Friday, February 10, 2012

Olivia's Pick: Batman and Robin #6

Batman and Robin #6
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciler: Patrick Gleason
Inker: Mick Gray

Batman and Robin has been an awesome read. I thoroughly enjoyed issue #6, which is why I chose to review it this week.

Damien has become one of my favorite characters to read. This issue deals with Damien fooling both Batman and NoBody in order to figure out the truth that Batman has kept from him about parts of his past. It's not going to be a simple and easy relationship between Bruce and Damien. Damien isn't going to follow, blindly, whatever Batman orders him to. He has a lot of anger in him. He's cunning. He spent all those years where Talia had him trained and he worked with Dick-Batman. Bruce and Damien are very similar minded people, which is why they butt heads. We're meant to believe that Damien would team up with NoBody, crossing lines Bruce would never (i.e. killing.) But he doesn't. He's too smart. We find out how close Bruce, in his younger years, came to murdering someone once the story of what happened in Venice finally gets out. Bruce and Damien's relationship, I don't think, will ever be perfect, but they do have an incredibly strong bond. One that NoBody is bent on destroying. Damien's ruse is over at the end, NoBody is torturing him, and Batman is trying to get to the scene as fast as he can in order to protect his son. I like this side of Batman and I wonder how far his relationship with Damien will progress until they start to butt heads again. It would be weird if Damien became another "Nightwing." Maybe a moody, cynical type of Nightwing. In any case, at the present time, we're left waiting to see if Batman will make it in time to save his son. I'm sure he will. What I'm not so sure is what will happens afterwards but that's why this is a great book. I just gotta wait until issue 7 comes out to see what happens next.

I, also, want to mention how I love how issue 6 begins and ends with two very large close-ups. First with Damien and then that awesome image of Batman. Like they're two sides of the same coin. The artwork is wonderful. The storytelling is clear. I was thrown by the narration when Bruce is telling the Venice story to Damien. I wasn't sure when that happened with everything else that went on in this book. Nevertheless, it all is really solid work done by the entire creative team. And Mick Gray is a fantastic inker, by the way.


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