Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Movie Review: Jeff, Who Lives at Home

Not comics related, but we think it's a great idea to talk about this movie, which Tash and I saw recently:

"Jeff, Who Lives at Home."

The plot revolves around Jeff (Jason Segel). Thirty years old and living in his mother's basement. He's trying to figure out what his destiny is. He's waiting for signs. Meanwhile, his older brother (Ed Helms) tries to act, "like an adult," like he has his life together but is finding his relationship with his wife to be more than a bit rocky. Their mother (Susan Sarandon) is dealing with a secret admirer at work and wondering about how her own life has played out so far, thinking about some of her regrets and what she wished life would be like. How she got to this point where she hates her two grown children.

I love the connections in this movie. Though it seems like everyone is dealing with different problems, it's all about expectations and how these characters get caught up in mundane details. For example: who is Kevin and why should Jeff be fixated on him? Jeff begins to wonder if maybe this sign that he's been waiting for if it will have nothing to do with himself. Maybe he's meant to help his brother out.

This is a family that has a hard time trying to understand one another. The characters feel very real in that sense. The movie was touching. Parts of it were very funny, too. For example, when Jeff goes to get "high" with the kid he's been stalking.

This was just an overall great movie. I highly recommend it. It's playing in select theaters, so you have to track it down, but it's well worth it.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 159

There are a lot of books to talk about this week. Dick Grayson gets punched in the face TWICE by Batman. We check out another new Vertigo book. We have comics news to talk about and lots more. You can here Episode 159 of The Verbal Mosh here and on our facebook page.
The Verbal Mosh is a comic book podcast.
On this week's episode, we review: Amazing Spider-Man #682, Batman #7, Batman Beyond Unlimited #2, DC Universe Presents #7, Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child #1, Hellblazer #289, Infinite Vacation #4, Justice League #7, Kick-Ass 2 #7, Nightwing #7, Supergirl #7, and Wonder Woman #7.
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Olivia's Pick: Tiny Titans #50

Tiny Titans #50
By Art Baltazar and Franco

Aw Yeah!

I've got nothing but love for this book as many of you have realized. (As evident by my BatCow.)

This is the last issue of this great series and it goes out with a bang. Not just a bang, but a really great teaser to the new book this creative team is going to be working on: The Superman Family Adventures.

Back to Tiny Titans though, the story-line revolves around the love-struck Beast Boy. He's been following Terra around for many, many issues. Terra reciprocates his love by throwing rocks at his head. Beast Boy is intent upon impressing her and gets caught up in his shenanigans only to be greeted by a worried Terra. After much ado the book ends on the perfect note with the two of them together.

Superman shows up. Oh, how I hated that new re-designed Superman with the jeans and the boots... but when Art Baltazar draws it, it looks fantastic and I have no complaints.

Bat Cow makes a small appearance. Robin Robin makes another great, small appearance.

The clear translation of emotions is what always made this book a joy to read. The characters have fantastic reactions to all of the situations they come across. Most of the time it's laughter and joy. It makes me laugh and smile along too to see their care-free natures. There was a nice little nod to the accolades this book has received, the Eisner awards, the Harvey award. There's even a nice little photo of Art and Franco.

I so can't wait to read the new Superman Family series that is coming out. I'm actually going to enjoy reading a Superman comic again, which I haven't done in a long while. It's gonna be awesome.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


As I'm sure many of you have already heard, almost two weeks ago, the artist Moebius, Jean Giraud, died. 

He was a phenomenal artist, draftsman, and storyteller. I never knew the man, personally. I just admired his work, as others have done and will continue to do. I remember studying Moebius' artwork while in college. Everyone loved his work and could appreciate his technical and creative savvy. 

It saddened The Verbal Mosh to hear of his passing. 

May he rest in peace.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon, a swing and a miss

You can see the new ( well almost) trailer for the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon on Disney XD right here. To be honest i didn't really like it. I felt that Disney should have just done another season of Spectacular Spider-Man. Now that was a show that got the vibe of Spidey right. Ultimate Spider-Man while I'm sure that little kids and hell even some teens would love this show, it just feels like way to much is being thrown at me. Spider-Man to me has always been a loner and this show has him teaming up with other heroes in the Marvel U. I think Spidey is best when he has to fight to overcome the odds to win. I also don't like that we get Spider-Man wearing the Armor he had IN Civil War to fight Iron Man. Again i know this looked cool but it just felt a little off to me. The animation looked like a bad cross between the 1990's animated series and Spectacular Spider-Man which looked really strange to me. I think I'm going to pass on this cartoon.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tash's Pick: Batman and Robin #7

Simply Awesome
Batman and Robin #7
Written By Peter J. Tomasi
Penciled By Patrick Gleason
Inked By Mick Gray

This is the best Batman book out there right now. It's head and shoulders above the regular Batman book. I picked this for the fact that it was full of action and an ending that i could not have seen coming.
The story starts as Nobody has Robin at his mercy and Batman is using the security cameras around Gotham City to locate them.

My heart really went out to Batman as he can hear every vile thing that Nobody is doing to Robin. There was a really disturbing scene where Nobody was taking his time and breaking the fingers on Robins left hand. The excitement and tension builds when Batman comes face to face with Nobody.

I think the fights between Batman and Nobody are some of the best looking comic book pages I've seen so far this year. You get a get depth of emotion of them. You feel all the rage that Batman has inside of him for what Nobody has done to Robin. Who is in fact Batman's son. Batman takes one hell of a beating here and gives it right back to Nobody. The fight gets bloody and Batman beats Nobody by pushing his head (covered with mask) into a vat of acid.

The ending is what is the big twist. As the ship that holds Batman Robin and Nobody sinks, Batman looks for a way out. Nobody tells a bruised and broken Robin that he will never leave him and Batman in peace. The last page is stunning. Robin slams his two fingers into Nobody's brain killing him. The last words spoken are by Robin who tells Batman "Forgive me father for i have sinned."

This was a fast paced read that had action and a twist ending. The writing and art come together in that old school Marvel manner where the writer and the artist just gel. It really is a pleasure to read this book month in and month out.

-Tash Moore

The Verbal Mosh Episode 158

The Verbal Mosh is a comic book podcast. You can hear Episode 158 right here and on facebook.  This week, we review another new book including a lot of our regulars. Batgirl #7, Captain America #9, Conan the Barbarian #2, Fantastic Four #604, Green Lantern #7, Saucer Country #1, Scarlet Spider #3, Superboy #7, Thief of Thieves #2, and Wolverine and the X-Men #7.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Olivia's Pick: Swamp Thing #7

Swamp Thing #7
writer: Scott Snyder
artist: Yanick Paquette

This is a beautiful book.

In Swamp Thing #7, we pick up from the last issue where it seems the rot is taking over. The mutilated people are attacking. The Parliament have protected Alec Holland's body only so that he can watch the rest of them burn and then die, himself. To know how much pain he caused because it seems he is too late to become their savior.

I really love the way the the storytelling flows together, and that has to do with the page layouts. The borders swirl together organically like vines. There's one really nice page where the panels are placed within the veins of a leaf.

We don't see much of Abbey in this issue since she's wrapped in her cocoon. But, the one time we do see her is beautiful. The impression is very sinister since her eyes are whited out and her skin is so dark. The details are amazing. I like the one rot demon with the white sneakers on. It's funny because they seem so out of place. It's like he's going about his business and telling all the other monsters to make sure not to step on or scuff up his sneakers. And if they do get dirty, he sits there trying to polish them up. That's, at least, how the story plays out in my head.

By sheer luck, Alec is able to transform into Swamp Thing in order to set forth against the Rot.

I get a little annoyed with these close-shaves. Kind of like what happened in Amazing Spider-Man #681 where Pete uses his magnetic webbing to save the day at the last second. The way the main characters are able to turn events too quickly, in my opinion, is a little cliche. Then again, if we didn't have that, there wouldn't have been those absolutely stunning shots of Swamp Thing sprouting wings. He was LITERALLY sprouting wings. That was cool.

I really enjoy the story and can't wait to see what will happen in this war of Green vs Rot vs Red, which also ties into Animal Man. The artwork is just what made it stand out head and shoulders above the rest of this week's books and it's why Swamp Thing #7 is my pick of the week.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 157

Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?  Hear the newest episode of The Verbal Mosh Ep. 157 right here.
The Verbal Mosh is a comic book podcast. On this week's episode, we review: Action Comics #7, Amazing Spider-Man #681, Animal Man #7, Avengers Children's Crusade #9, Fairest #1, Sweet Tooth #31, and Winter Soldier #3
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tash's Pick: Invincible #89

Written By Robert Kirkman
Penciled By Ryan Ottley
Invincible looks a little off.
Inked By Cliff Rathburn

First I'm sorry this is so damn late. But i got it down and that counts for something, right? So this issue brings us to a whole new direction for Invincible. I remember seeing this cover in the Image Comics Solicits last year and i remember thinking "What the hell.?"  Yeah we get a kind of new Invincible and before you bitch i really liked this issue a lot. The back story is that sometime ago a young black man named  Zandale finds out that he has super powers. Which isn't given any great detail in this issue but I'm sure that's for later on.

After getting powers Zandale goes off to get a costume. He stumbles across the newly made Invincible costume only to learn it's for our hero and takes a weird yellow outfit with goggles. So Zandale has something of an origin.

Back on the dark side of the moon, Invincible has been hit with the Scourge Virus. As the Vultrimites work to save Invincible we the dear readers learn that this is a new and improved version of the virus. The Vultrimites don't know if Invincible will be able to pull out of his fever. Dinosaurus shows up to lend a helping hand. I liked the writing in this issue because it's fast paced and for once when needed it jumps to the point. The story had a very nice ebb and flow to it.

The leader of The Vultrimites tells all the heroes of earth to leave as there is nothing that they can do at this stage for Invincible. Zandale now as the hero Bulletproof heads back and gives moral support to Invincible's girlfriend Atom Eve. Back on earth Atom Eve gets a phone call because way back when Eve and Invincible had started a company to make money from being super heroes. Bulletproof decides that he'd like to help out and since he always did like Invincible outfit he'd make a try to pull off being Invincible.

The book ends with a really sweet two page spread of Zandale as Invincible flying high in the sky. The art is beautiful as always. I just never have enough good things to say about the artwork of Ryan Ottley. To be a little honest i always felt that he was a much stronger penciller then Invincible co creator Cory Walker. So if you already haven't read this i give it four thumbs up.

-Tash Moore

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 156

If you don't know by now... we love t.v. theme songs and comics.
The Verbal Mosh Ep. 156 can be found on iTunes or here.
The Verbal Mosh is a comics podcast. This week, tensions arise and boundaries are made as we share our very different opinions of this week's comics. It's bloody hell... <- talks in a really gruff voice kinda like Christian Bale's Batman.
We review: Amazing Spider-Man #680, Batman Beyond Unlimited #1, Justice League #6, Moon Knight #10, and Tiny Titans #49.
Check out www.theverbalmosh.com where Tash will have his written review for Invincible #89!
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