Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Knightfall Tuesday: Detective Comics #666

The Devil You Know
Knightfall Part 18
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Penciller: Graham Nolan
Inker: Scott Hanna

Azbats goes for broke in this issue. After he beats Bane's goons Trogg, Zombi and Bird Azbats helps break them out of prison. Trogg, Bird and Zombi think that Bane is helping them escape, But it's really Azbats to find out just where in Gotham City Bane is hold up at.

Zombi, Trogg and Bird go back to Bane's Penthouse and thank him for saving them from another thirty years of hard labor. Bane calls them moron's because he know that they were followed.  In a really spectacular splash page Graham Nolan and Scott Hanna create a version of the Jean Paul Valley Batman that screams psycho and tough all in one awesome pose.

Azbats makes short work of the goons and goes one on one with Bane. Bane is pretty pissed at Azbats. At every chance during the fight he calls Azbats a "pretender to the mantle of the bat." I really like what Chuck Dixon did with the writing in this issue. When Azbats asks Bane what his problem with Bruce Wayne was Bane's only answer was simply that he was Bruce Wayne's total opposite.  I also really like the part when Azbats says that he wasn't trained to be the new Batman but he was born for this role. Bane replies that he was born into hell and that the world is his prison, he will rule it or die.

The fight takes a turn for the worst and Azbats is over powered by Bane and hung upside down from a rope 175 feet about the air. And Bane is using on the the Batarangs to cut the rope holding Azbats.

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-Tash Moore

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