Saturday, March 24, 2012

Olivia's Pick: Tiny Titans #50

Tiny Titans #50
By Art Baltazar and Franco

Aw Yeah!

I've got nothing but love for this book as many of you have realized. (As evident by my BatCow.)

This is the last issue of this great series and it goes out with a bang. Not just a bang, but a really great teaser to the new book this creative team is going to be working on: The Superman Family Adventures.

Back to Tiny Titans though, the story-line revolves around the love-struck Beast Boy. He's been following Terra around for many, many issues. Terra reciprocates his love by throwing rocks at his head. Beast Boy is intent upon impressing her and gets caught up in his shenanigans only to be greeted by a worried Terra. After much ado the book ends on the perfect note with the two of them together.

Superman shows up. Oh, how I hated that new re-designed Superman with the jeans and the boots... but when Art Baltazar draws it, it looks fantastic and I have no complaints.

Bat Cow makes a small appearance. Robin Robin makes another great, small appearance.

The clear translation of emotions is what always made this book a joy to read. The characters have fantastic reactions to all of the situations they come across. Most of the time it's laughter and joy. It makes me laugh and smile along too to see their care-free natures. There was a nice little nod to the accolades this book has received, the Eisner awards, the Harvey award. There's even a nice little photo of Art and Franco.

I so can't wait to read the new Superman Family series that is coming out. I'm actually going to enjoy reading a Superman comic again, which I haven't done in a long while. It's gonna be awesome.


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