fantastic Four #603
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: Invincible Iron Man #513

Written By Matt Fraction
Art By Salvador Larroca

Hot time in China tonight. I know this is late but better late then never. So what i really like about this issue of Iron Man is that it's full of action. In the beginning Iron Man teams up with the  Chinese super group The Dynasty to stop The Dreadnoughts. As the fighting continues Iron Man and The Dynasty learn that The Dreadnoughts are just being spent on a Kamikaze mission. The Mandarin and Zeke Stane have sent them to cause terror on Chinese soil.

I did enjoy when Iron Man ran into War Machine turning this issue into a nice little team up book for a bit. The Dynasty tell Iron Man and War Machine to hold back and let The Dreadnoughts cause the damage that they were seeking to cause in the first place. Iron Man does come off as a little upset that they had the bad guys in their sights and just let them go.

I thought that it was awesome how at the end the US Government showed up to take Iron Man into custody. Looks like Tony is going  be on the run again this summer. On the flight back to the states Tony is looking at one of the heads of one of The Dreadnoughts. After some analyst he comes to the conclusion that The Mandarin and Zeke Stane are working together to take him down. The last things in this book is The Mandarin is using Zeke Stane to upgrade all of Iron Man's old villains for one large strike on our hero.

While I'm really interested in the old villains getting new modern upgrades i hate the pacing of this book. It's totally written to be read in trade. Which kind of makes me want to do a trade wait on this. But to be honest if i do that then lord knows i would have stopped reading this book some time ago. Come on Matt Fraction, pick up the pace already.

-Tash Moore

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tash's Pick: Daredevil #9

Written By Mark Waid
Pencils By Paolo Rivera
Inked By Joe Rivera

This is the best comic book being published right now. There is so much going on in Daredevils life and i love it. I got so much of a kick out of this book i sat down with a smile and read it twice. Daredevil has been romancing the Black Cat. Which is good and bad. Good because DD has been really enjoying the time he is spending with Cat. It's Bad because Black Cat is only getting close to the Man Without Fear to retrieve a micro hard drive. A micro drive that Daredevil stole from five warring mega crime factions.   Black Cat finds the drive but we are left unsure what she does with it.

Foggy gives Matt Murdock a call to tell him that the cemetery where  he dad is buried has started losing the bodies of people buried there. Meaning the ground is shifting and taking the caskets into the earth. Matt is so upset that he rushes out to meet Foggy. In a really awesome scene Matt heads out as Daredevil and when changing back to his Matt Murdock Id he leaves on his little red DD boots.

After some snooping around in one of the giant holes in the cemetery Daredevil finds a large group of Moloids. Daredevil thinks back a remembers that the Moloids work for an old Fantastic Four villain The Mole Man. It's really cool that in this issue when we do see The Mole Man he's opening up a casket after casket. Some dead bodies fall out and after "seeing" this Daredevil freaks out thinking that anyone of those could be his dad's. I think that writer Mark Waid does a superb job of conveying the raw emotion  of a son for the remains of his father. The Mole Man finds what his is looking for in the body of a blond that was in a casket.

Daredevil has had all he can stand and leaps into action against The Mole Man and is given a jolt from Mole Man's staff. The Moloids then throw the worn out Man Without Fear off the side of a cliff into the waiting maw of some really strange looking monster that Mole Man has.

Like i said the writer is awesome and the art by Paolo Rivera and his Dad Joe is amazing. Because of how great the art is i do take my time and gleam over the panels. The book has a very fun feel to it and it really reminds me of the old Essential Daredevil that i read as a teenager. Thanks to Paolo Rivera this book has a very silver age feel to it where most comics try to be dark and serious this is light hearted and fun. Which makes it worth it's weight in gold.

-Tash Moore

The Verbal Mosh Episode 154

There's are many double-crossers in this week's comics. People trying to uncover truths. And people not finding answers. Many of them coming close to Hell in their search. Literally!
It's fascinating. It's freaky. It's tons of good fun. Here the newest episode here.

The Verbal Mosh is a comics podcast. This week, we review: Batman #6, DC Universe Presents #6: Challengers of the Unknown, Hellblazer #288, Nightwing #6, Supergirl #6, Winter Soldier #2, and Wonder Woman #6.
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This week Tash will have a written review for Daredevil #9.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Knightfall Tuesday: Batman #500

Knightfall Part 19
Giant Sized Issue
Writer: Doug Moench

Part 1 Art Team
Penciller: Jim Aparo
Inker: Terry Austin

Part Two Art Team
Artist: Mike Manley

This picks off right where we left off from the last issue of Detective Comics. Azbats is thrown from the top of Gotham Hotel and barley makes it into a water fountain to save his own ass. Bane takes a bunch of Batarangs to his neck and chest area and makes a break for it. Azbats is injured and knows that he is in no shape to stop Bane from getting away.

Bane is losing lots of blood and goes to where he has a very large supply of Venom. Bane gives himself a triple dose and heads out to kill the new "Batman". Azbats returns to the Batcave and runs into Robin. They get into an ideological debate about the way Batman should operate. The new Batman says that Bruce Wayne was created for older times and that in order to save Gotham City the new Batman has to fight fire with fire. Azbats calls Robin a bleeding heart and that he's off the team.

I like the back and forth between Azbats and Robin. It's a direct commentary on Superhero comics of the 1990's. Many fans wanted their heroes to be very extreme. I guess that means looking like you just step out of a Rob Liefield comic.

Azbats takes over the cave and losing himself in The System he goes on about creating a brand new Batman costume. And Boy does it look just like something out of the 90's. Bane is ready to end his fight with who he feels is the pretender. Bane takes a control of a electric billboard and invites Batman to a final one on one.

Azbats takes flight in his new costume in some really great panels by new Batman artist Mike Manley. I don't know but I do love Jim Aparo's Batman but Manley brings this really dark and moody feel to the book.  It's really fantastic stuff. The art by Jim Aparo is top notch too and to have a legend like Terry Austin ink it makes this book a real treasure to own.

Azbats comes face to face with the man who broke the original Batman. A fight breaks out in the middle of Gotham Square. The police block off the area and under the orders of the Mayor, Arman Krol, they don't interfere with the battle. Azbats in his new costume has the upper hand with his claws and slashes Bane up really badly. This issue also has some of my favorite dialogue in a comic book.

Bane: Gotham is mine--in my pocket!

Azbats: Prepare to be mugged.

Laugh all you want but as a kid reading this I freaked out at how cool this all was.  Bane recovers and then leads Azbats on a chase that leads to a Gotham train station. Bane and Azbats board and fight on the train. The train conductor is killed and he slams into the lever which makes the engine speed up. Robin shows up and saves the passengers by unhooking the engine from the other cars of the train. The trains flies off the track and the slams into a building.

Azbats pulls himself and Bane from the wreckage. Just as Azbats is about to kill Bane, he backs off.  Another great scene is when Bane knows that his is beaten and no longer calls Azbats a pretender.

Bane: Kill me...Batman.

Azbats:...No. You are broken, and blackgate prison will hold the pieces.

Bane is taken into police custody and Robin stops to have words with the new Batman. Robin tells Azbats that he is tough but maybe he's what Gotham needs. Azbats turns and flees into the night. All in all this was a giant sized issue. I loved reading this, it felt like I was reading a big blockbuster summer action movie. The pacing and storyteller is just amazing. I could read this until it was falling apart. I think that's why I have more than one copy. But it's an amazing story of one hero's fall and another man's rise. Before you go see The Dark Knight Rises check this out. It's got a ton of the same themes and I think it deserves another reading.

So thanks to you the reader for coming back week after week reading Knightfall Tuesday. I'm kinda sad to see it go. As they say, nothing gold can stay.

Email us at and let us know what we should review next.

-Tash Moore

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 153

Things get a little kerr-razy up in here. We check out some new titles this week and review a lot of other favorites. You can hear Ep. 153 right here.
The Verbal Mosh is a comics podcast. On this week's episode, we review Batgirl #6, Captain America #8, Conan the Barbarian #1, Green Lantern #6, Scarlet Spider #2, Superboy #6, Thief of Thieves #1, and Wolverine and the X-Men #5.
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Last week, Tash picked Winter Soldier #1 to review on the site. Check out what book Olivia chose as her pick for this week.
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Olivia's Pick: Batman and Robin #6

Batman and Robin #6
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciler: Patrick Gleason
Inker: Mick Gray

Batman and Robin has been an awesome read. I thoroughly enjoyed issue #6, which is why I chose to review it this week.

Damien has become one of my favorite characters to read. This issue deals with Damien fooling both Batman and NoBody in order to figure out the truth that Batman has kept from him about parts of his past. It's not going to be a simple and easy relationship between Bruce and Damien. Damien isn't going to follow, blindly, whatever Batman orders him to. He has a lot of anger in him. He's cunning. He spent all those years where Talia had him trained and he worked with Dick-Batman. Bruce and Damien are very similar minded people, which is why they butt heads. We're meant to believe that Damien would team up with NoBody, crossing lines Bruce would never (i.e. killing.) But he doesn't. He's too smart. We find out how close Bruce, in his younger years, came to murdering someone once the story of what happened in Venice finally gets out. Bruce and Damien's relationship, I don't think, will ever be perfect, but they do have an incredibly strong bond. One that NoBody is bent on destroying. Damien's ruse is over at the end, NoBody is torturing him, and Batman is trying to get to the scene as fast as he can in order to protect his son. I like this side of Batman and I wonder how far his relationship with Damien will progress until they start to butt heads again. It would be weird if Damien became another "Nightwing." Maybe a moody, cynical type of Nightwing. In any case, at the present time, we're left waiting to see if Batman will make it in time to save his son. I'm sure he will. What I'm not so sure is what will happens afterwards but that's why this is a great book. I just gotta wait until issue 7 comes out to see what happens next.

I, also, want to mention how I love how issue 6 begins and ends with two very large close-ups. First with Damien and then that awesome image of Batman. Like they're two sides of the same coin. The artwork is wonderful. The storytelling is clear. I was thrown by the narration when Bruce is telling the Venice story to Damien. I wasn't sure when that happened with everything else that went on in this book. Nevertheless, it all is really solid work done by the entire creative team. And Mick Gray is a fantastic inker, by the way.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Knightfall Tuesday: Detective Comics #666

The Devil You Know
Knightfall Part 18
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Penciller: Graham Nolan
Inker: Scott Hanna

Azbats goes for broke in this issue. After he beats Bane's goons Trogg, Zombi and Bird Azbats helps break them out of prison. Trogg, Bird and Zombi think that Bane is helping them escape, But it's really Azbats to find out just where in Gotham City Bane is hold up at.

Zombi, Trogg and Bird go back to Bane's Penthouse and thank him for saving them from another thirty years of hard labor. Bane calls them moron's because he know that they were followed.  In a really spectacular splash page Graham Nolan and Scott Hanna create a version of the Jean Paul Valley Batman that screams psycho and tough all in one awesome pose.

Azbats makes short work of the goons and goes one on one with Bane. Bane is pretty pissed at Azbats. At every chance during the fight he calls Azbats a "pretender to the mantle of the bat." I really like what Chuck Dixon did with the writing in this issue. When Azbats asks Bane what his problem with Bruce Wayne was Bane's only answer was simply that he was Bruce Wayne's total opposite.  I also really like the part when Azbats says that he wasn't trained to be the new Batman but he was born for this role. Bane replies that he was born into hell and that the world is his prison, he will rule it or die.

The fight takes a turn for the worst and Azbats is over powered by Bane and hung upside down from a rope 175 feet about the air. And Bane is using on the the Batarangs to cut the rope holding Azbats.

Next- A new Batman in Batman #500

-Tash Moore

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tash's Pick: Winter Soldier #1

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Olivia thinks that on this cover Bucky looks like Rocky.
Artist: Butch Guice

This book was simply fantastic. Now let me just say that i am a big fan of Bucky/Cap. I liked it when he was Captain America. I really did think he was a better character then say Steve Rogers. But again, that's just me. Now Bucky gets his own title and I'm gonna say that this was one really fun comic to read.

I like the story by Brubaker, Bucky is teaming up with the Black Widow to track down the Zephyr Project. It turns out that when the Russians took Bucky and turned him into the Winter Soldier they repeated the process on other people as well. The source codes and the location of the other Russian assassin used for  the Zephyr Project has been sold on the black market.

Bucky is on a race against time to stop someone from taking and releasing the three assassins from the cryo sleep that they are in. The Writing is fast paced and it has ton of action. Brubaker writes a great dynamic between Bucky and The Black Widow. I liked that they had a bet when they broke into a warehouse that whoever was spotted first didn't have the option to pick where they went to breakfast the next day. You can really see that Ed Brubaker really loves these two characters.

The art by Butch Guice is fine by me. It has a noir like style to it. It's a little dark but then again this isn't your typical super hero book. I don't mind that sometimes you have to go back and look at pages over and over again to make out what's going on in a panel. That just adds to the reading experience i think.

The story ends when we learn that the Zephyr Project has been sold to Ex Prime Minster of Latveria Madame Lucia Von Bardas and The Red Ghost( an old Fantastic Four villain). They plan on using the Zephyr Project subjects to try and kill Doctor Doom which we all know is no easy feat. When it's all said and done you really need to buy this book.

-Tash Moore

The Verbal Mosh Episode 152

Nana nana nana na... BATCOW!!!!
He's coming.
And Batcow wants you to here The Verbal Mosh Ep 152 here.
This week, on The Verbal Mosh, we review the following comic books: Actions Comics #6, Amazing Spider-man #679, Animal Man #6, Invincible #88, Swamp Thing #6, and Sweet Tooth #30.
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