Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Olivia's Pick: Swamp Thing #7

Swamp Thing #7
writer: Scott Snyder
artist: Yanick Paquette

This is a beautiful book.

In Swamp Thing #7, we pick up from the last issue where it seems the rot is taking over. The mutilated people are attacking. The Parliament have protected Alec Holland's body only so that he can watch the rest of them burn and then die, himself. To know how much pain he caused because it seems he is too late to become their savior.

I really love the way the the storytelling flows together, and that has to do with the page layouts. The borders swirl together organically like vines. There's one really nice page where the panels are placed within the veins of a leaf.

We don't see much of Abbey in this issue since she's wrapped in her cocoon. But, the one time we do see her is beautiful. The impression is very sinister since her eyes are whited out and her skin is so dark. The details are amazing. I like the one rot demon with the white sneakers on. It's funny because they seem so out of place. It's like he's going about his business and telling all the other monsters to make sure not to step on or scuff up his sneakers. And if they do get dirty, he sits there trying to polish them up. That's, at least, how the story plays out in my head.

By sheer luck, Alec is able to transform into Swamp Thing in order to set forth against the Rot.

I get a little annoyed with these close-shaves. Kind of like what happened in Amazing Spider-Man #681 where Pete uses his magnetic webbing to save the day at the last second. The way the main characters are able to turn events too quickly, in my opinion, is a little cliche. Then again, if we didn't have that, there wouldn't have been those absolutely stunning shots of Swamp Thing sprouting wings. He was LITERALLY sprouting wings. That was cool.

I really enjoy the story and can't wait to see what will happen in this war of Green vs Rot vs Red, which also ties into Animal Man. The artwork is just what made it stand out head and shoulders above the rest of this week's books and it's why Swamp Thing #7 is my pick of the week.


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